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How To Carry Your Coloured Contact Lenses While Travelling?

The use of coloured contact lenses comes with responsibilities. You just cannot hope to use them like any other fashion accessories. No, you are required to take exceptional care of your favourite coloured lenses so that you can keep using them very safely. That means wherever you are you are required to take care of them when you are using them, placing them back or travelling somewhere with your lenses.

Obviously, you wouldn’t like to put away your contact lenses while travelling. That is perfectly fine, but make sure you know how to handle your contact lenses when you are travelling. Below are some important tips for handling your lenses while travelling.

1. Do not use your Coloured Contact lenses during a flight
You should know that conditions during a flight are not normal as they are when you are on the ground. The altitude, humidity and atmosphere are different. Due to that, it is not advised that you should wear coloured lenses during your flight unless it is necessary.

The thing is, during a flight the humidity levels drop significantly, and the atmosphere is quite dry. Because of that, your lenses dry up very easily and your eyes will feel discomfort more frequently than what is normal. So, limit the use of coloured lenses while travelling to a minimum.

2. Carry every important and small accessory while travelling.
You do not know what you might need urgently while travelling. So, it is advised that you carry at least all the important accessories of your coloured contact lenses with you. This may seem a simple instruction, but people tend to be more carefree. You do not want to lose the chance of using your coloured lenses at the most important event you went to attend.

Keep the solution, case, extra pair and makeup kit with you and if there is anything else that seems important, keep that too.

3. Extra pair of coloured contact lenses are a must
You must be thinking why we would need to carry an extra pair along. Well, what would you do if your luggage arrives late and you need to use your lenses? keeping a fresh pair in your hand-carry would spare you the worries. You may not be allowed to carry all the solution and other accessories, but a fresh pair of coloured lenses in your hand-carry would be a welcome relief in such cases

4. Use daily disposable coloured contact lenses
Using daily disposable coloured contact lenses is a great solution while travelling. That is because they are easy to handle and requires no such hassle of maintaining them after every use.

This is also beneficial in the case where you cannot take your cleaning solution in your hand-carry because of some restriction. Also, as you wouldn’t have the need to carry the solution and other such accessories, it would free up a lot of space for you to carry more extra pairs of daily disposable lenses.

After all, you are going to need your coloured lenses every day. And if you are going to attend certain Cosplay convention or spend Halloween somewhere else then you will certainly carry daily disposable contact lenses. That is because Halloween lenses such as the zombie contact lenses are usually daily disposable lenses as you need them just for a single night.

5. Brand Names are worthwhile
Make sure to remember the name of the brand of your coloured lenses. Also, note down the brands that are selling products equivalent to the products you have bought from a certain brand. That is important because if you are required to get a new pair of coloured lenses or a cleaning solution for your coloured lenses you would need the right item that would suit your eyes. Secondly, a new country may not have a brand that is in your hometown. So, you must do your research properly.

6. Maintain the Hygiene Around Your Coloured Lenses 
The job of maintaining your coloured lenses while you are travelling during a vacation will not go away. You must take complete care of the cleaning of your coloured contact lenses. They must be cleaned after every use with the disinfectant solution.

Secondly, you must store them safely in the storage case after use. Keep your storage case cleaned too and in a safe place.

7. Give your eyes some rest
The use of coloured contact lenses too much will start to put unwanted stress on your eyes. This is because your coloured lenses cover the eyes and that hinders the process of oxygen reaching your eyes. You should vary by using coloured lenses too much. Try to give your eyes some rest and take off your lenses for a few hours.

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