Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why ATS Kocoon Sector 109 Gurgaon Is Best For Residential Property Buyers?

ATS Kocoon is a highly-recognized residential project by renowned brand "ATS Infrastructure Limited" in Sector 109, Gurgaon on the 150-meter Dwarka-Manesar Expressway. This project provides easier access to all the basic necessities. The residential properties are designed with all the modern amenities to provide residents the immense comfort they want in their dream home. This gated residential project is spread over the large area with different types of marvelously designed apartments, penthouses, and independent homes.

Location Advantages

Among all other quality features, the biggest advantage is the prime location of the properties. The residential buildings of this project are located in the area that provides easier and convenient access to all the major retail and business destinations. Some other location benefits are as follows –

• Cyber City, Udyog Vihar is located within 20 minutes distance.
• There is only walking distance from the commercial belt across NPR.
• Iffco Chowk, Rajeev Chowk is within close proximity to 15 minutes. 
• Dwarka-Manesar Expressway is located within few distances from ATS Kocoon Gurgaon.
• Dwarka metro station and the proposed diplomatic enclave are within the distance of 5 minutes.
• Easier access from National Highway 8

Best Features That Suit Every Buyer’s Needs

All residential properties are designed considering the common needs of every customer to let them buy a home they dream of. Here are some of the brilliant features that make ATS Kocoon Sector 109 Gurgaon properties the perfect choice for myriads of people.

 Earthquake resistant material
 24/7 power backup
 High-speed lift
 Car parking
 Dedicated area for jogging track and walking track
 Modular kitchen
 Underground water tank for uninterrupted water supply
 Well-equipped club with tennis court, multipurpose hall, swimming pool, kids play area, squash, and badminton court
 Fire prevention, detection, and alarm system
 Marble or vitrified tiles flooring in the lobby, living, and dining.
 Video surveillance 
 Perimeter security on entrance lobby security with CCTV

And lots more…

You can better compare different properties based on these features, key specifications, plans, pricing, and other essential parameters. If you are wondering how to find the property that suits your individual requirements and budget, then discover the long list of the current and recent projects of ATS Kocoon Sector 109 Gurgaon at This is a platform where you can get detailed information about several properties. 

Whether you are coming to Delhi in search of a good job, a bright career, or any other reason, this city has the potential to meet all your desires. While struggling for the achievement of these goals, you don’t have to deal with the issues of the burden of paying rent as you can easily settle there by purchasing your own home. There is a wide range of ATS Kocoon Sector 109 Gurgaon flats that you can easily afford.

If you wish to live a luxurious and comfortable life, then you must go with the option of ATS Kocoon Sector 109 Gurgaon flats that connect very popular locations such as Dwarka Delhi to Gurugram via 8 lanes Northern-Peripheral Road. These projects have become the best investment source for many people.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

How Real Estate Marketing Agencies Advertise Properties for Sale?

Before going in-depth about real estate marketing, first, we have to understand what marketing really is. In simple terms, “marketing is promoting any product or service to capture the target audience with the sole purpose of making the bond with customers and maximize the firm’s profit”.

Since marketing is a vast field that encompasses multiple domains, techniques, strategies, and channels, it is very important which marketing strategy to follow, how many resources should be utilized in marketing and what is the marketing niche i.e. who is the specific target audience you are providing your products and services to. It is highly recommended to spend the least amount of money on marketing purposes, whether it’s property for sale, residential or commercial.

Marketing requires a 2Cs formula.

- Creativity: All the artifacts in marketing must be unique yet relevant.
- Consistency: Content of marketing must be shared consistently.

The above two 2Cs formula of marketing is key to compete with your competitors. Not only this, you can dominate the battlefield by providing unique content to your audience, trendy infographics to make an eye-catching advertising post and keeping yourself consistent.

Just like any other business in the world, the real estate business also revolves around good marketing. Every organization has its own marketing strategies. The real estate market also advertises properties for sale in different ways. Talking about Karachi, Pakistan, the real estate market is very high on competition. Even though the builders and developers are big in numbers, but still, marketing is the reason behind the competition. Bigger the clientele, higher brand recognition and trust-building. And eventually, the maximum profit.

Property for sale in Karachi is available in multiple areas of Karachi that are giving excellent residential as well as commercial investment opportunities. Luxury apartments, elite houses, and elegant shops are available at the best prices of 2019. These properties for sale in Karachi are of high demand throughout Pakistan.

