Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Importance Of Online Reputation In Entry-Level Hiring

Picture this: You’ve found an entry-level candidate who you’re convinced will be a star — a recent college grad you can train and shape into one of your next generation of leaders.
You've done your homework and been part of an internal team seeking to position your company in a way that appeals to millennial and Gen Z workers, and you consider the following checklist: A new mission statement focused on the good your company does for the community? Check. Remodeling the office to create a positive working environment (perhaps with the requisite espresso bar)?

Check. An updated benefits program, including subsidized health insurance, ample personal time off, a generous 401(k) matching program and more? Check. On top of all that, you have refined the open position to provide increased responsibility and career growth potential, as well as a competitive base salary.
But to your dismay, the candidate turns down your offer. How could that happen? Your human resources manager debriefs with the candidate and learns they liked everything about the offer, as well as what they saw during their visits to the office. However, they were scared off by your company’s relatively low 2.3-star rating online. Your manager educates you about employee review sites, so you go online and are surprised at what you find.
My company interviews thousands of recent college grads each year (we specialize in entry-level hiring), and we conduct a survey as one of the key steps in our process. Among the questions we have recently been asking is, “What are the three most important factors you consider when evaluating a job offer?” The top responses have not been surprising: the opportunity for advancement (65% of respondents included this on this list), base salary (52%), and office work environment (42%).
The next most frequent response was surprising: The company’s online reputation (based on employees’ reviews) was cited by 33% of respondents. Online reputation is rated as more important than the company’s mission, insurance benefits, vacation and personal time off, and retirement savings programs.
Special Thanks to  Brian Weed Brian Weed Forbes Councils
CEO at Avenica, creating a "right fit" match for business leaders and entry-level job seekers, resulting in higher employee retention rates. 
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