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What is video marketing?

Video marketing can be used for everything from increasing engagement to promoting your brand. 83% of marketers say video brings them good ROI, with 84% saying video increased traffic to their website.
According to a Spiel survey, 72% of respondents noticed a growth in organic rankings and traffic since incorporating video content into their SEO strategy.
It’s a medium ideally suited to...
  • How-to videos
A Moz tweet, linking to a Moz blog post, linking to a Moz video posted on YouTube.
  • Customer testimonials and case studies
  • Live-streaming events
  • Customer support help videos - calls reduced by 41% - guys, get filming!
  • Corporate training
  • Explainer videos - serious results for these - 94% of businesses using them said they helped users better understand their business
  • Vlogs
  • Interviews, product demos, and sharing viral content
    Video content is easy to share across multiple channels. Consumers love these bite-sized videos if they’re entertaining and engaging. Win over your audience and potentially, they bring a huge return on investment.
    Tagged with relevant keywords, a YouTube video - the 2nd largest search engine after Google - can increase your search engine ranking, click-through and open rate conversions.

    What is video analytics?

    The global video analytics market was valued at $2.77 billion in 2017. Estimated to increase to a staggering $8.55 billion by 2023.
    The analytics work on two levels - motion detection and pattern recognition.
    • Motion - examines each pixel, detecting every movement
    • Pattern - identify and monitor objects, recognizing objects that have moved, gone, or are new
      Video analysis tools allow businesses to monitor in real-time and find inconsistencies in videos. The technology is used in many sectors, including…
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      • Identify 100% of visual mentions - your logo in videos - boy, oh boy!
      • Competitive intelligence - compare the effectiveness of your video campaigns
      • Find strategic business insights and drive conversions, increase engagement
      • Helps determine and spend video marketing budget effectively
      • Pull out audience insights - demographics, interests social activity
      • Exploit visual user-generated content (UGC), both positive and negative
      • Prove the ROI of sponsorships - sports events, concerts, conferences, etc.
      • Protect your brand’s reputation - find fake brands, logo abuse, counterfeit merchandise
      • Find and monitor influencers - unplanned influencer-generated content (IGC) is a big win
        Security & banking
        • License plate recognition
        • Object identification
        • Facial recognition
        • Object detection
        • Perimeter intrusion detection
          • Count footfall with heatmaps
          • Entrance path analytics
          • Traffic cycles across day, week, year
          • Visit duration/frequency
          • Unique/passing traffic
          • Display effectiveness

            Video analytics pulls data from videos. This data is then used to trigger actions - contact security, start recording/counting, send trademark abuse alert, capitalize on user-generated content, etc.
            "Today's brand captures. Tomorrow's business insights."
            Allow me to set the scene… It’s the Early Stone Age. History has just been made. Homo erectus learned how to control fire!
            Why on earth - you ask - am I talking about controlling fire? Well…
            Fire played a fundamental role in our evolution. Last week, we launched revolutionary video recognition technology! It’s a first for social listening.
            It will play a fundamental role in digital marketing. Finally, we have 100% control over brand mentions in text, images, AND videos.
            GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!
            Not a phrase I often use, but it seems to fit.

            Is your logo missing in action?

            Talkwalker’s AI-powered video recognition technology lets you capture the value of your brand in action. Framing your brand for success.
            Apple - video analytics tools

            Meet the woman who went viral for her ball skills.

            Meet the brand that went viral...
            Use this unique technology along with our image recognition and you’ll find up to 3x the number of brand mentions. You heard me… 3 times!
            Working together with our image recognition technology, it has access to our 30,000+ database of logos, objects, and scenes.
            Improve campaign engagement by 50%
            Profit from user-generated content and boost brand awareness. UGC can improve campaign engagement by 50%, increase email click-through by 73%, and conversions by 10%. Don’t waste free advertising.
            Neither Ben nor Jerry will see this great UGC.
            Ben and Jerry - video analytics tools
            YAY! Ben & Jerry used video recognition. Well done, boys!
            Crisis management
            I’m talking about protecting your brand reputation. Your logo.
            Louis Vuitton - video analytics tools
            Cute trademark infringement, identified by video recognition.
            With video recognition, you will find all the videos that include your logo. Even without a mention in the content! Think how crazy that is, and how useful. Find counterfeit products and logo abuse.
            Starbucks - video analytics tools
            Protect the reputation of your brand logo with video recognition.
            Be alerted to negative incidents that could indirectly damage your brand reputation.
            KitKat - video analytics tools


            Give yourself a break. Use video recognition.
            Prove the value of sponsorships
            Until… well, last week… there was a distinct lack of video analytics tools that could track and measure the ROI generated from sponsorships. In 2017, 40% of sponsorship professionals said that evaluating sponsors was one of their top two challenges.
            We’re talking about sponsorship spending that amounts to a whopping $50 billion plus per year!!!
            That’s crazy, guys. If you can’t prove ROI, you could be throwing good money after bad.
            Your brand is sponsoring a hugely important soccer game. It’s down to the last couple of minutes and it looks like there’s going to be a stupendous, deciding goal. En masse, the crowd raises their smartphones.
            Caught on video. Shared on social media. Found by video recognition.
            You shoot. You score. ROI proved.

