Monday, June 10, 2019

hPage Website Builder Review

The website builder gives the following premise when you create a website with them: Brand yourself, sell, products, and grow your business online. They also say that you can get fast, simple, and beautiful sites with their online tool.

With many website builders these days, hPage is one of the few that stands out. Their blue, yellow, and white branding, as well as they're easy to use dashboard, seems attractive to the eye.

Is it really all that it is cut out to be? Let us see in this review….


Comparative to other website builders, hPage is relatively cheap and affordable. While most of its competitors have a monthly fee of $7 USD per month, hPage remains the cheapest website builder of them all at only about $5 USD monthly charge.

There are also only two packages available. The paid plan which costs $5 USD and the free plan where there are no hidden costs at all. You pay zero amount for website creation.

Unfortunately, getting yourself the free package has some drawbacks. As such, you can only use the basic features of the hPage website creator. This means you only have access to limited extra features, basic templates, a non-custom domain (this means your website will be like this:, and limited storage space.

Meanwhile, the $5 monthly package will give you all the benefits that offers on its interface such as an extensive catalog of premium website designs, 

Beautiful and Professional Templates

hPage offers hundreds of beautiful and professional templates for you to choose from. Just search for a template that is related to your niche and you probably find one that suits you.

The following categories can be searchable on the hPage design catalog:

Animals and Nature
Spare time and Society

When you click these five categories, you will find website templates and design themes that are related to them.

You can also search hashtags if you have something that is non-specific. Looking for a yellow themed website template? Just search the keyword ‘yellow’ in the search box. Looking for a site template with a car? Just search ‘car’ in the search box. Each template has a bunch of keywords attached to it for easier choosing.

Are the website designs beautiful? Yes. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

Are they professional looking? To an extent, yes.

Some designs may look outdated but they sure serve the purpose of being functional. While many websites nowadays have their menu horizontally, the website templates available on the hPage platform have a menu that appears vertically on the left side of the screen. This might be a bit bothersome to some who prefer a horizontal layout yet find themselves looking at predominantly vertical menu site templates.

The website designs are also customizable themselves. Once you choose a template, you can customize the colors so they are related to your brand. You may even change the photo headings.

Can everyone do it?

Like every website builder currently in the market, their premise is that you are able to create and build your own website from scratch without any technical knowledge. The website builder is no different, with their building blocks, you can build a website on your own in no time! No need to hire website developers and website designers to improve and maintain your site. Thus, saving you more money.

Creating a website there is quite easy that even a kid can do it. Don’t mind that you are a non-techie. All you have to do is the following steps:

1. Go to the homepage and sign-up for an account. Your account created with them will automatically give you a free website package but you can always upgrade to a paid version later.
2. Choose a website name. This will be your domain address.
3. Pick a template under the Designs menu.
4. Add files you want to upload and show up on your website under the Files menu.
5. Now it’s time to create your webpages. hPage has a page editor that allows you to write text rich content without the need for code. You can add a webpage under the Pages menu. Once you click the ‘Publish’ button, your webpage will go online. You have the option to hide your webpage as well.

Basically, those are the steps in publishing your own website. You can eventually add extra features once you get the hang of editing and building your webpages and menu.

In the meantime, check out the website builder for yourself and create a free website now!


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