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What are Traditional and Headless CMS? What are benefits of Headless CMS?

If you want to make your website compelling and content in control, then CMS is the best choice. The content management system helps in improving businesses because it is easy to use and allows multiple users. Because of its streamline scheduling and desirable design changing your content is in your control.

Regarding site maintenance CMS is the king, you don't have to change each page, make changes in architecture on the go and switch to desirable change. If you have the bulk of content to manage, then content management systems are the best choice. Traditional CMS is available as an open-source, free, and multilingual front end editors.

The best thing about CMS is their easy to use customization to the extent to be used for massive sites like a government site or small site like a grocery store site. What is the difference between the traditional CMS and headless CMS? Above mentioned features are of every traditional CMS. But, still, before jumping towards headless CMS, we would provide a quick view of the conventional CMS.

Traditional CMS

If you want to edit, store, deliver, and display content on the internet, then traditional CMS is all in one. It requires specific server hosting and database. The user-friendly front end and backend easily accessible through database make it the first choice of developers for building websites. When anyone thinks of using CMS, WordPress is the first choice that comes in mind.

It is the most used CMS because of the easy installation (like takes only 5 minutes) and customizations.  But there are also other CMS which can be useful to you like WordPress and suit fit to your requirements. It includes such as Gatsby, Squarespace, Jekyll, and Wix, etc. The traditional CMS align UI (user interface), design, and content management to provide easy customization.

Contrary to headless CMS, the traditional CMS give us with a versatile range of templates. It couples the content delivery application and content management application into one application. These CMS can easily manage primary websites and blogs because of all the things in one place.

Do not confuse the decoupled CMS with the headless CMS as both are two different concepts. There is a vast difference between the couple and decouple CMS as the decouple CMS manages the content on the backend and then present at the front end, whereas the headless CMS wait for the request for the content management. Here is the proper concept of headless CMS.

Headless CMS 

The headless CMS is replacing the traditional CMS because of its pure content---no dependency on the design, display, and website structure because of the loosely coupled or stateless APIs. These are also known as API based CMS. It provides you with the ultimate control of where and how the content will appear.

Headless CMS is all about the administrative interface for content creators. Unlike the traditional CMS, it does not combine the presentation layer and content and provide engaging on-demand content for the digital and business sector. Headless CMS is best for innovative and dynamic content management. But, with no front end and works based on the back end and APIs to store and manage content.

The famous headless CMS are ButterCMS, Squidex, Strapi, Netlify, and contentful. New CMS integrates headless CMS for content delivery support to mobile applications and the external web. For example, you can also use Angular with headless CMS for blog application. The headless CMS work mainly by using the predefined schemas and page builders.

Here arises one question that if headless CMS has to work by using predefined schemas, then why not WordPress. It is user-friendly and easy to use for beginners and can also be converted into headless CMS. Here we are going to highlight some more differences between the headless CMS and traditional CMS. 

Headless CMS
Traditional CMS
Backend only
Front end and backend both
Content accessible
Through Rest API
Organization of content into taxonomies
Content components
Mainly focuses on administrative interface and is a content component
Combines the content and the presentation layer
Has no dependency on-site structure, presentation layer, design or templates
Fully dependent on the combination of presentation layer with content site structure and design display
Pure (Omni channel readiness)
Mixed because of the link with the presentation layer
Initial built up
Fully with the API first
full monolith CMS with APIs attached afterward
Cloud scalability
Elasticity of the cloud platform
Has not the elasticity as the headless CMS has because of the stateless APIs
Easy to use
Complex because of integration of many features in one CMS
Operating cost
Low operating cost because of multitenant options
Comparatively high
Highly flexible because of APIs integration to make CMS front end
Comparatively less flexible and need a specific framework or programming language
Highly system security because of no dependency on database and content delivered from content delivery network
Content delivery from the database so there is a risk of system data’s compromise
Marketing empowerment
Functionality creation
Engages developer in creating functionalities because of no link with the presentation layer
Most of the functionalities are one click far away of plugins installation
Content organization
Bit difficult because of pure headless CMS
Yes, need maintain for database and security updates

Benefits of headless CMS

The above comparison table highlights the significance of headless CMS more than traditional CMS. Here are some other benefits of headless CMS, depicting that it is highly adaptable than traditional CMS.

