Saturday, October 12, 2019

How Real Estate Marketing Agencies Advertise Properties for Sale?

Before going in-depth about real estate marketing, first, we have to understand what marketing really is. In simple terms, “marketing is promoting any product or service to capture the target audience with the sole purpose of making the bond with customers and maximize the firm’s profit”.

Since marketing is a vast field that encompasses multiple domains, techniques, strategies, and channels, it is very important which marketing strategy to follow, how many resources should be utilized in marketing and what is the marketing niche i.e. who is the specific target audience you are providing your products and services to. It is highly recommended to spend the least amount of money on marketing purposes, whether it’s property for sale, residential or commercial.

Marketing requires a 2Cs formula.

- Creativity: All the artifacts in marketing must be unique yet relevant.
- Consistency: Content of marketing must be shared consistently.

The above two 2Cs formula of marketing is key to compete with your competitors. Not only this, you can dominate the battlefield by providing unique content to your audience, trendy infographics to make an eye-catching advertising post and keeping yourself consistent.

Just like any other business in the world, the real estate business also revolves around good marketing. Every organization has its own marketing strategies. The real estate market also advertises properties for sale in different ways. Talking about Karachi, Pakistan, the real estate market is very high on competition. Even though the builders and developers are big in numbers, but still, marketing is the reason behind the competition. Bigger the clientele, higher brand recognition and trust-building. And eventually, the maximum profit.

Property for sale in Karachi is available in multiple areas of Karachi that are giving excellent residential as well as commercial investment opportunities. Luxury apartments, elite houses, and elegant shops are available at the best prices of 2019. These properties for sale in Karachi are of high demand throughout Pakistan.

Not only this, but people living abroad are also looking for these properties for sale in Pakistan. This is because of the marketing of each individual commercial and residential projects for sale in Karachi.

Marketing agencies in Pakistan are leaning towards the enhanced technological era where marketing needs an online platform. Without proper marketing, no business can stand on its feet. Spending too much money on marketing is stupidity too. That’s why, marketing is to save money, not to spend money prodigally. If you have any idea regarding a unique marketing strategy, go and discuss it with the concerned person or team. Your contribution to marketing can lead you to receive commission too.

The two most general marketing techniques are:

1. In-bound Marketing – A technique in which you let your customers buy your product/service via strong marketing instead of going out customer to customer (e.g. Apple, Starbucks).

2. Outbound Marketing – You go out customer to customer, approach them and sell your product/service individually (Insurance companies).

As a property for sale in Karachi requires a marketing campaign, the property marketing campaigns are published and advertised globally. This demands a handsome amount of money and the output is sometimes unsatisfactory. That’s why advertising agencies that market properties for sale in Pakistan are connecting with the world online.

Following channels are being utilized for the marketing purpose:

- TV ads
- Newspaper ads
- Website
- Social Media Marketing (SMM)
- Digital Marketing
- Emails
- Calls
- SMS (text messages from a mobile phone)

The properties for sale are advertised on a regular basis. TV and Newspaper ads charge heavily, that’s why this approach is only suitable when the property builders have paid you adjustable and enough amount. Online platforms i.e. website, SMM, digital marketing, emails, and blogs charge approximately nothing when compared with TV and Newspaper ads. That’s why marketing online is very important to compete in today’s world. Online marketing is a skill and there is still a lot to explore.

Unique online marketing techniques can be seen on social media that how brands are following the trend targeting their niche audience. Online marketing of properties is one way of lead-generation. The person from any part of the world might be thinking to have a look on properties for sale, regardless of his/her actual purpose. The chances of the conversion rate (probability that this particular person would be converted into a loyal customer) increase.

Then come calls and SMS that are usually used for follow-ups. Sometimes internet connectivity becomes a hindrance to approach our customers, that’s why calls and SMS do their part in this rare scenario.
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