Monday, February 10, 2020

4 Interesting Things Big Data And AI Will Bring To You In 2020!

In this article, we will talk about a few of the predictions in the fields of big data and Artificial Intelligence. 

Listed below are a few of the interesting things that AI or Big Data might bring to you in 2020:

•Crowd or Collective Intelligence may fade away with AI innovations
In 2020, we may see more use of machine-generated content. The machine-generated content will be curated by the power of artificial intelligence. The world has already seen a few of the prototypes of the content-generating AI-based tools. Many stories, paintings and even images are curated using AI.

Though machine-generated reviews will be a threat for the users, but we may see it happening in the coming years. Though, the use of AI has benefits also. As the creator of the content will be faster and efficient. If AI is used positively, it will definitely help the firms to get some valuable content in less time.

Many big organizations are pushing the boundaries to plenty of new ventures, this includes the use of AI in the creation of stories and other content for the humans. In fact, it is even believed that probably artificial intelligence will become a major part of the elections. Parties and individuals might need AI to create useful content. 

•Internet like never before 
Personalization will be one of the most significant components of plenty of things including the internet. Internet of Things, Cloud computing, World Wide Web, smart devices, everything will be focused on making things more personalized for users, especially the internet. In the comings years, we may even witness the humanization of the internet. Though, IoT will play a major role, when it comes to connecting the humans and the devices together. Also, we may see a few humanized interfaces. Such interfaces will play a major role in improving the IoT functions.

The tech experts will continue to understand the user’s patterns as well as their core requirements. And, based on the requirements, demands, and expectations, IoT will be evolved. Also, the tech experts are also planning to add the functions and features on your devices at least at some point. Also, there will be more personalization of the information that the users will receive. Now, here the role of artificial intelligence can’t be ignored. Personalization is pretty much possible because of AI and data analytics. And, personalization will surely boost connectivity. 

•Automation of data analysis 
The automation of data analysis definitely sounds pretty exciting. Automation is happening almost everywhere and we know that. It is transforming each and every sphere of the world. Basically, automation seems to have the power to improve the potential of every business. Therefore, automation accepted wholeheartedly. Now, it is believed that automation might play a major role in empowering data scientists.

With automation, the process of data analytics will be quick and efficient. It will empower the business leaders to make the most of data analytics. With the help of automation tools, the data scientists will be able to easily forecast the apt course of action. The leaders will be empowered to make powerful and apt analytics-driven decisions. 

•Truly personalized healthcare 
Personalized healthcare will become a reality in 2020. Healthcare data analytics will intense drift just from reporting so something more constructive. The possibility of predictive and personalized healthcare will be higher. All this has been possible because of the use of AI and big data in healthcare. Also, in the future, we would see more use of prescriptive practices.

All of this will eventually enhance the capability of healthcare providers. Thus, the patients will be able to get better quality care. Healthcare professionals will be able to make the most of various parameters like the patient’s medical history, genetics, behaviors and environmental factors. All this will help healthcare professionals to get useful insights about the patients and offer them personalized care.

AI and big data are two of the most massive technologies. They have a lot of potentials and it is believed than in 2020 and years after that too, the technologies will be able to bring a lot of new things on the table. Everyone is already excited to wait for the new AI and Big Data-based innovations.

Author Bio: Johnny Morgan - An experienced technical writer at Aegis Infoways for more than 5 years. I like to write technical articles especially for CRM, .Net, Hadoop, Python Developers India, and JAVA.


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