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Top 5 Adsense Alternatives You Must Consider For Your Blog 2020

There is no doubt that when it comes to earning money from a blog, the first thing that comes in our mind is Adsense. Adsense is the best monetization programs available. But the problem occurs when your Adsense account gets disabled due to some reasons.

So here in this article, I am going to tell you about 5 best Adsense alternatives which you can use on your website in 2020. So let's start.

1. MEDIA.NET :- is the best alternatives to Google Adsense. It is often referred to as one of the highest paying AdSense alternatives in the industry. This network comprises of both Bing and Yahoo search engines. They utilize a mix of native ads, display ads, and contextual ads to deliver a unique ad experience to users.

Many premium publishers utilize their network, including sites like CNN, WebMD, Reuters, and they offer a programmatic platform with header bidding for more advanced publishers.

2. REAL CONTENT NETWORK :- Real Content Network offers publishers a native video and content marketplace. Their network currently contains over 1 billion monthly impressions and is used by many leading publishers. Similar to AdSense, they provide a 100% fill rate and even work with direct and programmatic partners to generate better ad revenues for publishers.

Additionally, they offer premium video content that publishers without video content can leverage. Publishers can even use their platform to create new video inventory from their articles. Publishers have full control over the ads that get served on their site to ensure quality and protect their brand.

3. PROPELLER ADS :- Depending upon the kind of blog that you have, you can pick from various ad types offered by PropellerAds. Be it for your desktop site, mobile site or for video content.  Minimum payout is $25 and it’s idle for every new and medium size blogs with low or high traffic.

4. TRION :- If you have lots of mobile traffic, then you should test the Trion ad network. This network specializes in mobile traffic and monetizing the mobile-driven web.

They help publishers maximize ad revenue while serving ads that offer an excellent user experience that isn’t intrusive. They tend to produce CPMs that are 2-3x higher than the industry average and can work with mobile apps of all ranges.

5. INFOLINKS : - Info links provide publishers with a one-stop-shop to monetize all their traffic from almost any platform with their wide range of ad units. Their algorithm delivers intent-driven ads to users in real-time and does so on more than 100 000 websites around the world.

Their ad network currently consists of 240 million unique users, 1.5 billion ad views per month, and the 3rd largest ad marketplace.

Conclusion :- As you can see that there are many AdSense alternatives which you can choose from. However, Adsense remains one of the best monetization platforms which provides higher CPC, offers higher CPMs, and produces better results than most other ad networks. In case your AdSense account is banned then you can consider It is the best alternatives of  Google Adsense. It is the second-largest contextual advertising business worldwide.

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