Data management

The headless CMS only based on the backend, with no front end, so its focus is on managing and storing data. It also provides you with an interface for easy data management with the help of an API.

Easy Data fetch

The headless CMS comprised powerful API to fetch content into any application from the database. Fetching of data is also easy because of the independence of the interfaces for displaying and storing the data. Its decoupling feature makes it more desirable than traditional CMS were storing and content display are tightly linked.

Build Unique Applications

The headless CMS helps in building unique, scalable, and flexible applications. It allows you the content display across multiple platforms. You can integrate headless CMS in virtual reality, mobile apps, and smart devices. The stateless APIs in headless CMS provides a scalable cloud platform.


Besides all other benefits, it is cheaper to install as compared to traditional CMS. The low operating cost because of multi-tenant options makes headless CMS a perfect choice for building websites.

System Security

Unlike traditional CMS, the headless CMS uses a content delivery network for content management. There is no involvement of the database, which reduces the risk of DDOS (distributed denial of service attack).

Redesign independence

Contrary to traditional CMS, headless CMS makes you independent to update or redesign the application from any part you want. It also saves the updating cost by focusing on redesigning a specific part. That’s why traditional CMS operational cost is high because updating an application demands to start all over again, time-consuming and costly approaches.

Top 10 Items to Buy for your Small Office for the Black Friday 2019

Small office or home office are the places where a person starts their journey and build their empire later. Small offices don’t have much space but that isn’t the problem if you have the right skills to utilize the available space.

You need to equip your office with compact and worthy office items to make more from it. If you are looking for the best office kind of stuff this year then you should wait for Black Friday. Black Friday is starting from 29th November thus you will not have to wait longer.

From office gadgets to furniture and from appliances to electronics, you will get exclusive deals on almost every office items during Black Friday. You may find altering the list of office items for your workplace because the market is flooded with these types of stuff. Feel free to order almost anything online from the top UK brands and shops and make the best out of this black Friday.

I have done the job for you and have featured the top 10 items to buy for your small office for the black Friday 2019 and I am sure you will find it worthy.

1. Desktop Organizer

When you run out of space it becomes necessary to utilize every inch of the space available. You will have to keep the things organized and for doing this you will need relevant office tools and gadgets.

A desktop organizer could be the best thing for your office in order to organize your office kind of stuff. I have included a desktop organizer here for you which will help you keep your office things including printer, keyboard, laptop, iMac and other relevant gizmos in a more organized and proper way.

The desktop organizer has a smartphone stand and 4 USB ports. There is a small space also available under this desktop organizer to keep the keyboard when not in use.

2. Belkin Smart Plug

A small smart move can save your office assets from accidents and disasters. We often forget to switch off office appliances and this can lead to short circuits and fires. The problem is that you will have to visit the office to turn off the switches and that sounds boring.

Some of the Belkin smart switches can let you turn on and off your appliances from great distance over mobile networks. These devices can be easily connected with smartphones and operated from a huge distance.

Key Features:
- Keep safe your home and office electronics during harmful energy spikes, voltage fluctuations and surges.
- Guard your devices by absorbing excess energy
- Smothers fire and flames caused by energy surges
- Extend life your devices

3. Portable Scanner

There is a lot of scanning takes place in workplaces and thus you will need a good quality scanner for your small office too. Huge corporate offices and MNCs have a lot of space for conventional scanning machines but that wouldn’t be appropriate for your small office.

You will have to buy a small and compact scanner that will not occupy more space. I have listed the Brother (DS820W) scanner for you which is small in size as well as portable too.

Key Features:
- Scan Speed - 7.5ppm
- Optical Resolution - 600x600 dpi
- Weight - 440 gram
- LCD - Yes

4. Compact Projector

In your small office, you may not have space for big screens to show presentations. A compact projector will be proved handy and will deliver great convenience in showing presentations. With a premium-quality projector, you can easily do all the presentation kind of stuff in a comparatively small space.

