10 Secrets About Pregnancy Only A Handful Of People Know

Being pregnant is one of the best feelings in the world. You are going to present a new human to this world and nowadays they have much treatment to get pregnant like IVF Treatment, IUI Treatment, ICSI Treatment, etc this deserves a standing ovation.

One thing every woman goes through when they are pregnant is that you will get advice from literally everyone in the world. Be it your family, friends or acquaintances you have met in the maternity section of the hospital, you will follow through a conversation which will end in you saying, ‘I’m going to try it out.’

You might as well have a plethora of questions in your mind when it comes to pregnancy and the “do’s” and “do not” of it. But if you really want to get to the core realities about parenting and pregnancy, then we have explored some good notions and secrets that only some of us are aware of. Keep these things in your mind, when you are expecting.

1.       You Are Not Actually Eating For Two People:

This is like literally everyone else telling you that right now you are about to eat for two people. This is the major reason why it is difficult to resist your cravings when you dive into that extra quarter of cheesecake. So, the truth is you are not actually eating for two people. One of them does need nutrition but that doesn’t mean you are going to eat everything that comes your way. Pregnancy weight loss is going to be a tough task if your maneuvering eating habits continue.

2.      It Is Going To Be A Hard Journey:

Considering the fact that you have seen a lot of movies where women are generally happy about their pregnancy, this is not going to be easy in reality. You are definitely going to love the attention you get for the start but that doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy and charming for nine months. You will be suffering from many problems both health and emotional but you have to remember one thing, it is going to be okay.

3.      You Need To Do A Lot Of Work Out To Get Back In Shape:

Post your pregnancy, you will be having trouble figuring out how to lose the extra pounds you have gained. Till weight loss journey is going to be tough and tedious and doesn’t think that you will fit into your skinny jeans easily. This will not only need time but also a lot of sweat and exercises and at some point in time, you will be kind of hate that you have gained all that weight.

4.      You Will Not Be Able To Sleep On Your Back:
If you love your comfortable position of sleeping on your back and tossing around the entire bed, this is going to be off the table from the time you found out you are pregnant. The weight of the baby and the placenta will make you wake up shortly and indulge in a rough session with yourself. The ideal position for sleeping is on your left side and doesn’t be surprised if you find it difficult to sleep at night.

5.      You Will Pee A Lot:

This goes around with every pregnant woman. The bladder is not able to keep the water in it and so you will be frequented to the washroom a lot of times. Also, it is advised to pregnant women to drink a lot of water and that is also going to be one reason why you and the washroom are going to be pretty much involved.

6.      Your Body Is Going To Swell In Parts:

What everyone knows that the belly starts increasing in pregnancy but what people don’t is that it is going to do so in parts. Your hands and feet are also going to increase in size and that is okay. So, don’t get worried if this happens.

7.       Morning Sickness Is Going To Cover All Your Mornings:

If you have been hungover before after an infinite number of drinks, then you will probably know how it feels. For other pregnant women, morning sickness is going to be real.

8.      Your Hairs And Nails Are Going To Be The Center Of Attraction:

 Due to the increase in the levels of hormones, you will have fantastic hairs and nails and you are totally going to love it. Even your breasts are going to increase in size because they have to produce lactation for the newborn baby.

9.      You Are Also Going To Deliver You Placenta:

 The placenta is a source of everything for the baby. So, when you deliver you, baby, you are going to deliver your blob-like placenta.

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Conclusion:  Parenting is fun and the journey of pregnancy too. But since you have a lot of deal with when you’re pregnant, you’re bound to be a wreck so that is okay. Take the good notes from your pregnancy and be an amazing mom.  

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