Thursday, January 16, 2020

Outstanding Benefits of Electrical Installation Condition Report You Must Know

According to section 122 & 123 of the House and Planning Act 2016, it becomes compulsory to perform the electrical installation inspections for every property. It has to be conducted once in every 5 years by the property owners to obtain the certificate ensuring the electrical safety standards of the property.

But, you should hire an experienced electrician for the inspection and receive the certificate. It will be also provided to the prospective tenants as well. Here, we have discussed its importance and benefits. So, read on to know.

Importance of EICR
The electrical installation condition report in London is provided and documented by the professional electrician post extensive inspection of the property’s electrical system. As the electrical system gets underrated over time it becomes a major electrical hazard.

With the help of the EICR report, property owners will be assured of the condition of the electrical system of the property. Moreover, it will also let you know about the essential preventive measures you should take for the specific areas. This inspection must be performed once in every 5 years.

The interval of 3-year is also recommended for some instances. It will be an important step in ensuring safer living environments for both tenants and owners in the long haul. Even, it will recognize the dangers in the electrical system and restore it ASAP to avoid it.

Impeccable benefits of EICR
To obtain an EICR report in London, you should contact a professional and experienced electrician. Obviously, you have to pay a fee to them for the extensive investigation of the entire electrical system of your property. However, it will save a lot of money in the future by saving your property from any disasters related to the electrical system.
The benefits you can obtain with the EICR report are detailed below.

It can identify the overloaded circuits
Be it commercial or residential property, overloaded circuits can result in continuous tripping of the breakers. During this time, any electrical equipment may get shut off automatically due to the interruption of power connection in the circuit.

However, if its frequency is more then, it is a threatening concern for the electrical appliances. Several gadgets like the HVAC system, televisions and computers can get permanently damaged. But your inspector can account for the issue in its initial phase and fix it before it results in an expensive repair.

It can locate and eradicate fire hazards
At the time of electrical inspection, the electrician will check the health condition of the electrical components along with wires. This is extremely helpful for the property owners as they come to know whether there is any such concern that may lead to shock hazards or fire breakouts. By giving necessary attention to the issue you can avert the potential disasters greatly.

It can find out previous shoddy electrical work
Any defective electrical repair is very dangerous as the wires have a tendency to get deteriorated over time. This will cause overloaded circuits which results in constant trip breakers. You must book for an extensive electrical inspection so this issue gets accounted immediately.

At Electric Works London, we have a qualified team for performing the EICR tests. Even our electricians are well trained to fix any sort of residential and commercial electrical repairs and installations. With us, you can rest assured that the electrical system of your property is in safe hands.

Get in touch today to book the test and know more about it. We will also provide you detailed information about our wide range of electrical repair and installation services.


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