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Importance Of Leader During Times Of Crisis

There are various reasons that a senior leader should be present during times of crisis. Among these reasons is because a senior leader adheres and can stay engaged in crisis situations. A senior leader can find a solution to the situation and provide direction on how to handle the crisis. In times of crisis, the senior leader helps the company tackle critical issues which might be holding the company to success. 

Leader During Times Of Crisis

The presence of a senior leader also keeps the stakeholders motivated at all times. The senior leader can counsel the junior leaders who will be learning how to handle such situations in the future. Senior leaders advise on managing investment and financial decisions which might lead to another crisis.

If the senior leader is present at the time of crisis, he will be able to fix the responsibilities and also ensure that the coordination process in the company is in check across all the departments. With the coordination of the organization, the department under the leadership of the senior leader will emerge out of the crisis.

My personal experience in crisis was a time I was working in a bank, and the bank was losing money in ways that were difficult to explain. The senior leader did not act under emotions but started gathering information as it seemed to be due to insider trading. The leader was responsible for monitoring complaints and seeking an amicable solution. After weeks of investigation, he found the people responsible and acted in authority to end the crisis be reporting to the authorities.

Benefits of creating a comprehensive response plan before the occurrence of a crisis.

The main benefit of setting up a comprehensive response plan in times of crisis is the fact that it informs on the possible implications of such a crisis. Some crisis has occurred in the past that have had devastating consequences. With a comprehensive response plan, we will be ready to face such a situation in the future.

At the level of an organization, it is important to a leader for the purpose of improving communication within an organization. If communication is effective during a crisis, the organization will be able to team up and face it.

Advice to a leader who wants to improve communications function

It is important to understand that at the time of crisis the opinion of others is necessary. Such opinions lead to the most effective path. In case there is an emergency meeting to establish the gravity of the crisis each member should present ideas.

The decisions being communicated in the time of crisis should be clear and simple. Ambiguity should be avoided. Also, the leader should communicate to the members on the importance of working together and being accountable to overcome the situation.

The leader should use simple language that will help communicate at the time of crisis. Tense situations should be avoided. An effective communication plan will free people from tension, and that will assist in overcoming the crisis.

When organizations encourage employees to view problems as opportunities, it shows that the organization is more concerned with avoiding such problems to progress. A culture of blaming one another only reduces the productivity of the organization but if the mistakes are viewed as an opportunity, the employees will learn the impacts of the problems and therefore avoid such mistakes in the future.

Leader During Times Of Crisis

There was an instance when working as a banker that an employee never looked at the details of the face of the client while giving the key to a safe deposit box. The key was given to an imposter who wore black glasses and the bank paid so much for the mistakes. Instead of blaming the employee for the behavior, each employee was encouraged to take a careful look at the people they give the keys.

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