8 Cheap Shopping Places in Downtown Cebu

Besides historical landmarks, delicious food, and a chilled-out vibe, Cebu City has a lot to offer. There are some fabulous cheap shopping places in downtown Cebu that will thrill shopaholics to the core! From clothes and footwear to handicrafts and household items, you can buy pretty much anything for a great bargain price in Cebu.

While there are high-end boutiques in Cebu, it's street markets are the place to visit for the best value for your money. If you’re a first-time visitor to this remarkable Philippines city, our list of the best cheap shopping places in downtown Cebu will come in extremely handy for you.

Super-Cheap Places to Shop in Cebu:

Are you making an unplanned trip on last-minute flights to Cebu? Then our guide to the best cheap shopping places in downtown Cebu will help you find your way around the city. Even if you prefer high-end malls, skip them for Cebu wholesale markets this time. Shopping in Cebu will enable you to buy the best quality branded items at very affordable rates. Here’s where you should go to:

1. Colon Street

This is not just among the best cheap shopping places in downtown Cebu. It’s also the oldest street in the country and home to some fabulous shopping ops. Once a major center of commercial activity before high-end malls popped up in Cebu, Colon Street is still a much sought-after shopping place. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags, household items, electronic gadgets, accessories, and a lot more at cheap prices. Also, night markets are set up a couple of times a year.

2. Ukay-Ukay Stores

These are fantastic thrift shops Cebu City offers its budget shopaholic visitors. This is where most locals buy cheap clothes in Cebu. There are endless piles of outlet surplus and second-hand clothes to pick from. However, while this is perhaps the cheapest place to shop in Cebu, it requires a lot of patience. This is because there is always a large crowd and things are not always set in order. You may have to rummage through a couple of piles before finding something you like.

3. Unitop

Besides groceries and other food items, Unitop sells about everything else under the sun at dirt-cheap rates. It’s an incredibly popular Cebu City shopping place and a must-visit for all budget shoppers. There are three Unitop branches you can visit in Cebu. Get your hands on cheap clothes, kitchen items, household essentials, decorations, furniture, and a lot more. Whether you’re arriving in economy or business class flights, Unitop is a good shopping place to stop by.

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4. Pasil Wet Market

For seafood lovers, this is among the top cheap shopping places in downtown Cebu. Every day from 3 am to 6 am, the Pasil Wet Market comes alive. Sold here is the freshest catch of a variety of fish, crabs, shellfish, prawns, squids, and a lot more. If you’re staying in a hostel/guesthouse where you have to cook for yourself, this is the best and cheapest place to buy seafood. While here, don’t forget to try the mouthwatering Nilarang fish soup sold by local vendors.

5. Carbon Market

Among the best cheap shopping places in downtown Cebu, Carbon Market is also among the biggest and oldest markets in the city. Even the area surrounding it is lined with scores of stores selling all sorts of items. This is a great place to buy cheap clothes in Cebu as well as other things such as handicrafts, shoes, imported products, household items, and a lot more. All of these are sold at wholesale rates and you can also bargain a bit to bring the price even lower.

6. Happy Mart

This is the best place to buy cheap clothes in Cebu. Just ask a local and they will unhesitatingly vouch for Happy Mart as one of the best cheap shopping places in downtown Cebu for clothes and shoes. You can buy all sorts of styles from collared shirts and dresses to wrap-around and spaghetti tops. You won’t even need to bargain as prices are already super-cheap here. However, expect to run into a crowd as the market is a popular one.

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7. Taboan Public Market

If Pasil Wet Market is the best place for fresh seafood, Taboan Public Market is the ideal place to buy dried fish. The largest dried fish wholesale market in Cebu, Taboan Public Market is a paradise for dried fish lovers. Besides dried fish, you can also buy staples such as dried mangoes at a very cheap rate. Make sure to stroll the market before making a buy. These are native specialties that are a must-try for all non-Filipinos. 

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8. Stalls on the sidewalk

Shopping in Cebu is best enjoyed this way! There are stalls lining various streets of the city selling common and unusual items alike. While they may not seem like it, these are among the best cheap shopping places in downtown Cebu. Exploring sidewalk stalls is a must-have experience when visiting the city on cheap flights to Cebu City. You will be surprised at the variety of items sold at cheap rates. For instance, fruits sold here will cost less than half the amount charged at markets.

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