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Magneto Vs WordPress: Which Is The Best For eCommerce Website?

Designing an eCommerce website is a very challenging job. You have to work a lot on the eCommerce website, right from designing the website and to host it. You'll get two best options for developing the eCommerce website one is Magento and second is WordPress. Both the platforms are best and most used but there is an 'x' factor of each platform that makes them unique. So, this article will guide you to understand the comparison between Magento and WordPress.

WordPress Vs Magento - Common Points

If we talk about surface then both the platforms are designed in a similar way. Both the platforms are customizable, SEO friendly, offers plenty of themes and plugins support, active support is available. You can add, modify and manage your content in a simple way. The only difference is core purpose which is above the 'x' factor and that is - with Managed WordPress Hosting Canada you can promote and write content while Magento is fully dedicated to eCommerce.


WordPress is known for blogging and content publishing CMS. Nearly, 60 million websites are using WordPress.  Big brand websites like eBay that owns Magento are using WordPress for their blogging purpose. Plus, it's user-friendly and popular as an easy to install plugin and customized template. 

It also offers a plugin called WooCommerce that is available at free of cost and can be used for designing an eCommerce website.


Magento is similar to WordPress that is based on open-source technology. Magento is an eCommerce platform with plenty of allocated eCommerce features that have nearly 150,000 online store owners. These stats include the world's prominent brands, ranging from small to large companies. 

Magento provides high - level customization and functions that help merchants to set up online stores as per their business demand. It also offers features like multi-store management, generating reports, mobile commerce, marketing, SEO and other vital management tools.

The Magento interface also offers the creation of complex content pages, and version control similar to WordPress. Magento is secure than WordPress.

Best eCommerce Web Hosting Provider 

MilesWeb is the best option for eCommerce hosting and other related Cheap Web Hosting Canada products. They offer both the eCommerce hosting solutions one is Magento and second is WooCommerce hosting.  Both eCommerce hosting solutions offer the best features to enhance your eCommerce website. They aim to provide outstanding, brisk and steadfast web hosting services.

You can reach them anytime as their customer support is available for 24*7*365 days and can connect them via phone, email, and chat. For uptime, you can consider MilesWeb because they offer 99.95% uptime. You get alternatives for global data center location.

Let's take a look at the top features of these two CMS's

1. Easy to use and flexible

In Magento, you need to learn to code for designing an eCommerce website. This makes it more complex to work with in comparison to WordPress. If you're a newbie then working with Magento for the first time will become tough as it provides plenty of developing tools. You can consult a professional while working on Magento.

Magento is less flexible as it only supports eCommerce applications. However, it comes with different extensions and features that help you to develop an extraordinary website.

Whereas WordPress provides one of the simplest ways to write content along with the plenty of eCommerce plugins that can be used to develop an online store even for newbies. 

Moreover, it's easy to customize and edit the content in WordPress. It supports extra features like a live chat box, contact forms, and inventory.

Here the result is very clear WordPress is more user - friendly and flexible than Magento. 

2. Development options and security

Magento is quite difficult to learn due to risky technical and programmatic approaches. To use Magento, you need knowledge of coding and programming. Further, it also offers in-built security features that protect your website from hacking. 

Whereas in WordPress, it's easy to develop and install a website. The quality of the WordPress website completely depends upon the eCommerce plugin. If you're using a third-party plugin in WordPress then your website is vulnerable to hackers but these don't happen with Magento.

3. The purpose and function of the website

If you're planning to use 500 physical products, then you've to select Magento. The latest feature of this store helps in handling both physical and digital products. 

Whereas, WordPress is useful for blogs and other informational websites that mostly deal with visual products. For newbie's who wish to have a digital store, WordPress is a suitable option for them. 

Conclusion: While considering the eCommerce platform, you have to check in and out of that eCommerce platform. If you're planning to open a big giant website like Flipkart or Amazon then go for Magento. WordPress, on the other hand, is a superior option for handling the online business.  

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