No need to worry if you don’t own a separate conference room this portable office projector can help you doing presentations even on white window curtains and office walls.

Key Features:
- Best projection technology
- Maximum 1080p resolution
- Multiple device connectivity
- 1000:1 image contrast ratio
- LCD type display

5. Mini Vacuum

Always keep your workplace clean and mess-free. A clean and vibrant office environment motivates you and improves productivity. You will have to invest in machines and gadgets such as vacuum cleaner to keep your office clean. 

Multiple office spaces are narrower and aren’t in reach of big vacuum cleaners. You will need a small and compact vacuum for your small office. These mini vacuums are best for removing dust from desktop, keyboards, files, and other office appliances.

6. File Organizer

Files, files and files, we go through tons of files each working day and thus it becomes necessary to keep those organized. You will need something to assemble your office files and a file organizer would be the right thing.

Make sure to choose an anti-cracking and anti-fall file organizer. The organizer must be strong enough as well as have smooth edges to protect your paper/documents from getting damaged and hands from getting injured. This file organizer is ideal for schools, small offices, and home offices.

- 8 compartments/shelves (5 vertical and 3 horizontal)
- Anti-fall
- Sturdy metal used
- Extremely smooth edges
- Great ventilation

7. Charging Station

Juice up your most USB devices in one place with a charging station dock. This office gadget will help you make your desk clean and tidy. Using this charging station dock you can charge 6 devices at a time and you don’t have to look for extra power plugs.

This charging dock is compatible with devices having micro USB connectivity and can juice up multiple devices including smartphones, power banks, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, e-Readers, MP3, MP4, headset and other relevant devices.

Key Features:
- Space savior
- Smart IC core USB ports
- LED indicator
- Easily detachable baffles
- Comprehensive protection

8. Foldable Furniture

Foldable furniture is the need of time and nowadays these are getting more popular. This furniture is easy to fold and creates more space nearby when needed. Foldable furniture is ideal for your small or home office where you are restricted to small space and competing with comparatively huge corporate offices.

9. Portable Speaker

Music improves our senses and provides peace of mind. A portable speaker can be your perfect office companions to help you enjoy your coffee breaks. I have listed the Anker sound-core Bluetooth speaker for you loaded with the best feature.

- 12W stereo sound
- Wireless pairing
- Intense bass
- Waterproof
- 24-hour playtime
- Bluetooth 5

10. Compact Espresso Machine

A compact espresso machine will be enough for a small office having 3-4 employees. A cup of coffee loaded with caffeine will boost your energy and help you fight inaction while working for hours. Installing a huge coffee maker in your small office will not be a great idea when you already don’t have more space.

Bottom Line:

Don’t let your small office space to be an obstructer of your ability and productivity. You can make more from your small office if you have the right tools and office items in your pouch. It’s obvious that you will have to invest in office kinds of stuff if your office is new.

If you have started your official journey earlier then it is the time to upgrade your office items. In both situations, you will have to invest and thus it becomes necessary to make your investment-worthy. Look for the compact office items for your workplace but also make sure they are capable of performing the required task and never let you compromise with the quantity and quality.

Monday, November 11, 2019

How to Create a Logo Using Place it vs. Adobe Illustrator

A Complete Guide on How to Create a Logo

If your business is growing or you just started a new project, you are probably thinking about your logo design. Why? Because it is basically the most important essential aspect of your whole business. So we can say with confidence, it is a big deal and you should think about it before developing any other thing. Maybe you don’t really know how to create a logo yet, but don’t worry, you are in the right place! Let’s learn how to design a logo with our tool that works as a Photoshop alternative.

Now let’s be honest, picking an app to make a logo may be overwhelming. So we will be comparing the all times classic logo software Illustrator with an online logo maker tool by Placeit. Don’t worry if you feel this is a work you can’t do, we will be guiding you step by step so you can easily make your own logo on either one of these apps.

