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How to Increase 5-star Reviews for your business?

Increase 5-star Reviews for Your Business. The right way!

Every once in a while I send out a Newsletter to my customers. I usually like to include SEO news and updates, address commonly asked questions, or offer a tip that might come in handy.
I’ve noticed that my open rate for this email is always over 90%, which tells me that people seem to look forward to my email and they just about always open it.
That’s the main reason behind me writing this article. It basically includes what was in my most recent Newsletter, and for the first time, the bottom of my page contains a “Subscribe” box where you can add your email address in order to receive future updates.

How to Get Reviews for Your Business the Right Way

One of the most common questions I find myself answering when discussing reviews with my clients is the, “How to” question. Before I get started, it’s important to note that reviews for your business in 2018 can either help propel your business as a leader in your industry, or, slowly drive your awesome business into the abyss.
If you’re not marketing for reviews and your competitors are, it WILL hurt your business.
In order to help your business benefit from reviews, I’m going to take a moment to explain the best way to go about getting reviews for your business.
Q. Where should I have my happy customer review my business?
A. Wherever they found your business.
Now, since the majority of people searching for a service provider do so using Google, Google is the most common answer to these questions. The more 5-star reviews your business has on Google the better.

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What about Facebook & Yelp!
Google collects review data from Facebook & Yelp when factoring search results and where your business is returned in results. So, having solid review ratings across the web benefits your business greatly.
If you know your customer follows and found you on Facebook, ask them to review your business on Facebook. If they really loved your services, don’t be shy, ask for a review on Facebook and Google.
How do Yelp! Reviews work?
Yelp! Is its own monster. They use a specific algorithm that decides whether a review is published or, thrown in the trash. The algorithm is simple. If an existing Yelp! User searches and finds your business on Yelp! then returns to write a review about your business, that review is more likely to stick.
On the flip side, if you ask a customer to search for you on Yelp! and write a review and they aren’t an existing Yelp! user, there’s a good chance that review will end up in the trash.
Where do I send a customer to review my business on Google?
Have them visit Google or and search for your business, they can easily submit a review using either method.
3 Ways to Get Customers to Write Reviews for Your Business
1. Ask for them
Your competitors are and if they aren’t, it’s an even bigger WIN for you!
2. Silent Salesman
Add a request on your printed business materials (invoices, business cards, table tents, etc).
3. Follow up
If you provide a service where you can benefit by sending an email or calling to check on things, use this time to ask for a review once you know your customer is satisfied.
Things to Know
Below a 4.7 overall review, the average rating will drop you below competitors that have greater than a 4.7 average in search results.
  • Having 5-stars on Google/3-stars Facebook/1-star Yelp! would decrease your search rankings – Similar averages are seen as “real” by Google
  • Buying reviews is a terrible idea
  • Pictures benefit the validation of reviews (suggest the customer add a photo to their review)
Special Thanks To Jhon For This Valuable Article Shared With US.

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