How to Ensure Employee Productivity during COVID-19?

The whole world is going through a difficult time.2020 has been a cruel year so far. It has taken millions of lives in a short period. A pandemic which first was initiated from Wuhan china has been spread throughout the world. A lockdown was initiated at first in most of the countries to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

But as time has been passed, smart lockdown and new policies have been introduced by the government. Standard operational protocols have been issued and rules and policies have been made to minimize the effect of viral disease and making the lives of people safer without effecting their daily life routine.

How to Ensure Employee Productivity during COVID-19? 

We have lost many lives, the medical sector is under continuous pressure, the economy has been down, many people have lost their jobs, public gatherings have been prohibited thus life has been upside down. So in these circumstances, how is it possible for employers to take care of the wellbeing of their employees along with saving their company from bankruptcy?

Some of you have been started work from the home protocol. But it's difficult for all those who have been new to this. To manage the employee's productivity remotely, ensuring that they are honestly working from home is the main priority of many employers. 

We are here to discuss many options that can make the employer's job much easier and peaceful. One of the options is using a monitoring app. A tracking app can ensure the productivity of the employees by saving them from getting involved in any malicious activity. 

You can ensure the employees and his family safety by enforcing the working from the home policy without affecting the working hours and productivity of the employees.

Keep Them Off From Malicious Sites:

The app allows the user to control the internet activities of the target person. So, keep an eye on all the employee's internet browsing history using Track internet browsing history feature of the app.

Monitor Their Screen Activities:

You can watch the screen of the employees by using the screen recording feature of the app. Thus watch the desktop and every activity of the screen in real-time or video recording and snapshots form. And make sure employees are not playing games or busy on social media during working hours.

Listen To Their Calls:

You can track all the incoming and outgoing calls of the target employees who are possible suspects of wasting their time on phone calls. You can even listen to the call recordings as well. So, Phone tracker software allows the user to know the time of every dialed or received call of the target person.

If it is frequently happening in the working hours you need to question the employees and make sure this doesn’t happen in the future. You can also check the SMS chats as well using this feature of the software.

Track The Applied Keystrokes Using OgyMogy:

Everybody is worried about viral disease nowadays. It has made some of us paranoid to the extent that we are always searching for breaking news and news updates about the death tolls etc. This can affect our mental health. So make sure employees are not too much into breaking news etc and are taking good care of their mental health along with physical. As both are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Check Their WhatsApp:

Online messaging apps are commonly used these days. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the chat history of the employees. OgyMogy provides the WhatsApp monitoring app which can allow the user to read all the chats and group chats etc. This will let the employer know if the employees are busy chatting and sharing media and memes during office hours or not. 

Phone monitoring app for several social media apps like the Facebook app, Viber app, Instagram app, Skype and Snapchat, etc. Thus, keeps an eye on all the social media activities of the employees remotely using employee monitoring app.

OgyMogy is one of the best monitoring apps. You just need to follow simple steps by selecting the desired package and installing it in the target person device. It can be a window or mac system or the smartphone of the employees.

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