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9 Astounding Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines

A breathtakingly beautiful archipelago of over 7,500 islands, the Philippines is among the must-visit places in the world. There are so many reasons why you should visit the Philippines that we cannot possibly name them all! From remarkable natural beauty and delicious cuisine to the warm locals and vibrant cultures, everything is special in the Philippines. So, if you’ve been wondering why to visit the Philippines, the time has come to look at some rock-solid reasons! Cast a quick glance at our list below of the top reasons why you should visit the Philippines. Let our incredible list decide for you!

Why Visit Philippines?
Forgo all the reasons why you should not visit the Philippines. There is too much beauty and fun to be enjoyed here that you will regret not visiting it. Even if you need to take a last minute flight to the Philippines, plan a visit as soon as you can. Here are some truly amazing reasons why you should visit the Philippines listed below!

1. Remarkable natural beauty
All Philippines travel blogs will show with magnetic pictures how stunningly beautiful this country is! From lush tropical forests and white-sand beaches to sprawling rice terraces and fabulous mountain peaks, there is beauty in every part of the Philippines. Regardless of which island you visit in the Philippines, be assured that you will come across mind-blowing natural beauty that will leave you spellbound.

2. Rich historical legacy
If you happen to be a history buff, this is among the top reasons why you should visit the Philippines. Having been colonized by the Americans and the Spanish among others in the past, the Philippines has a rich historical legacy. Visit historical places like Intramuros, Vigan, or Corregidor to take an invaluable peek into the country’s intriguing past. There are regular tours that will take you to significant historical landmarks.

3. Mouthwatering cuisine
Foodies shouldn’t even bother asking ‘Why should we visit the Philippines.’ The country offers some of the most lip-smacking food you will ever come across! From classy fare to affordable street food, there is something for foodies of all possible budgets to enjoy in the Philippines. Mouthwatering seafood is a must-try in this island nation. Try as many local dishes as you can and take a trip to food heaven!

4. Fun festivals
This is among the top reasons why you should visit the Philippines if you love colorful festivals. The Philippines is on a whole new level when it comes to fairs and festivals. There are parades, competitions, songs, fancy costumes, dancing, great food, music, and a lot more. You should book business class flights for a Christmas visit to know what festival celebrations are truly like in the Philippines!

5. Beaches galore!
There are hundreds of stunning beaches to enjoy in the Philippines. What’s more incredible is the number of shades the beach sands come in - there is stark white, shimmery golden, soft pink, gentle brown, sugary cream, stunning gray, and more! Powdery-white sand is found on beaches in Palawan, Boracay, and Cebu among other places. For golden sands, you must visit the beaches in the beautiful Pangasinan Island.

6. Adventure opportunities
For adventure enthusiasts, this is among the foremost reasons why you should visit the Philippines. There are countless outdoor adventure opportunities in the Philippines from trekking and rock climbing to mountain hiking and strolling rice terraces. Watersports are a whole new level here! Scuba diving will give you the chance to look at some of the most amazing marine life in the Philippines.

7. Hip party scene
Get-togethers and parties are an intrinsic part of the Filipino lifestyle. Whether you’re at a nightclub or at a family gathering in a Filipino’s house, expect to have a blast. There will be lots of chatter, foot-tapping music, great food, and fun dancing. A karaoke machine is the one thing you will find pretty much everywhere. Filipinos love to sing and they do it whenever possible. So don’t hesitate to join in if you’re pulled to sing along.

8. Delicious craft beer and wine
Speaking of partying in the Philippines, it isn’t complete without downing a couple of the most delicious locally-made wine or beer. If you’re in Quezon Province, don’t forget to try the authentic coconut wine called lambanog. Locally-crafted rum can be tried in Negros Occidental - right at the foot of the majestic Mount Kanlaon. If you’re looking for craft beers, the best place to visit would be Baguio City.

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9. Friendly locals
This is perhaps the most important of all the reasons why you should visit the Philippines. Filipinos are incredibly kind and warm-hearted people who have no qualms welcoming tourists from any part of the world. This is a great reason to book cheap flights to the Philippines for a visit. You will learn a lot about these hospitable people, their culture, and history when you visit. If you’re lucky, some will invite you to family fiestas or even let you gatecrash a wedding!

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