7 Hip & Fun Things to Do in Quezon City, Philippines for An Eventful Trip!

Christened after Manuel L. Quezon, the venerated second President of this stunning archipelago, Quezon City is among the most fascinating places to visit in the Philippines. There are countless amazing things to do in Quezon City that will make you wish you had visited this awesome place a lot sooner!

Whether you’re a first-timer to the region or are visiting for the umpteenth time, be assured that there is always something to see and do here. Enjoy exciting things to do in Quezon City at night and explore super-chill places in Quezon City during the day - there is no dearth of attractions to enjoy here! Browse our list below of the best-ever things to do in Quezon City during your trip.

Top Must-Do Things in Quezon City:
Generally speaking, Quezon City has everything any kind of traveler will enjoy. You can easily visit on last-minute flights for a quick trip as well. However, the beauty of the place is enjoyed at its best during a leisurely and long trip. Here are some of the best things to do in Quezon City during your visit:

1. Visit Art In Island
Visiting this one-of-a-kind art museum is among the top things to do in Quezon City for ardent art lovers. There are 3D paintings, murals, and other artworks that you can take selfies with. The optical illusion created by the magnificent artworks is simply mind-blowing! Note that visitors aren’t allowed to wear shoes inside the museum. Thereby, wear socks if that makes you more comfortable.

2. Stroll across La Mesa Eco Park
An incredibly relaxing place in Quezon City, the stunning La Mesa Eco Park is delightful to visit. For families traveling together, exploring this utterly gorgeous park is among the most kid-friendly things to do in Quezon City. The park is replete with lush greenery, a play area, and a pond among other things. Kids and adults alike can enjoy fun activities like hiking, swimming, rock climbing, and trampoline among other things.

3. Zipline at Quezon Memorial Circle
A historical monument-cum-national park, the fabulous Quezon Memorial Circle is among the most Instagrammable places in Quezon City. While the monument is a huge draw, it’s the zip lining opportunity at the amusement park that pulls in more people. Try this and you will get the chance to enjoy breathtaking views of the city beneath. You can also explore museums and the Quezon Memorial Shrine at the park.

4. Solve a puzzle at Mystery Manila
Do you like solving mysteries? Then this is among the topmost fun things to do in Quezon City for you! Be prepared to be locked in a room with five strangers. You will have about an hour’s time to solve a mystery by working together with the group of people locked in with you. The rooms are set apart based on the difficulty level of the game. You can pick a room of your choice. However, try to pick a less difficult level for your first try.

5. Explore Quezon Heritage House
If you’re a history buff booking business class flights for a trip to Quezon City, this is a must-do! Dedicated to a former President of the Philippines, this historic museum house is an absolute treat to visit. Located in Quezon Memorial Circle, this quirky two-story house offers an invaluable peek into the region’s fascinating past. While modifications to the exterior of the house have been made over time, the interiors remain as they were when it was first made.

6. Visit multiple churches
The majority of the population of the Philippines happens to be Roman Catholic. Owing to this, there are scores of ancient Roman Catholic churches in the country. Many of these fabulous churches can be found in Quezon City with the most famous one being Christ the King Church. Visiting some of these churches is among the best things to do in Quezon City. You will better understand the religious vista of the place.

7. Grab a bite to eat at Maginhawa Food Park
Maneuvering through this mind-blowing food maze is among the top things to do in Quezon City for hardcore foodies. There are scores of food stalls and trucks serving local and international delicacies with a twist. Among the top things to do in Maginhawa Food Park is to try as many things as you can! Shaved ice with cherry and chocolate toppings, anyone? Seating is available in the middle of the park.

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How to Reach Quezon City:
Since there is no airport serving Quezon City, you will need to book cheap flights to Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the nearest one to it. From Manila Airport, you can take a taxi, shuttle, metro train, or rent a car to Quezon. Thereby, be assured that it is fairly easy to reach and enjoy some of the best and most fun things to do in Quezon City. Book your trip and visit now!

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