Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Logo Is Visual Recognition of a Brand or Business

The logo serves to create a positive first impression that helps consumers to identify you. The creation of a representative symbol can become an invaluable marketing tool and with an appropriate marketing job, a successful sales model and outstanding customer service, you can make a logo become iconic and unforgettable.

Logos can create interesting stories, show the true identity of the brand and its aspirations. The graphic language is very powerful, it has the ability to transmit messages to consumers, so it is important to create a good design that has an impact and a sense of being timeless. In short, the logo is the only key that helps people to recognize or remember the brand and its name.

Tools to design the perfect logo
You must be thinking of how expert logo designers UK work? What basic things they do to make such a glowing and an attractive logo? Well, I guess that is the reason they are called Graphic Designers.

There are like tons of tools that you can use while designing or creating a logo. You just have to find the one that best suits your needs, among which are:

1: Image design and editing programs
Programs such as PhotoShop, InDesign, Corel or Illustrator are the best option to design logos since they are professional design and editing tools.

Of course, they require minimal knowledge of graphic design.

2: Online resources
If you do not have that knowledge in graphic design, there are a couple of different platforms that will help you design your logo. Some of them are Canva, Piktochart or Freepik.

If you choose these online pages, you should keep in mind that they are not offering exclusive designs, another person may also have a logo very similar to yours.

3: Hire an expert and experienced graphic designer
If you do not know how to use specific design programs and want to have a fully customized logo, you must turn your head to look for a graphic designer. Investing in your brand is the best option to have a professional image and create a solid identity. You just have to look for a designer that fits your needs (creative, budgetary) and with whom you share work philosophy.

Few requirements that must meet a logo to be well designed
Readable to all sizes, even the smallest.
It must be scalable to any required size.
To be reproducible in different materials and formats (web, posters, posters or canvas)
Be distinguishable in different shades and colors.
Make it memorable, effective and unforgettable.

Basic tips for expert logo designing

There are a few tips for those who are looking for a logo expert or trying to create a logo themselves. But it is recommended to hire logo designers to get the best services. 

Be clever and unique
It is important that your logo stands out from the rest, try to make it unique so it helps distinguish your brand from its competitors. 

Know the brand
Your logo must be a reflection of your business. Something that defines what basically your business offers. Your logo must reach the target audience and you must take this into account when designing a logo.

Color selection
Every color has a different effect and can add distinctions to your messages. If you may not know, I’m going to describe the effect of each color:

Red - Energetic, erotic and bold.
Orange - Artistic, responsive and young.
Yellow –Bright and positive.
Green - Living, growth and organic.
Blue - Qualified, soft and trustworthy.
Purple - Mystical, intelligent and evocative.
Black - Reliable and controlling.
White - Humble, clean and pure.
Rosa - Amusing and frisky.
Brown - Countryside, historical and endless.

Always keep in mind what each color means and make sure you don't deliver a wrong message.


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