Sunday, September 1, 2019

2 Best Apps for Text Chat, Voice Calls and Cheap Air Tickets

“Taking social communication apps to another level…”

As of the second quarter of 2019, Android users can choose between 2.46 million apps. Apple’s App Store has 1.96 million apps with 20 million registered iOS developers. Tim Cook has recently announced 500 million weekly visitors to the App Store alone. We are currently looking at a market of 5 billion mobile users worldwide.
According to AppAnnie State of Mobile 2019 report, 194 billion app downloads were reported, with an average user spending 3 hours per day on their mobile phones. Consumers are expected to download 258.2 billion apps in the year 2022. Worldwide, App Store consumers spent $101 billion in 2018. These are surprisingly huge numbers!

Like most people, I own an iPhone, but unlike the aforementioned people, I use an android phone as well. I have 82 apps installed on my iPhone XS and 96 apps on my Samsung Note 8. Here I am excluding the programs and applications installed on these two phones by default.

According to AppAnnie, on average a mobile user accesses 40 different apps per month.

According to an article on Techjury, the average mobile user accesses 30 different apps per month with 9 apps being used on a daily basis. On average, mobile users have more than 80 apps installed on their phone. See, I was not exaggerating the number of apps I have installed on my phones.
I think it is time for you to finally count the number of apps on your phone.

According to Statista, the number of mobile phones messaging app users worldwide in 2016 was 1.58 billion. This figure is expected to grow to 2.48 billion by 2021.
The same statistics from Statista and Newzoo have revised again and the number of users is now predicted to reach 3.8 billion.
I, for one, am an active traveler and I believe that staying in touch with my friends, family, and colleagues is essential. My most commonly used apps are related to social networking, communication, and travel.

Though Facebook is everywhere, two apps that I use, have drastically improved my efficiency when it comes to screen time and relevance.

I searched the web over and over again for multi-featured apps that can let me focus more on what I do - stay connected with friends, family and colleagues and book flights.

I needed an app; which I think most business and regular travelers need, to cater to my communication needs and to manage my ticket bookings at the same time.

Travelers mostly use airline apps for tracking flight status, checking flight availability and pricing, booking flights, looking for food options, availability of Wi-Fi and entertainment.
I was surprised when I found out that only two apps were available which cater to what travelers need.

This has taken the world of social networking to a whole new level with instant messaging, voice/video and conference calling to social interaction through media feeds along with an integrated e-commerce platform for cheap air tickets, bus tickets, and cinema tickets.

Additional features include news feed and third party payment gateways, integrated to make it easier for booking tickets almost instantly. This app is relatively new and is slowly gaining popularity in Pakistan domestically and internationally.

There are numerous platforms for sharing photos with status updates, information and news. I am not saying that having multiple apps on your phone is necessarily a bad thing. I prefer having one app that accommodates the user as much as possible, so as to save time and keep the user focused on experiencing real life, rather than having his nose in his phone all day!

Ease of automatically adding contacts, real-time flight search,  sharing files, documents, photos, videos and location,  profile and status update along with free voice and video calls; in short, the most pivotal and integral features needed in a social app with the added benefits of an integrated e-commerce platform are available in MyTM.

According to AppAnnie, 685 billion hours were spent globally in social and communication apps in 2018 alone. While time spent in social networking and messaging apps is growing year-over-year, this represents a slightly smaller portion of total time spent by users on their mobiles. This indicates how the importance of our mobiles is continuing to spread into other areas of our lives.

2. Wechat
This is not just an app but life support in China. You are strolling in the biggest shopping mall in Beijing or buying steamed buns from a street vendor; Wechat QR code is available everywhere for scanning.

With over a billion users, Wechat is simply amazing with features ranging from all kinds of communication options as well as a well-managed e-commerce platform for cheap air tickets and train tickets purchase, insurance, mobile top-up, public services, charity, food delivery, housing and many more. Features like location sharing to help you find friends who are nearby and moments or snapshots of your day are present as well. The new features such as official accounts, mini-programs, and in-app free games are technological innovations worth experiencing.

I can assure you that this is one addictive app. You don’t need to card a heavy bag or a wallet in China if you have Wechat installed on your phone.

I think I can put it as, “If you don’t have Wechat installed in your phone, you are not Chinese or related to China.”

These apps are now working like super apps; an all-in-one solution. The only factor resisting them from becoming the top 2 apps in Google Play and AppStore is the availability of services outside of their countries of origin. The prices are available only in their local currencies. Both apps support the English language as well.

These apps are a trio of social communication, e-commerce and Fintech apps.

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