26-Text Neck: What is it and how to recover from it?

A new enemy is skulking in the streets that we live in today. The houses we sleep in, the job we work at, the schools we attend and basically everywhere we travel. This enemy is called text neck, which is ravaging our health on a daily basis.

What is Text Neck?
Text neck is a modern ailment. It refers to the neck pain and damage that is caused due to looking down at a particular device too frequently. Text neck is the biggest concern of global health currently. It is affecting people of all age groups, irrespective of their ages. This kind of continuous act of looking down at your mobile, laptop or any other devices can cause serious injury that will impact you for the rest of your life.

Is your smartphone literally a pain in the neck? If yes, then go through the below points to recover text neck:

1-Limit the use of electronic devices: This might be difficult but actually is simple. Take yourself away from electronic devices and try to give your neck a break for some time. Moreover, you feel relaxed without Candy Crush and Instagram.

2-Take mini-breaks while working: Of course, some people will find it difficult to take breaks while in office. If possible, use an alarm or app to set reminders to take a break from mobile or laptop. For every hour you are working at a desk or computer, make a point to take a 2-3 minute break. Try doing some neck exercises during break time.

3-Place your devices closer to the eye: Move your phone and other gadgets a level closer to your eyes. This will prevent your head from being tilted forward.

4-Begin with neck stretches: Perform cervical ranges of motion. These exercises are simple and yet effective to stretch your neck. You can do these exercises in your free time or when taking a hot water shower. Allow the hot water to hit your neck and upper back this will help your neck muscles to relax.

5-Improve your posture: Always make a habit to stand up and sit straight, with your chin tucked in and shoulders pulled back. Try and keep your body abreast in a neutral position.

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Remember that it’s not just your mobile that may put you at risk of the symptoms associated with text neck, it also depends on your posture when you perform your daily activities. Take a moment to adjust and check your position. These small changes may save you from developing chronic pain.

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