Not only this, but people living abroad are also looking for these properties for sale in Pakistan. This is because of the marketing of each individual commercial and residential projects for sale in Karachi.

Marketing agencies in Pakistan are leaning towards the enhanced technological era where marketing needs an online platform. Without proper marketing, no business can stand on its feet. Spending too much money on marketing is stupidity too. That’s why, marketing is to save money, not to spend money prodigally. If you have any idea regarding a unique marketing strategy, go and discuss it with the concerned person or team. Your contribution to marketing can lead you to receive commission too.

The two most general marketing techniques are:

1. In-bound Marketing – A technique in which you let your customers buy your product/service via strong marketing instead of going out customer to customer (e.g. Apple, Starbucks).

2. Outbound Marketing – You go out customer to customer, approach them and sell your product/service individually (Insurance companies).

As a property for sale in Karachi requires a marketing campaign, the property marketing campaigns are published and advertised globally. This demands a handsome amount of money and the output is sometimes unsatisfactory. That’s why advertising agencies that market properties for sale in Pakistan are connecting with the world online.

Following channels are being utilized for the marketing purpose:

- TV ads
- Newspaper ads
- Website
- Social Media Marketing (SMM)
- Digital Marketing
- Emails
- Calls
- SMS (text messages from a mobile phone)

The properties for sale are advertised on a regular basis. TV and Newspaper ads charge heavily, that’s why this approach is only suitable when the property builders have paid you adjustable and enough amount. Online platforms i.e. website, SMM, digital marketing, emails, and blogs charge approximately nothing when compared with TV and Newspaper ads. That’s why marketing online is very important to compete in today’s world. Online marketing is a skill and there is still a lot to explore.

Unique online marketing techniques can be seen on social media that how brands are following the trend targeting their niche audience. Online marketing of properties is one way of lead-generation. The person from any part of the world might be thinking to have a look on properties for sale, regardless of his/her actual purpose. The chances of the conversion rate (probability that this particular person would be converted into a loyal customer) increase.

Then come calls and SMS that are usually used for follow-ups. Sometimes internet connectivity becomes a hindrance to approach our customers, that’s why calls and SMS do their part in this rare scenario.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Logo Is Visual Recognition of a Brand or Business

The logo serves to create a positive first impression that helps consumers to identify you. The creation of a representative symbol can become an invaluable marketing tool and with an appropriate marketing job, a successful sales model and outstanding customer service, you can make a logo become iconic and unforgettable.

Logos can create interesting stories, show the true identity of the brand and its aspirations. The graphic language is very powerful, it has the ability to transmit messages to consumers, so it is important to create a good design that has an impact and a sense of being timeless. In short, the logo is the only key that helps people to recognize or remember the brand and its name.

Tools to design the perfect logo
You must be thinking of how expert logo designers UK work? What basic things they do to make such a glowing and an attractive logo? Well, I guess that is the reason they are called Graphic Designers.

There are like tons of tools that you can use while designing or creating a logo. You just have to find the one that best suits your needs, among which are:

1: Image design and editing programs
Programs such as PhotoShop, InDesign, Corel or Illustrator are the best option to design logos since they are professional design and editing tools.

Of course, they require minimal knowledge of graphic design.

2: Online resources
If you do not have that knowledge in graphic design, there are a couple of different platforms that will help you design your logo. Some of them are Canva, Piktochart or Freepik.

If you choose these online pages, you should keep in mind that they are not offering exclusive designs, another person may also have a logo very similar to yours.

3: Hire an expert and experienced graphic designer
If you do not know how to use specific design programs and want to have a fully customized logo, you must turn your head to look for a graphic designer. Investing in your brand is the best option to have a professional image and create a solid identity. You just have to look for a designer that fits your needs (creative, budgetary) and with whom you share work philosophy.

Few requirements that must meet a logo to be well designed
Readable to all sizes, even the smallest.
It must be scalable to any required size.
To be reproducible in different materials and formats (web, posters, posters or canvas)
Be distinguishable in different shades and colors.
Make it memorable, effective and unforgettable.

Basic tips for expert logo designing

There are a few tips for those who are looking for a logo expert or trying to create a logo themselves. But it is recommended to hire logo designers to get the best services. 

