How To Clean Slate Floors Before Sealing?

Slate tiles maintenance is a relatively easy job as compared to ceramic floors cleaning due to one major factor; slate tiles are naturally highly durable and therefore do not require extensive cleaning very often. This characteristic of slate floors is what makes them a popular choice for many and a worth its while monetary investment as well.

However, the huge amount of expense involved in buying and installing slate floors justifies owners' stance of being extra careful in slate tiles maintenance and cleanliness routines. Even though slate floors are resistant to stains and cracking naturally, this characteristic does not exempt them from extra precautionary measures such as slate tile sealing.

How To Clean Slate Floors Before Sealing?

What is Tile Sealing?

Tile sealing is a process designed exclusively to uphold the quality and longevity of tiles. It is a method devised to protect the tile and grout surface from external damage for a specific period.

The process entails both slate cleaning and slate sealing. Since the sealing process is carried out solely to prolong tile life and put off any damage, it is necessary to ensure complete and thorough cleaning slate before the sealing process is initiated.

For the cleaning purpose, several techniques can be adopted both at home and by getting it done professionally. However, one factor needs to be kept in mind while cleaning slate; grout cleaning. Tiles and grout are like two peas in a pod; you cannot hope to make one squeaky clean while leaving the other untreated.

Ways to Clean Slate Floors Before Sealing

Since slate tiles are naturally occurring, the cleaning product utilized for them differs from the ones used for ceramic tile cleaning. Acid containing cleaning agents cause corrosion of the surface by reacting harmfully to it.

This reaction makes the condition far worse and sometimes even irreversible. This factor limits the choice of slate tiles owners concerning choosing a suitable cleaner domestically. Using mildly alkaline products, however, tends to do the cleaning trick.

Simply using a bucket of warm water and a mop to get rid of dirt and debris from the tile surface is a traditional and efficient cleaning method.

Industrially available products have directions on them whether or not they are suitable for a certain surface which aids purchasers to decide.

Ways to Clean Slate Floors Before Sealing

As for grout, using the correct cleaning equipment is what makes all the difference. The grout area is so small that reaching and treating every inch of it by using traditional brooms and mops is a next to impossible task. For domestic use, toothbrushes are recommended.

If it comes to buying a tool from the market, a tool similar to a toothbrush in size is specially designed for grout cleaning purposes. As for the cleaning agent, a paste of baking soda or solution of hydrogen peroxide in water is recommended for extensive grout cleaning.

However, if the uniqueness of your slate floors is keeping you confused about the choice of cleaner and the method of cleaning to opt for, you can always seek professional help! Grout Expert and its qualified team are here to ensure the provision of the best services to its customers! These services include but are not limited to, both slate cleaning and sealing.

Once the desired cleaning results are achieved and you reach the point where you look at your tiles and think, ‘This is how I want them to look!’ the sealing process can be initiated. To preserve the sanitation of your slate floors, we apply a suitable sealer on the tile surface.

This coat of sealer forms a protective and stain-resistant coat on top of tiles and thereby prevents the tiles underneath from any future contamination. Thus, the sealer layer faces all the wear and tear, pressure, and dirt whereas the tiles below remain untouched to a larger extent. 

However, the durability of this sealing process is not indefinite because sooner or later, the dirt and constant foot traffic get to the tiles below by damaging the sealer. Therefore, re-sealing is required every few years depending on the type of your tiles and the type of sealer used. Nonetheless, this process has proven to be beneficial and worth the investment in the long run.

Thus, to clean your slate floors before sealing requires proper and thorough cleaning beforehand. The process is time-consuming but worth its time as well. To save you from the hassle and save your time, Grout Expert is readily available to provide you with prompt and customer-friendly slate cleaning and sealing services.

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