Experience the Extreme by Visiting these 5 Amazing Glass Bridges in China

Today, tourists prefer something exceptional and thrilling every time they are on a trip. An extreme experience that they will remember forever is what tourists seek and the good news is China has many such experiences! If you have got any plans to visit the most populous country in the world, this is your chance to test your fears and add some enthralling encounters in your travel diary. The best way to do this in China is by visiting the glass bridges. Imagine walking over a glass bridge built thousands of feet above ground level, thrilling!

Check out these top glass bridges in China that you must visit when traveling to the country.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge
Glass bridges are not just found in China but in other countries of the world as well. However, the one in Zhangjiajie is longer and higher than several others in the world. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is located at a height of 300 meters and measures a length of 430 meters. Not only this, the panoramic view from the bridge is unparalleled to any of the scenic beauty in the country.

The bridge is six meters wide and connects both the sides of the Zhangjiajie Great Canyon situated in Hunan Province. It is the same area where the worldwide blockbuster film Avatar was shot. You will see thousands of tourists walking over the bridge in a day. Do not feel scared (we know it's natural but…) as the tempered glass used as the floor is 2 inches thick and is triple-layered. It took 120 glass panels to build the bridge.

Hongyagu Glass Suspension Bridge
Situated in the Hongyagu Scenic Area of Hebei Province, the Hongyagu Glass Suspension Bridge connects two peaks. It is 4 meters wide and 488 meters long. The official inauguration to the public was done on 24 December 2017.

The bridge is constructed with suspension cables and around 1,077 glass panels each 4cms thick, are used to lay the glass floor. The bridge can have 600 visitors walking over at one single time. You will get to see a 218 meters vertical drop from the bridge. This is the real adventure spot for visitors looking for some adrenaline rush. You will be escorted by the experienced staff at the bridge.

The 3D Glass Bridge in Ningxia
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In the year 2004, a 328 meter long and 2.6m wide wooden suspension bridge was constructed across the Yellow River of Ningxia. Later in 2017, there was one but very significant change in the bridge structure – glass panels were introduced in place of the wooden panels!

The bridge is divided into sections having different types of glass panels. Two sections of 60 meters have layered, clear, tempered glass that allows the visitors to see through it to the muddy river flowing beneath. The other two sections of 75 meters of the bridge have 3D scenes which are smartly painted in the glass layers. You will feel as if perching above a rushing waterfall or looking at a stunning canyon. You need to wear shoe covers to walk over the bridge and d not worry about your safety. There is responsible staff to take care of.

YunhangLonggang Glass Bridge
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Think about walking on a glass bridge that ends midair! We are talking about the longest overhang bridge of the world situated in Chongqing, YunyangLonggang Glass Bridge. Over 200 meters from the ground and 86 meters from the cliff wall, a cantilevered glass skywalk bridge was opened to the public for a terrifying yet exhilarating experience. The bridge is shaped like ‘And it is its shape that attracts visitors in large number. It is the longest overhang glass bridge in the world.

PingjiangShiniuzhai Glass Bridge in Hunan
Last but one of the famous glass bridges of China is also in Hunan’s PingjiangShiniuzhai. Standing 180 meters above the ground and 300 meters long, this bridge connects two steep canyon walls. Initially a wooden bridge, it was converted into a glass bridge in the year 2014 and is famous as ‘Brave Man’s 
Bridge’ because only a person courageous enough can cross the bridge.
The bridge is combined with a walkway by the cliff-side leading to the end. You will also find a glass elevator that makes it quicker and easier to get the bridge.

Activities, like practicing yoga and eating a meal on the bridge, have been held here to showcase the safety and strength of the bridge.

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