Be clever and unique
It is important that your logo stands out from the rest, try to make it unique so it helps distinguish your brand from its competitors. 

Know the brand
Your logo must be a reflection of your business. Something that defines what basically your business offers. Your logo must reach the target audience and you must take this into account when designing a logo.

Color selection
Every color has a different effect and can add distinctions to your messages. If you may not know, I’m going to describe the effect of each color:

Red - Energetic, erotic and bold.
Orange - Artistic, responsive and young.
Yellow –Bright and positive.
Green - Living, growth and organic.
Blue - Qualified, soft and trustworthy.
Purple - Mystical, intelligent and evocative.
Black - Reliable and controlling.
White - Humble, clean and pure.
Rosa - Amusing and frisky.
Brown - Countryside, historical and endless.

Always keep in mind what each color means and make sure you don't deliver a wrong message.

Wikipedia Page Enhances Your Business or Brand’s Value

Let me tell you a short brief about what Wikipedia page is and why it is important to have one for your business or brand. As you may know, Wikipedia is considered as the most visited site all around the globe and is known as an information giant. To have a Wikipedia page for a business is beneficial in all aspects, whether you have a small business or a big firm. But, the question that comes in mind that who can create a Wiki page for you or for your company. 

How to have a faultless Wikipedia page?
There are many individual expert Wiki page writers and several Wikipedia page creation services that can help you to have an amazing and a glowing Wikipedia page.

You must be wondering how to get a flawless Wikipedia page and what assistances will give you to make your business successful. Wikipedia is a free informational platform for the entire world but apparently, it is really a challenging task to create a page on Wikipedia. The first issue here is the fact that you can’t create a page for your company on your own and that’s the main problem.

You either have to look for a fanatic who will invest his efforts and time to create a page for you or look for a Wikipedia Writing Servicesthatassist you in creating a wiki page for your company. Like I mentioned earlier, it is quite a difficult task to create a Wikipedia page if you are unaware of the requirements and don’t know what it needs to make a Wikipedia page.

Why consider Wikipedia writing/editing services?

Well, their services include many things that cover every single entity.

Copywriting and Research
They conduct a thorough analysis and detailed research to acquire data about you before start working on your Wiki page. They deliver high-quality content including reliability and high rankings on top search engines.

Page translation
Wikipedia Writing Services also increase the range of the audience attraction of different languages. Their writing team can translate your page in various languages with no compromise on content quality.

Page creation
Their services include editing of a current existing dull page and creation of a new Wiki page as well. Wiki experts can write high-quality content for your article that meet the official rules of Wikipedia.

Monitor your article
They just not only create your page, but their services also include monitoring. They minimize the issues of nursing your page by defending your published Wiki articles from inaccurate and incorrect alterations with constant monitoring service.

Page editing
Their services allow you to have editing and alteration of your content whenever you like. They ensure high-quality and provide content-editing service that meets your expectations while keeping the standard rules of Wikipedia in mind.

Page updating 
Enhancing and adding the latest information is an obvious thing and Wikipedia writing services make sure your article always stays updated and meet the Wikipedia standards.

What are the official Rules of Wikipedia?
There are a few but strict guidelines and rules created by the management and administrator of Wikipedia that is considered quite seriously in terms of content. Your content will have to go through a strict examination process that makes no compromise and is forbidding when it comes to the removal of advertising and promotional content.

There is an extensive range of actions and processes to obtain a Wiki page. One needs an obligatory amount of shreds of evidence in the form of records and declaration from other dependable platforms on the internet. It’s not an easy task, it is really a challenging job. Expert Wiki writers and editors know how to overtake such issues and to create a Wikipedia page.

Monday, September 23, 2019

What you need to know about senior systems architect?

An architect, oddly enough, is a person who comes into contact with the real world. If we consider the development model as a developer or engineer → designer → architect (parts of the project) → leading architect, then at first the real world is behind the glass and it seems safe.

The designer at the entrance has the dry requirements of a senior architect colleague. As you grow along this chain (it is not the only possible one, development does not necessarily go that way), you need to communicate more and more with other people from your team and the customer.

There is a need for additional skills. First, come technical skills - for example, when we select designers from developers and engineers, we want them to be able to clearly monitor the monitoring of large networks, application groups, be able to manage network configuration, make an inventory of the network, know the theory about network models and control protocols.

