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How New Zealand Win Fight Against Corona Virus?

New Zealand has claimed a major victory against the spread of the coronavirus by phasing out the lockdown policy. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claimed on Monday that the country had eliminated the coronaviruses after lifting most of the restrictions put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

A few days after the closure, it became known that New Zealand not only wants to slow the transmission of the virus but also to eradicate it from its shores by preventing the arrival of new cases and stifling existing ones with restrictions.

On Monday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claimed Australia, Canada, Britain, and the US had all scored "significant victories" in the fight against coronaviruses, as they launched a "phased exit" from a lockdown following a massive outbreak of coronavirus in Australia and Canada.
How New Zealand Win Fight Against Corona Virus?

She also said it was possible that New Zealand and Australia could create a "trans-Tasman bubble" to potentially allow travel between the two countries, and that the focus was on making it easier for both countries to treat the virus at home.

She also says there is a chance that both New York and New Jersey are "creating a trans-Tasman bubble" that may allow travel from Australia to New Zealand, but her focus is on making it harder for both countries to treat the viruses domestically, she said.
If there is one bright spot in the global response to the pandemic, it is New Zealand. Ms. Ardern says New Zealand has avoided the worst but must continue to fight the virus. If there is a "ray of light" in the global response to pandemics, it has always been New Zealand, Artern says.

New Zealand's response: "New Zealand has avoided the worst of a pandemic and must continue to fight this virus," Ms. Arndern said in an interview with the NZ Herald on Wednesday morning. 
From an outsider's perspective, the interesting thing about New Zealand is that it just comes on board. It is one of the most powerful countries in the world, whose external borders can be easily sealed off, and that means that it currently has the ear of all the worlds. The political world is paying close attention to the actions in New Zealand and the statements of its leaders, she says. 

How New Zealand Win Fight Against Corona Virus?
The government's health policy is being closely scrutinized in a campaign inevitably colored by the coronavirus. New Zealand is doing poorly in the 2019 pandemic preparedness review, according to the World Health Organization's annual report.
But, unlike many countries, New Zealand has a model that shows that a potential outbreak of the coronavirus could be devastating if nothing is done. The "absolute carnage" caused by the virus in Europe, especially in Italy, makes it clear that it is not enough to simply flatten the curve. New Zealand is at odds because no vaccine has been found and other nations have learned to live with the viruses, ultimately gaining herd immunity.

First, our strategy is to smooth the curves by taking pressure off our health care system, "he says. But like many other countries, we don't have a model that shows the potential for a coronavirus outbreak that could have been devastating if the action hadn't been taken, said Dr. Michael O'Neill, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Otago.
Under Australia's pandemic plan, New Zealand adopted a similar approach to Australia but deviated from its strategy of pursuing an eradication strategy. Instead of containing the virus to manageable levels, it attacked and became the first Western country to develop a complete eradication strategy.

How New Zealand Win Fight Against Corona Virus?
On April 20, the government again acknowledged that health inequality in New Zealand is having a devastating impact on Maori and Pasifika communities, and announced that it would delay the downgrade of the country's alert from five days to one minute until midnight on April 27.

The relaxation of restrictions follows a reported increase in cases, bringing the total number of deaths to 1,122. There was also a reduction in health care costs, which in the first three months of the outbreak saw medical costs rise by $1.5 million, pushing the cost from $19 per death to $2.2 million, or $3.4 million. 
New Zealand, led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, now has 1,504 confirmed cases and only 21 deaths. Scandinavian nations that reported no new cases on Thursday have a better chance of making it to zero. 
While New Zealand's success in eradicating the virus may seem like a cause for celebration, Ardern called for vigilance. While most of the world remains in the grip of a deadly pandemic, New Zealanders can take comfort from the fact that they are on the verge of eliminating it. 
Ardern said New Zealand was on track to enter the third phase of the blockade on March 23, when there were 102 cases and no deaths. Iceland plans to reopen to tourists in June as it vies with New Zealand for the first zero-active COVID mark (19 cases).

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