Monday, June 10, 2019

How to create a Wikipedia page for marketing?

Creating a Wikipedia page is not a difficult task, and anyone with good writing skill and some efficient research abilities can make a page on Wikipedia. The site invites all sort of volunteers to edit and create official Wikipedia pages. There are no criteria for becoming a Wikipedia editor. However, there are a number of different limitations for the approval of a piece of writing, and that is why the editors and writers who volunteer for Wikipedia need to have good research and writing skills.

Though the editors and writers who volunteer for Wikipedia do not get to earn anything directly from Wikipedia, creating a page or experiencing the editing of pages on the site can help them in several ways. One of the common attraction for the Wikipedia volunteers is marketing opportunities that editing Wikipedia pages provides them with.

They can do indirect marketing for their products and companies with the help of Wikipedia pages that are visited by numerous global visitors and site users in every passing minute. The marketing benefits of the site are the real cause but there are many other causes as well. Some people do edit Wikipedia pages just because they like researching and writing on a site with a lot of other editors who wish they can interact.

However, there are also some Wikipedia editors who get paid for editing Wikipedia pages. These editors work with the marketers and writing agencies as professional Wikipedia experts who can develop Wikipedia content with ease. The procedure for creating a Wikipedia page is simple and understandable and as mentioned above, anyone with good research and writing skills can edit or create a Wikipedia page.

This article is providing the readers with an outline of how anyone who wants to create a Wikipedia page can create a Wikipedia page without facing any issues of rejection and disapproval.

Here is the outline for the procedure of creating a Wikipedia page.

Step 1: create a Wikipedia account with credible credentials for avoiding blocking.
Step 2: Choose the topic and conduct extensive research with all the details about credible references.
Step 3: Find a reference page on the Wikipedia site to have an idea about how you would create your page.
Step 4: Develop good content with references.
Step 5: Proofread the content and edit it.
Step 6: Submit the content to the editors.


  1. Is this method really works.
    Or something else more required to get a page on wikipedia

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