For young architects, they need not only data collection skills but also their display, you need to be able to work with arrays of visually assembled data, build schemes that are understandable to everyone in the team.

Again, it is unlikely that the designer will need skills to manage the service desk or skills of migration-changes. And to the architect - very much, because the process has three stages: where are we now, how will we live the next year, and where will we be at the end of the project. And this year it would be good not to lose under the motto “under construction”.

As the sophistication of the architect grows, the Senior System Architect requirements for knowledge of standards increases. You can start with the affectionate and gentle GOST 34, and then read about the principles of placing a GIS for medicine with personal and payment data right away. There, design methodologies. The designer does not need to know the theory of project management, and the architect must understand how people work (at least at the level of understanding of what a planning error is).

The lead architect should be able to be PM'om if necessary but never do such a job.

And then the non-standard and often underestimated begins. For example, why does a normal IT specialist need the skills to speak and conduct presentations? And they are needed, at least basic. To begin with - not to start explaining the new system with the words

The real case, by the way. Most importantly, the person answered for the words and proved why they are such people. But the performers after this beginning were not eager to work. In fact, presentation skills are not needed for this, but in order to explain their ideas to the rest of the team. There are several basic things that are very time-saving for everyone.

The designer and the ordinary architect, in theory, do not need to know a lot about sales. Leading - it is necessary, he had at least once to sell an IT solution. Because then he will know what language the business speaks. And this will not be “some risks of increasing the FRR of the navigation system”, but “if we do not change this, you will have a full corpse plane in the strip”.

There is a slight difference in the credibility and accuracy of reporting. Very close lies the skill of choosing promising products, when nothing is clear about the technology (if you could choose it yourself, then you know that the customer is in a similar situation when the architect shows a couple of options).

Need the ability to audit other people's Senior System Architect. This is to be able to understand what is important and what is not. By the standard, anyone can, but with the understanding that it is more important at the application level, and where you can come to terms with some features of the infrastructure and the project - if only it worked as the business needed - no longer.

A very important skill in choosing a design solution is whether a person knows how to justify a choice or not. If the assessment is made by price, reliability, scalability and other factors in the aggregate - this is a rational designer. And if the assessment is made taking into account all possible scenarios collected by the analyst, then this is the lead architect.

Why? Because you still need to be able to identify the dependencies of the project, its risks, and exact requirements. Revealing is not when you introduced and found out that something is missing, but when you knew in advance what would happen and prepared in advance. For a couple of years. Here, a leading architect differs from his more applied colleague in that he thinks about it always and in everything.

In general, this is to prepare in advance and think through all the options Senior System Architectprobably the most important difference between a professional and a person who can design a system. The architect must consider everything: possible unconventional uses, and protection from the fool, and think over the points of failure, the transition process.

A simplified analogy is this: if you played urban strategies, then you know that sometimes the best architecture for “in 10 years” can be extremely counterintuitive. You must first build a city, and then refactor it to understand how to properly. The architect does not have such luxury - construction and refactoring go to the head, and an already optimized model is taken into work. Architect - he thinks about the concept and impact on related systems, about the purpose, applicability, and benefits.

Important skills are the formulation of technical requirements and terms of reference. And also - risk and change assessments. If a person worked only with projects until, say, 50 days, the evaluation skills are most likely insufficient. Really large projects have their own peculiarities related to the specifics of the customer and the fact that with a large accumulation of usual errors it is no longer possible to "finish it in half an hour in the evening." More precisely, time is a very limited resource, and extra working time does not appear out of nowhere.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Best Platform For Live Football Or Soccer

All around the world, football or soccer is the most recognized sports which attract a lot of attention and has a massive fan base. It is one of those sports that can hook the eyes of the billions of enthusiasts quite easily. No wonder, people cannot take their eyes off the ball which is rolling down the field at a lightning pace.

Obviously, people want to visit giant stadiums to feel the energetic atmosphere of a live game and chant the name of a favorite team or stars. But, due to our day to day busy schedule, it is not easy to spare time for the event. However, not getting updates of the match at the right time might annoy them even more.

How you can get live football score? If you are looking for a platform that could help you with the same, visit It is the online tool which provides updates of every second of a football match. is a one-stop online platform for all your football needs. From the latest soccer live scores and results to stories and live streaming, it has everything a user desires at his fingertips.

