Why A Home Freshwater Aquarium?

Many people are confused about whether to set up a home freshwater aquarium or a saltwater aquarium. Although they function similarly in that they both provide shelter to pet fish, they differ in many areas. Following are the six reasons why you should consider a freshwater aquarium.

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1. A freshwater aquarium is cheaper. In fact, this is what differs greatly from freshwater aquariums compared to saltwater aquariums. The main reason is that for the most part,  saltwater fish are much more expensive than freshwater fish. Aside from this, saltwater tanks tend to have expensive accessories and equipment, not to mention the fact that corals are themselves expensive. One last thing that makes saltwater aquariums expensive is the cost of saltwater tanks. Although there are accessories for freshwater aquariums that are expensive, generally setting up a freshwater aquarium is far cheaper than saltwater aquariums.

2. In freshwater aquariums, you can freely choose the size of tank you want. Although the size of the tank is dependent on the kind of fish you wish to keep, in freshwater aquariums you have more freedom of choosing the best size of the tank. In fact, it is a commonly held belief that saltwater tanks require at least 50 gallons of water. The advantage of larger tanks is that they are easy to maintain and clean, as you have more space to move around.

3. Changing water in freshwater aquariums is easy. In freshwater aquariums, it is relatively fast and easy to change the water. All you need to do is empty the aquarium, clean the accessories, and add water. In saltwater aquariums, however, the process of changing water requires additional work because you still need to mix salt with the water. In fact, this can take a good deal of your time because you need to completely and slowly dissolve the salt and it also requires that purchase a hydrometer to check salinity levels. In freshwater aquariums, once the tank is filled with water you are ready to add your accessories and the fish.

4. Freshwater aquariums are easy to maintain. Generally, freshwater tanks are easy to maintain compared to saltwater aquariums. Since most of the saltwater tanks are expensive, they require a complex method of maintenance and cleaning.

5. Lighting a freshwater aquarium is cheaper. One significant advantage of freshwater aquariums is that the fluorescent aquarium light is much cheaper compared to the saltwater light. In fact, all corals need a specialized kind of metal halide lighting. This can be very expensive to buy and also expensive to run.

In addition to this specialized lighting, saltwater aquariums need actinic lighting, which is not used in the freshwater aquarium since it is not good for the live freshwater aquarium plants. Fluorescent aquarium lighting is the kind of light needed for freshwater aquariums because it promotes plant growth and helps prevent algae from growing.

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6. Freshwater aquariums are a good place for breeding. This is another advantage of freshwater aquariums. In fact, there are only a handful of saltwater species that can breed easily while in captivity. Not so with freshwater species as they can easily breed in freshwater aquariums.

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