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Know the Best Time to Visit Datong Before Planning a Trip

Datong is the second-largest city in the Shanxi Province of China. Located at an approximate distance of 300 kilometers from West of Beijing, Datong is known for its cultural and historic sites such as Yungang Caves, Mount Heng, Hanging Monastery and Datong Nine Dragon Screen Wall. If your China tour involves exploring the South of Great Wall, Datong is just 20 kilometers away!

However, there’s a right time to visit every place and with a warm continental monsoon climate, Datong is not an all year round place, especially for foreign tourists. So, if you are planning a trip to China and Datong is in your itinerary, go through this blog to know the best time to visit Datong.

What is the Best Time to Visit Datong?
Datong experiences four seasons – summer, winter, autumn, and spring. The temperature in the city varies from day tonight. Based on the weather conditions in the city, the best time to visit Datong is from the month of April to October. However, tourists have their personal favorite also depending on the seasons in Datong.

  • Low season: November to March
  • Peak season: April, May, September and October
  • Shoulder season: June, July, and August

Spring season in Datong
During spring, the city remains pleasantly cool but there’s a noticeable temperature difference. The temperature rises quite faster to an average of 6C to 9C. If it gets warmer suddenly, the weather again gets cold after a while. It is often said that spring in Datong flies in snow but if you like this kind of weather, Mount Hengshan can be a good place to explore in the spring season.

The summer season in Datong
Datong experiences cool, short and comfortable summers. Then why call it summers? If you don’t already know, China is known for its hot summers and the temperature of 19C to 21.8C in Datong is nothing as compared to the other cities in the country. You will see colorful flowers blooming in summers. You can plan a tour to the Cailiang Mountain for a cool and pleasant summer outing. 

Note: Summer is considered as the rainy season of Datong, do not forget to carry an umbrella.

Autumn season in Datong
At the beginning of the Autumn season, the temperature in Datong suddenly falls. However, you will have a clear blue sky with little cold weather to explore the city during this season. It is advised to visit the Yungang Caves during this time.

Winter season in Datong
Winter is the longest season in Datong as compared to others. The average temperature in the city is around -7 to -12Cand winds generally blow from the Northwest. Winter is the worst time to come to Datong as the roads, mountains, and houses are all covered with snow. You will not have much to see and explore when the chilling winds blow in and around the city. So, better to avoid this time.


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