            "With Talkwalker's new video recognition capabilities, brands are able to open a new door of mention possibilities. Not only can they see what is said about them, they can also see where there brand is present and acknowledged within context. Perfect for PR and customer service opportunities, this new service will see brands fully embracing their logo and its importance in online conversations."

            You can check out our tool in action, in Dan's cracking report - Video analytics - what 5 of the biggest global brands missed without it. Give it a read!


            “Never lose sight of your views.”
            Vimeo - video analytics tool
            Advanced video analytics tool - Vimeo.
            Vimeo provides video analytics, hosting, live streaming, distribution and marketing, and priority support. Depending on which payment plan you choose, you can track your video’s performance on social media and wherever it’s embedded - from one dashboard.
            Video analytics on offer, include…
            • Stats dashboard
            • Social stats
            • Custom reports
            • Engagement & duration graphs
            • Google Analytics integration
            • Live & post-event stats
            • Unlimited bandwidth for uploads and live events
              For each day, you can find comments, likes, shares, reposts, total plays, and total loads. Real-time data means you can find and jump on trends, as they’re happening. Perfect for targeting, you can learn how consumers are finding your videos, what devices they’re using, and where they’re located.
              Vimeo - video analytics tool
              Vimeo blog offers the what, why, and how of video creation and marketing.
              If you’re looking to implement high-quality videos, Vimeo is a must-have.
              Bonus… integrate with Google Analytics for combined video and website analytics stats.

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              “Turn viewers into customers.”
              Ooh, yes please.
              A video analytics tool that’ll enable you to transform your communication and drive more revenue through video marketing. So much more than just hosting, Vidyard’s interactive and personalized video experience will help you connect with more viewers.
              Vidyard - video analytics tool
              Vidyard hosts your videos and analyzes their effectiveness.
              The analytics go deep. You’ll identify audience insights that can be turned into actions.
              • See who’s watching
              • Real-time video data - ROI insights
              • Deep analytics - shares, rewatches, CTA clicks
              • Customer location
              • Which devices and browsers
                Vidyard provides solutions across the board, for marketing, sales, customer support, HR, and secure communications. Your videos will automatically be SEO ready. When you upload a video, a transcript is created, along with an XML sitemap. Your video will then be distributed to YouTube, Facebook, and more.
                Vidyard - video analytics tool
                Vidyard’s Video Inspiration Hub. Watch. Record. Share.
                A nice touch is the Inspiration Hub. A collection of the platform’s favorite content shared by its customers. Put your brand in the spotlight!


                “Trust. Deliver. Perform.”
                Vidooly - video analytics tool

                One of the most powerful video analytics tools - media planning, content ideation, 

                market intelligence, audience insights.
                Vidooly provides actionable analytics. It pulls out online video intelligence that includes audience behavior and interests. Deep-Eye technology identifies trends, so you can better target your content and ensure it resonates. This video analytics tool is a solution that helps video publishers, advertisers, media companies and agencies.
                What does it look at?
                • 15M+ content creators tracked
                • 500M+ audiences tracked
                • 2B+ videos measured
                  Check out the Leaderboard. Choose country, platform - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Mixer. Vidooly will reveal the top ten brands or content creators, with the most views.
                  Vidooly - video analytics tool
                  Benchmark the growth of online video publishers across social platforms.
                  AI-powered insights include…
                  • What videos your audience are watching
                  • Which audiences are most likely to engage
                  • Content insights to increase your audience and maximize engagement
                  • Identify your audience’s digital journey, viewing behavior, devices, demographics


                    “Daily video and profile tracking.”
                    ViralStat - video analytics tool
                    Video creator, marketer, music label, brand , or fan - track, compare, analyze videos.
                    Use this social video analytics tool to track, compare, and analyze any video or profile on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. ViralStat will help your brand...
                    • Track metrics that include likes, dislikes, comments
                    • Analyze profiles’ videos and posts - sort and filter by engagement, publishing time, keywords, etc.
                    • Use Smart Folders to list your competitors, influencers, industry peers - benchmark against their performances
                    • Create campaigns and invite clients to view, comment, share
                    • Track daily to video and profile charts by engagement, country, category, social media platform
                    • Receive notifications of daily statistics and whenever your video appears on YouTube Trends
                    • Find trending videos and video creators
                      The Leaderboard checks daily top video and profile charts. Sorted by views, likes, dislikes, comments, engagement, shares. You can choose a time-frame, which country to track, and which social media channel - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.
                      ViralStat - video analytics tool
                      Use ViralStat to identify trending videos and creators.
                      Monitor your analytics and watch trending videos from the same dashboard. Identify what content is going viral in real-time and jump on board. Or your influencers publishing content, to drive traffic to your website.
                      There are three reasonable price plans, but if you budget is tight, there’s a free plan with limited features.