Users will get to enjoy a front-row seat experience during the live score updates, from the pre-match statistical information to the latest play-by-play information (kickoff, goals, corner kicks, yellow and red cards, half-time and full-time) and odds trends.

With online content in the form of stories, aims to keep the users informed of the latest happenings in the football world. At the same time, the live streaming service aims to open users to the wider soccer world with telecasts from various leagues across the globe. covers football matches from over 50 domestic and continental competitions around the world, including the major European ‘Big 5’ (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1) and Asia leagues. Whatever tournament you are looking for, AiBall has the unrivaled soccer live scores and results coverage and updates you are looking for. is the only website which gives you access to live scores of the matches of different leagues. Not only the news of the famous European leagues or world cup matches, but it also provides the details of every ongoing game. From the hosting team’s name to scores, the number of corners and betting odds, you can get every statistics related to that match.

Every bit of information is exclusively available on their site. In addition to that, if you are a bettor, then, this is going to be the most desirable news you would want to hear. Won’t it be easy if you can avail the betting odds of every possible match? can do it for you. It can provide you with the betting odds for a win, loss, and draw. If you want to know more about this, visit

We all are very well aware of certain facts that every sport or the game gets popular because of the on-field action or off-field betting odds prediction. Here at, you get access to both the things. Other than scores for football matches, it also updates you with the odds after every second of the game, which, in turn, can be very useful while betting, isn’t it? 

Moreover, if you want the match report in detail, then what can be more convenient than such a platform? Through these details, bettors can logically put their money on the right match. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit the site and avail access to any detail you may desire.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

6 Reasons Why You Need a Logo Design for Your Business

A logo design is the representation of your business. Colors, fonts, shapes, images and other elements used in designing a logo portrays the personality of your business. It is the image that creates an impression on your audience. Just like your dressing style and manners conveys who you are; a business’s logo design reflects the message of the brand to the audience.

Therefore when you create your logo design, make sure that you put in some time and effort to identify what you need to communicate to your audience. It is a crucial step which plays a significant role in advertising your business which is why entrepreneurs hire designing agencies for logo design in Australia, Canada, UK and more.

Often creating logos is not given much importance. This can result in a severe pitfall in your business. Discussed below are seven reasons why it is important to design a logo for your organization.

Logo designs can grab the attention of the audience
Being an entrepreneur, you only have a quarter of a second to influence your potential customers that your brand is worthy of their consideration. A logo design, being the pictorial representation of the business, can grab the attention of the audience and communicate its message in a creative way.

You must have heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” many times—well in the case of designing a logo, great design can speak volumes for your design.

Makes a perfect first impression
A logo design is an image which introduces your brand to the audience. If done right, it can pique the interest of the audience and influence them to learn more about your brand. However, if it fails to do so, it can alienate your audience with your story, making them look for other brands to find the right solution.

It creates your brand identity 
To put it in simple words, branding is all about telling a story to your customers which can influence their emotions. It is true that your logo design is an image which represents your brand; it serves as the foundation of the entire narrative on which you build your brand.

Colors, font’s shapes and the images used in designing sets the tone of the story you are trying to tell to your audience. All these elements of designing are the concrete which lays the foundation of a remarkable brand identity.

Visuals make the brand memorable for the audience
As said above, a logo is the identity of your business. It is a symbol which makes your brand recognizable. You want to create a simple design which can reflect your brand and business goals. The elements used in designing a logo makes the design memorable for the audience. It is possible that your audience doesn’t remember your company name, but they are likely to remember the image which represents your business.

It sets you apart from your competition
Unique designs make you different from your competitors. As said above, a logo design must be the representation of your company’s background, your mission, and values to the audience. If done right it can attract your customers to the business and add a competitive edge to the business.

Converts potential customers to regular clients
As your business grows, more people are going to get familiar with your name, and this familiarity of the brand can make a trustworthy appearance for a new audience. Think about it: when you think of getting a new phone which brand name do you think of first? Well, the answer you might come up with can be Apple. One reason for this is because you trust the brand and know that it is reliable. Once they like you, they are likely seeking you again instead of going elsewhere.

Now that you understand the importance of having a logo design make sure that you create a design that best describes your brand. Hire professionals to design a creative image for your brand and make your brand recognizable in the market.