Thursday, September 12, 2019

Avoid Diseases In Your Home With Air Cleaning

Do you want to know everything about air cleaning? We often think that our homes are the safest places and that with which we perform an annual cleaning, it helps keep microbes away, but in Cleaning Services New Jersey, we know that this is not the case. In addition, respiratory problems caused by poor cleaning intensify when one of the family members suffers from certain allergies or diseases such as asthma.

For that reason, it is very important to be interested in taking care of the state of the air in our environment by taking simple measures that help us preserve its quality.

Basic measures at home for air cleaning
A first basic measure that we must carry out in the maintenance of our homes is to ventilate the house. Even if it is cold or hot, it is important to open the windows for a small period of time, at least once a day. In this way, pollutants do not remain locked in the house and the air circulates and is renewed effectively.

There are other habits that we can introduce in our way of carrying out household chores to greatly improve the quality of the air we breathe. One of them is as simple as activating the hood ventilation system when we cook since this prevents the fumes produced by the process from accumulating in the environment, as is the case with the carbon monoxide generated by the gas and Foods that burn.

Another tip is to avoid buying furniture, carpets, and upholstery during the colder months since this kind of objects and fabrics give off certain components when they are new (from ketones to volatile compounds). For that reason, it is very advisable to book this type of shopping for times when we keep the house more ventilated and with the windows open more often.

Also, whenever possible, it is better to avoid opening the windows at night; since from noon, there are more chances of pollen entering your home because the night and the early hours of the morning are the highest pollen emission peaks.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems
When we think about installing an air conditioner in our home, we usually always think about the advantages related to temperature, which we can regulate to our liking during the hot summer months. However, installing an air conditioning system will not only bring us benefits at the comfort level, but it can also have a very positive impact on our respiratory health.

And, the splits have filters that serve to accumulate certain particles that are in the air we breathe, such as dust. When we clean the filters we realize the amount of dirt that remains stuck in them and that we don't end up breathing thanks to the constant filtering of the air; Of course, it is essential to maintain a regular cleaning of the filters to prevent them from accumulating too much dirt and stop working properly.

Keep mold at bay for air cleaning
Mold is one of the big problems of the home since it can develop in any organic material that is wet in a very short period of time (about three days). This implies that we must be very careful with the surfaces of our house where it can be concentrated since mold gives off a whole series of particles that are toxic to people.

These especially affect people who suffer from problems such as asthma and allergies, as well as being harmful to pets. Even when the mold has dried its particles still affect the inhabitants of the house.

For that reason, it is very important to check the damp areas of the home (such as the bathroom), as well as the pipes, preventing the appearance of mold or eliminating it with a thorough cleaning in case it has already appeared. Remember that during the cleaning process it is important to aerate the house to prevent particles from being concentrated in the air at the time of carrying out the air cleaning.

What other measures do you use to avoid illnesses in your home? Are they different from those mentioned? Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions or tell us about it in a comment!


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