The Wonders of Using a Logo Creator

Using an online logo creator for your logo is like magic. You don’t have to spend hours designing and you don’t have to hire anyone else to do the job because it is so easy you can really design it yourself! We do have to mention that making your own logo is way cheaper than buying one, but the most amazing thing about using Placeit is that you can make as many logos as you wish, plus other essential branding assets for your business like business cards, posters, flyers, social media posts, and even videos

How to Make a Logo with Placeit’s Logo Maker

1. Go to Placeit’s Logo Maker and type your brand’s name in the text box. 

The Logo Maker will suggest an industry for your logo, if it’s the right one, click on “Let’s Go”. If it is not the right one, pick the industry you are working on.

2. Choose the template you would like to customize.

3. Customize your template by typing any additional info you want on your logo. Change colors, fonts, graphics. 

*Pro Tip: You can move around your elements to play with your logo’s layout.

4. When you are completely satisfied with your design, click on the “download” button.

Also, if you need a vectorized logo for any further editing now or in your future, you can download it from Placeit as a PDF with your vectorized logo!

How to Design a Logo with Adobe Illustrator

So let’s try to make a similar design from scratch using Illustrator.

1. Open a new document, for starters you can choose to use a template size or open a custom template with the exact size you need. For this test, we will be making a squared 1000pixels logo.

2. Select the “Type” tool. Click and drag your text box and type your text.

Video: Illustrator-select-type.mp4

3. Customize your text’s size, font, spacing, alignment, using the “character” window.

4. With your text selected click on the color tool. Move the mouse around to pick a color or you can always type in a hex code with the exact color you want.

5. To create an underlining shape for your logo’s name first you choose the shapes tool. In this case, we will be using a rectangle tool. Make the same movement as the Type tool, click on your board and drag your mouse until you get your desired size. You will be making a big shape in order to see all the commands inside your figure. At the corners, you will be seeing small white dots, click and drag on these to play with your corners and make the shape rounder.

Video: Illustrator-bar-1.mp4

6. Change the color of your shape.

7. This part is tricky, it’s time to make your graphics, you can always search for license-free icons on the internet, but for this logo, we will be making the icon ourselves. The easiest way to make your icon is by using the pen tool.

Select the pen tool to create your design, to use it, you have to click on a point of your board and make a second click to connect a line. If you are making a curved line, hold on your mouse click and drag your line. To end your line, click on your last vector (the small white squares) while holding your Alt key.

Video: illustrator-vector-1.mp4

8. Duplicate your lines by clicking on your Alt key and dragging your line.

Video: illustrator-vector-2.mp4

9. Relocate your line and change its orientation by using the selection around it.

10. Make lines and arrange them until you get the desired shapes. To group lines into one single object, select them and click on the “object” option on top of your screen and then select “group”.

11. Next, you will be vectorizing your fonts. Select all your text by holding the shift key. Then on your upper screen click on “type” and then the option “create outlines”. If at any time you want to go back just click on “command” + “z” or if you are using a PC use “Ctrl” instead of the command key.

12. Align all your elements, select everything on your logo and click on your align tool.

13. Almost done! Click on “file”, “save as” and choose files locations and format. Always save your original design in Ai format and have a second format, most likely PDF, for easy sharing. You can also click on the “export as” options in order to get a PNG file or a JPEG.

Compare These Logo Makers Pricing

A Placeit subscription gives you unlimited access to all of Placeit’s mockups, design templates, and video makers as well as half off the logo maker to not only make your logo but also promote your designs, products, and brand like a pro. Easily create a logo for your brand with this subscription and use this tool from any computer, tablet or even on your phone!

On the other hand, if you feel confident about your editing skills you can take a look at the whole Adobe suite pricing to get this software on your computer at once! Ask an expert so you know which version is better suited for your PC or Mac software update.

Let’s Wrap Up How to Design a Logo

The most important thing to consider is that you do need a logo to start your business. So maybe play around with these tools or try other sites and choose the option that is better suited for your needs. All we can say about Placeit is that this is the option for the ones that are looking for something easy, affordable and quick but still need a professional hi-quality logo. This is why Placeit’s Logo Maker is always a great idea.

About the Author

Valeria Santalla is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and writer that loves to create branding images for local business, she currently collaborates at one of the largest logo maker and design template library website.