                      “Better analytics. Better insights. Better conversions.”
                      Vidalytics - video analytics tool
                      Video analytics tools - Vidalytics dashboard gives you all the data you need.
                      A video platform for marketers. Vidalytics hosts, streams, and plays your videos. Analytics are found with Video Conversion Tracking.
                      It’s unique Video Conversion Technology brings...
                      • Mobile autoplay - increase conversions by possible 61%
                      • Autoplay on latest browsers - bypasses autoplay blocking
                      • Customizable overlay messages - flashing overlay to help drive clicks, plays, conversions
                      • Exit thumbnails - stop bounces
                      • In video CTAs - customized call to action button in videos to drive sales
                      • CRM & email tagging - tag viewers to automate follow up marketing
                      • Disable pausing - drive more engagement and sales
                      • Resume play for returning videos - viewers can pick up where they left off
                      • Zapier integration - connect to apps and tools to automate your marketing
                        Vidalytics - video analytics tool
                        Vidalytics - heatmaps of skips and rewinds.
                        Detailed analytics will…
                        • Show you at which point viewers are buying in your videos
                        • Identify where they’re skipping and rewinding
                        • Segment all metrics by traffic source, country, device, times viewed, buyers, non buyers, etc.
                        • Compare two different videos’ metrics
                        • Use heatmaps to reveal which parts of your videos are engaging, boring, confusing
                          Vidalytics - video analytics tool
                          Compare videos side by side for split testing videos.


                          “Using analytics to improve ROI.”
                          Cincopa - video analytics tool
                          Lead generation, SEO tools, in-depth actionable analytics, viewer tracking, brandable players.
                          Advanced video analytics into online performance of all your videos. You’ll find where video views came from, how your audience interacted, stats for each video. Cincopaanalytics will reveal…
                          • Who’s viewed your video
                          • Which country they viewed from
                          • Which domain
                          • Stats sorted by video file, web page, location
                          • Heatmaps for online performance
                          • User tagging
                            Other features include...
                            • Dashboard shows you stats for all embedded videos in a specific time period
                            • Impressions graph shows the number of times when a web page with an embedded video was loaded, with recording make every time a user clicks the play button
                            • Watch time graph shows total video viewing time in hours - stats per video, page, site, country
                            • Video heatmaps reveal how your audience interacts with your video - number of views and engagement rate changing as viewers watch
                            • The User screen highlights a specific user and identifies location, viewing time, average engagement, first and last view dates, platform, IP address
                              Cincopa - video analytics tool
                              Cincopa User screen reveals all information regarding a specific user.


                              “The story behind each view.”
                              Wistia - video analytics tool
                              Viewer-based tracking, heatmaps, engagement graphs, viewer historical data.
                              Who’s been watching your videos? How much of your videos do people watch before bouncing away? Which videos are bringing the most value? Answer all these questions, and more, with Wistia.
                              • Viewer-based tracking - identify and track viewers - send data to analytics platform and CRM to win leads, measure conversion, track playback for groups of users
                              • Video heatmaps - which parts of your video viewers watch, rewatch, skip past
                              • Engagement graphs - audience’s viewing behavior - rewatches, drop-offs, interactions
                              • Google Analytics integration - automatically publish video events to your GA account
                              • Viewer history tracking - identify the most engaged members of our audience
                              • IP filtering - filter out specific IP addresses so your analytics aren’t corrupted by internal views and testing
                                  Wistia - video analytics tool
                                  Video analytics tools - A/B testing with Wistia.
                                  Wistia has an A/B testing feature. Pull out and compare two videos from your account. Test customizations - thumbnails, CTAs, annotation links, video length.
                                  You’ll find stats that include unique views, play rate, play count, engagement, and actions.

                                  Twitter’s Timing is Everything

                                  Last but by no means least, we hear from Twitter.
                                  Released this year, Timing is Everything, provides you with more actionable data to help improve your performance on Twitter.
                                  Twitter - video analytics tool
                                  Timing is Everything shows you when your audience is watching and engaging with video.
                                  Timing is Everything gives you historical data showing when audiences are on Twitter watching and engaging with video. This data highlights the best time(s) to tweet video content with an aim to maximizing engagement, conversation, and viewership.
                                  It’s not about followers watching your videos. It’s when people are watching any video on Twitter.
                                  It’s easy to set up - go to the Analytics drop down menu in Media Studio and select Insights. Check out the graph to understand when your audience is online. Then you can experiment with tweets or scheduled tweets during the times of day that have the highest engagement.


                                  That’s it. I’m done.
                                  9 awesome video analytics tools. Each tool is different, although some features do overlap. You’ll find a couple offering heatmaps, for instance.
                                  Talkwalker’s video recognition tool is the only unique one. You won’t find its capabilities anywhere else. You can’t afford to ignore it. Seriously, don’t you dare!
                                  Tools sorted. Now you’re ready to start video marketing. To create strategic and effective video content, download your free video content marketing strategy template. It’ll help you…
                                  • Establish your goals
                                  • Plan targeted content for each stage of the sales funnel
                                  • Define roles and responsibilities
                                  • Schedule your video marketing content
                                    Show consumers what they want to SEE… Stimulate. Educate. Entertain.
                                    Thanks to  Meg Meg For this Valuable Content Shared With World..


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