How You Can Make Your Blog More Searchable On Google

In this post, we discuss how you can make your blog more searchable on Google and help you create a healthy and profitable blog. We will consider strategies to get more traffic to your blogs and strategies you need to go through to create healthy, profitable blogs.
If you manage to spread your reach to the right blogs with great domain expertise, you will be able to pass more valuable link juice to your blog pages, improving your ranking on Google.

Blogger blogs are classified in Google, so make your title specific and descriptive and you have a better chance of finishing in the top 10% of the most popular blogs in your category. If you take the time to write a blog headline that transforms, then this list of the most important blogging statistics you need to know is complete.

How You Can Make Your Blogspot, Wordpress Blog More Searchable On Google
The more unique and actionable blog posts you can create on a consistent basis, the more power your blog will have to attract traffic. Some companies don't manage to promote blogs to their audiences because they have wonderful blogs based on keyword research and optimized accordingly, but they reach a fraction of the audience.

That is why some people are cowardly and build their blogs on the free platform Blogspot. Think of the different ways users connect to your content, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and other social media. 
Bloggers have a lot going on, but it's not nearly as much to do with your ability to grow your blog as it is with the growth of your blog. There are some drawbacks that I will deal with in the drawbacks section, but the massive advantage is that it is a legitimate free and maintained service that competes head to head with paid competitors. Since May 1st, 2010 bloggers can also publish blogs via FTP on their own web hosting servers. 
You can monetize your WordPress blog in any way you want and you have the ability to use Gmail, YouTube, Google +, and other projects. You can quickly promote your blog on major search networks, and monetization includes Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and more. I have monetized many things on my blog, like Google + and YouTube and a few other sites, but not much else. 
If you have a Google account and want to start a simple blog with minimal cost and no fuss, Blogger is good for you. If you want to take advantage of bloggers, but want a more serious book blogger or even a hobby blogger, I recommend SiteGround to buy a cheap domain under your chosen blog name.

But if you want to be more of a "serious" or "book blogger," even as a "hobby blogger," I would recommend you sign up for a Wix post. So if I wanted to take advantage of a blog with minimal effort and cost, then you should start with Blogster. And if we want you to create your own blogs, such as a personal blog or a business blog on WordPress or another site, then sign up to WIX for reviews.
WordPress Blogger allows you to launch your site quickly and have an online home where you can share whatever comes to mind. If you prefer to create your blog posts in Google Docs, then use the app to upload your posts and images directly to the site as a posting draft. Once you've moved from WordPress bloggers to Tumblr or Squarespace, import your content by following this guide.  
You will no longer have access to Google's special features to use on bloggers, and all images uploaded to blogs hosted on Google + and Google Album Archives will be removed. Blogs that use Google Comments will again use Blogger Comments, although support for Google Comments will also be closed.

How You Can Make Your Blogspot, Wordpress Blog More Searchable On Google

All images and posts in Google Docs, Google Music, or Google Photo Gallery have been removed, as have all comments on your blog posts and images from Google albums and albums. 
This means that the Grey Hat Linkbuilder will create a free Blogspot blog for you, throw your content there, and link to it. If you write a relevant blog post, you can require that you have your own link there instead, or find links that are no longer active on other blogs.
Once you have created your blog, Google offers you the option to purchase a custom domain from Google. Once you have secured your book, blog name, and domain, you will need to design your new blog page. 
The launch of a site will guide you through the process of self-reliance - hosting your WordPress - powered site. Google maintains a list of all WordPress WordPress-operated sites on its site, and you have the option to host your site yourself.
The lack of versatility is one of the main reasons why most bloggers leave bloggers and switch to a self-hosted WordPress solution. There are many workarounds for this, and there are third-party services to "customize to the needs of bloggers," which are optional for the blogger platform, but there is no free open source WordPress plugin for WordPress.

In fact, one of the most common headaches is to move a successful blog from Blogster to another server like WordPress - com, which has more modern blogging tools and website tools. It is not able to offer the same level of support for the expansion of a blog that transitions to a full-on the site -, and it is also not as flexible as the WordPress platform. 

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