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How To Detoxify After A Heavy Bakra Eid Festival

The grand feast of Eid Al-Adha is something everyone waits for. From mutton biriyani to sheer khurma so many things are there in the platter that we indulge with utmost love. Everyone makes sure to buy the meatiest and healthiest Buck for Bakra Eid Qurbani and serve the best dinner for the family, friends, and other loving people. However, the heavy meal sometimes starts to affect your health and well being. 

As we are not used to the heavy and rich meal in our day to day life, this sudden rapture of tasty foods can disturb the balance. So, it is very important to detoxify after a hearty Bakra Eid feast. 

 Heavy Bakra Eid Festival

Things you should remember before the feast:

• Always Buy Goat Online after checking the health condition. Pashubajaar that offer health certificate along with the goats to ensure that they are disease-free and safe to eat.

• Add some fruits and vegetables on the menu that will balance the protein intake on the day.

• Drink an adequate quantity of water to keep yourself hydrated all through the day. If possible cut down the cold drink intake for the day.

Why it is important to detoxify after a heavy meal like the Bakrid feast?

Usually, we have a heavy meal that includes mutton dishes, biriyani, and desserts on Bakrid. You should not let the ghee, butter, oil, fat, sugar, and unhealthy things to stay in your body and damage the organs. It can make you feel bloated or most probably add a few kgs in your weight. It is not easy to get rid of those layers. So, it is better to flush out those intoxicated elements and make yourself healthy and fit once again.

 Heavy Bakra Eid Festival

How to detox the body after Eid feast?

• Give time to your body: The foods we generally consume in Eid are full of sugar, salt, and fat of which our body is not used to. The Buck for Bakra Eid Qurbani is full of fat that incorporates in the dishes. So, you need to give some time to your body to reset naturally so that it can get rid of the excess sugar, salt, and oil. You need to cut down your intake of these ingredients for some days

• Have some veggie time: The detox food menu must include the right type of items that are good for your health. Stick your diet to fruits and vegetables only if possible. The main target should be adding clear foods in your diet that are full of nutritional values.

• Don’t overdo gym: After the Eid feast, if you worry that you will add some kilos and to reduce that you may hit the gym more aggressively. Unfortunately, it is one of the major mistakes that you will do to your body after the grand dinner. You have to go easy and try to push a little more every day instead of a major jump.

• Drink water: The best way to detoxification is to stay hydrated. If you drink lots and lots of water, the toxic elements will flush out naturally.

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