5 Myths About Marketing That Changes Your Approach

In this blog, we will be breaking a few common 5 Myths About Marketing That Changes Your Approaches and plan for a successful campaign.

The need for and importance of marketing for all businesses is something that all professions understand. But the approach that we take towards this can become delusional by the various myths hanging in the market. 

These rumors or myths make the job of a marketer even challenging. And as marketing evolves, these myths do that, but to have a perfect marketing scheme, we need to stop believing in them.

9 Myths About Marketing That Changes Your Approach

Myth 1: Using social media is enough for marketing, there is no need for a website

This myth is the reason why many businesses, especially small startups, don’t have a website. Social media is indeed one place where you can upload visuals created and edited using Canva to promote your business. It even helps your marketing tactics, but where does the customer go from social media? 

The aim is to bring more traffic to your business which won’t be possible without a website. It is here where people get to know more about your business. Also, social media’s popularity is ephemeral; it can go down anytime as we have seen in the past with Facebook. Thus, a business needs a more permanent option to stay in touch with their customer, and a website is perfect for that.

Myth 2: SEO is a one-time thing

SEO or search engine optimization is the backbone of digital marketing. It aids a business in ranking at the top and getting organic leads. But if you are satisfied with the SEO that you did initially, then you are in for a rude awakening. 

SEO keeps evolving, and as a business who wants to be successful, you have to change your schemes as per the time. Never assume that the SEO tricks you used, in the beginning, will work even now. Monitor the market, and do away with stale practices and get in with the time.


Myth 3: Spending more money on marketing will help with getting more customers

No, this is the wrong approach towards marketing. When you invest millions of money in marketing, it will surely get you leads. But there is no surety that you will get customers too. Why? Because unless your marketing campaign is targeting the right customer, it won’t matter how much money you spend. Therefore, invest in quality marketing, not quantity.

Myth 4: Digital marketing only caters to millennials

Not true! Yes, millennials are more likely to use social media, websites, and emails. But so many adults or seniors use the internet to read articles on health and are active on Facebook if no else social media platform.

Also, a report suggests that 9/10 (https://www.statista.com/statistics/271501/us-email-usage-reach-by-age/) people in the age gap of 45 or above use emails. So, email newsletter campaigns will be as successful with them as with any millennial. If your message is correct and focuses on improving life and you use the right channel, you can tap into the senior age bracket as well.

Myth 5: Blogs only increases budget and are a waste of time

No, they are not. A blog with proper and informative content funnels leads to your website. When you write an SEO-based website; it helps people find your blog, which results in a higher ranking. 

Though it won’t work if you ask your administration or sales team to write blogs, that will be a waste of money. Hire a team of writers or freelancers who can write SEO articles to get more leads and customers to your business.

Myth 6: When the product is good enough, you do not need to market it

I have heard this phrase from marketers a lot. Businesses that believe that their product is too good for marketing usually end up losing clients. Sure, your quality can be the best amongst all. But how will it sell if people are not aware of it? 

As we know, there are no unique products on the market. So, if you are looking to sell your product and rise above the competitors, market it irrespective of its quality.

Myth 7: Anyone is capable of brand marketing using socials

Brand marketing is a challenging task, whether it is on social or any other channel. You cannot just hand it over to anyone in your company and do with it. A few years back when Facebook became a marketing giant for businesses. A lot of brands had their employees work on it and share content which they took randomly on their phone.

Unfortunately, that does not work. If you are looking to increase your conversion rates, you need to step it up a notch. That means hiring a team or working with a marketing team that has knowledge and experience with marketing on social. 

If you have seen ‘Emily in Paris’, you would agree with it. Social media marketing is a whole different channel, and you need bright ideas, and not run with the ones, which work with traditional marketing approaches.

Digital marketing works immediately

Myth 8: Digital marketing works immediately


It is not true! Digital marketing, like any other form of marketing, takes time and effort. You cannot expect results overnight. It requires a lot of research, a roadmap, and patience. If you are creating a website, or are re-imagining your social media channels, give it time before it starts giving you the results that you are hoping for.

9 Myths About Marketing That Changes Your Approach

Myth 9: A website that looks pretty or appealing is enough


Sure, you need a website that looks appealing, but even the prettiest website that doesn't do its job is a waste of money. So, do not jump into redesigning your website. It does need a bit more thought. Ask questions like:

1- Is it serving its purpose?

2- Does it help the viewers within five seconds or not?

3- Does it bring more customers or old ones?

4- Is it easy to navigate?

5- Is it increasing the conversion rate?

If the answer to these questions is no, you do need to work on all of this and not just make the website look pretty.

Exposing these is imperative as they can make a marketer stuck, which is never helpful. Now, that you know what myths you don’t need to follow anymore, plan a great marketing campaign by teaming up with a firm that is right for your needs.

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