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Deepak Kumar Nath | Threatsys

I trust this can rouse you to turn into a fruitful businessperson as well! For what reason is it imperative to hear the account of a fruitful business visionary? 

Having the vision to turn into a business visionary is incredible. Getting it going is another story! On that edge, I had the delight to talk with Deepak Kumar Nath, one of the Leading Ethical hackers in India and organizer of Threatsys. 

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1. Hi Mr. Deepak Kumar Nath, if you don't mind disclose to us something about your new pursuit Threatsys? 

Threatsys, only another name with 7+ long periods of old involvement with Cyber Security Domain. Threatsys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is extending all around with renowned tributes with unparalleled knowledge and extreme mastery. The mission is to annihilating dangers from the internet with our inventive cybersecurity arrangements. 

2. Why Threatsys now? 

Cybersecurity breaking is exorbitant and harming to any association, regarding both capital and all the more significantly notoriety. In view of a review, two of every five associations are hit every year with a genuine rupture in which a lot of private information including delicate client or business data is undermined.

It appears as though barely seven days pass by without in any event one report of an information break in the news suggesting nobody is protected from digital assaults. That is the reason ample opportunity has already past for Securing our Cyber Space by executing Cyber Security alongside Advanced Innovative Solutions with Audits and Reports. 

3. Please tell us about clients of Threatsys?

We have just worked for First Bank Nigeria, Union Bank of Nigeria, Ministry of Defense, Saudi British Bank, Ministry of Health Qatar, and a lot more organizations on cybersecurity under GTP. This time our aphorism is to make some inventiveness to contact increasingly worldwide customers and residential customers with this New Brand Threatsys. Threatsys is related to numerous organizations in Africa, Australia, UAE, Qatar for advancing our administrations universally.

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Threatsys will dispatch an imaginative item named CYQER "Digital Yield Quantification for Enterprises and Reporting " the AI Blockchain-based application that can distinguish consequently vulnerabilities in a web application and portable application. Engineers can without much of a stretch discover what's the bug can be produced by their codes and how to fix it. Alongside that Threatsys offers a wide scope of cybersecurity answers for each business. 

4. Can you tell us something about Threatsys Cyber Security Framework? 

So essentially I'm going to separate it in 4 focuses. 

i) Protect 

Building up Data Security assurance reliable with the association's hazard technique to ensure the classification, respectability, and accessibility of data with Advanced Threatsys Architecture. 

ii) Control 

Actualizing control division and implementing needs, requirements, chance resilience, and presumptions used to help hazard choices related to associations. 

iii) Detect 

Executing Security Continuous Monitoring abilities to screen and identify every single assault effectively and high-chance changes all through our tasks. 

iv) Respond 

Reacting with rich cautions for quick triage and examination for cyberattacks by deciding the effect of occurrences. Guaranteeing Advanced Response Planning process by Threatsys. 

5. What are the amazing things you did in the field of Ethical Hacking?

At first, I was only inquisitive towards Debugging, Website Hacking and with many hacking groups, we additionally began to work like CODE104, Indi4n H4x0R T34M and some more. Likewise began as a bug abundance scientist and got a lot more lobby of popularity as affirmations in Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony, Mastercard, Facebook, Inflectra and some more, that helped my consolation and I found my meat and potatoes in this field and today We are working in 12 Countries including UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Saudi and so forth. We have 15+ related accomplices and having 82+ colleagues offering nearby and both offsite evaluations. 

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6. What are useful online and offline sources to learn ethical hacking?

These days a ton of instructive courses are accessible on online stages like Udemy yet disconnected or physical courses consistently have more significance in the market on account of their demonstrable skill. The expert cybersecurity with instruments and with manual testing in a live point of view gives more information. 

In ordinary preparing, we can ingest typical demo preparing yet physical preparing the mentor gives better information for all intents and purposes. Understudies can learn with live points of view and live information. You can likewise join our courses and Certifications as we additionally offer seminars on cybersecurity in Global Institute of Information Security where we are offering courses and Certifications on cybersecurity and moral hacking on the long haul and momentary point of view and there is a lot of openings for work and understudies can profit. 

Engaging Skills with the Certifications can assist understudies with getting achievement. We are likewise Offering Certifications like CEH, ECSA, CHFI, CPTE, CISCO, CCNA Security from ECCouncil, Mile2, CISCO Networking Academy and a lot increasingly International Certification Provider. We are likewise offering CGEH, Diploma in Cyber Security, Master in Cyber Security and different Certifications too.

We have given preparing through Seminar, Workshops on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security in all most 150+ Colleges all over India. Through the Cisco Networking Academy, I propelled the first CISCO Cyber operations Workshop in Andhra Pradesh and prepared tremendous understudies in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Nagaland and so on. In Colleges as well as in Corporates we have prepared Professionals including Wipro, SIDBI, Microfinance Companies, and a lot more organizations.


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