5 Mighty Ways To Drive Your Brand Via Instagram Marketing


Instagram is a famous social media network that acquires over a billion active users in which above 500 million uses the platform every day. It is an image-based platform, and it is filled with a vast younger audience. Sixty perfect Instagram users are below the age of 30, in that 75% of users use the platform daily.

Attractive visuals are the platform's heart. Brands could use this network to engage and interact with potential customers effectively. Instagram users respond well to the paid advertising - nearly 70% of the top posts have featured products on the network.

Brands have multiple ways rather than paid advertising to grow organic results. If you need to bring your Instagram profile to the top spot, here are the various points to know about Instagram marketing effectively.

Profile Optimization

Your Instagram profile is the first place to impress your fans. Your bio section contains only 150 characters to share, so utilize it properly. Consider crucial keywords relevant to your niche that may integrate and interest the audience when possible. Utilize keyword research for a better understanding of your audience.

Instagram Marketing Influencers

A recent study concluded that 90% of Instagram users refer to the reviews before purchasing something online. Here, the influencers come in and play a significant role. They give trusted reviews to thousands of people. It encourages the audience to choose your product rather than your competitor.

You need to select the right influencer which suits your industry. Before choosing them:

  1. Check their previous projects and analytics of engagements & reach.
  2. After selecting your right influencer, leave them to showcase your product attractively.
  3. Don't push them to be in your way.

They know well about their fans and audiences, and also about their interests. So your influencers would reach your products in an excellent way to targeted audiences.

Most influencers choose the reels feature to market your brand as it brings high reach with enormous reel likes on Instagram within a short time. So influencers get video content handier to attract the target audience.

Utilize Instagram Live

The platform allows every user to make live videos to engage with other online users actively. Through this way, your brand gains more connection with potential customers and brand reputation. Every customer always likes to personal bond with a brand they purchase from. It's also the perfect way for you to answer all of your customer's questions as well. 

You could showcase your brand product working sense through Instagram live to gain high interest. Also, you can host the CEO, manager of your brands on Instagram live to answer your user's questions and film BTS(Behind The Scenes) about your product making, office to drive more engagement.

Run UGC Campaigns With Unique Hashtags

It's the perfect way to interact with users. Contests that showcase UGC(User Generated Content) promote your product across the network as the audience uploads proof that they use your services or products. It increases social proof and brand awareness.

Plan properly before beginning the contest. Bring out a theme to attract participants and stunning prizes. Create a unique and memorable hashtag that helps your contest to spark out. There are many tools available online to get the right hashtag for your contest. Select the winners genuinely. Also, promote your next contest in every network, primarily on Instagram. 

With influencers and the platform's popularity, marketing on Instagram is a great way to build brand awareness and grab potential customers. As you start developing your Instagram profile, consider these tips to bring a more robust social presence and profile.

Use Every Type Of Posts On Instagram

Recently, Instagram changed over from just a photo-sharing platform to something bigger. Now, every user can upload reels, IGTV, stories, and videos. It engages with more audiences and brings every business to incorporate the marketing strategies to sell their products and services. Here are the multiple options for uploading a post on the platform:


At first, Instagram just started with photos. And it remains an effective post type on every social media. You could post pictures by pressing the '+' symbol at your profile page's right top. Here, you would have the strong ability to apply various filters and edit the quality of your picture. It is crucial to ensure your every photo is of HQ(high-quality), as poorly captured or blurred images would not pick the potential followers' interest more.


Within a few years since Instagram launched, stories were updated on the platform, which acquired massive popularity. Nearly 500 million active users on Instagram engage with stories daily. Instagram stories are the best way to announce a limited-time offer, any events, or an attractive discount instantly.

Instagram stories disappear after a day from the posting time and are the primary way to promote new products or short events like campaigns, events, etc. The feature contains various effects, and everything is practical.

For example, you could upload content like layouts, photo booths, or boomerangs, each uniquely capturing videos and photos. If you utilize the stories, then you can upload stickers or incorporate effects like website links, quizzes, questions, polls, and many more. Just like the photos, you can upload stories by pressing the '+' symbol at your screen's top right. 


Instagram reels feature launched recently on the platform, which is popular in making short-term videos(15-30 seconds) that provides a great way to upgrade your business. They are straightforward to record than any other post on the platform.

You can start creating reels videos by pressing the video symbol at your Instagram page's center bottom. Reels are real and permanent videos, unlike Instagram stories, and also they come up with massive audio effects and visuals.


IGTV is another video content feature of Instagram, but it allows the users to post video content longer than a minute to the network using the exact '+' symbol. Through IGTV, you can provide longer video content describing more about your products, services, and even about your brand or business. 

Businesses on the platform use IGTV to post longer BTS(Behind The Scenes) to show their work cultures & community and collaborate with other users on Instagram, such as influencers. Generally, many brands on the platform bring monthly or even weekly IGTV series to maintain their users to come back to their videos and achieve their primary objective of gaining more conversions.

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