Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How To Choose Right Portable Glove Boxes & Isolation Glove Boxes For Laboratory?

The tightly sealed containers are called glove boxes. The operators can use glove boxes to manipulate substances in a controlled and different atmosphere. It comprises gloves on the side and allows the user to perform certain actions inside the box. The glove boxes protect the environment and the operators from harmful vapors and materials.

Isolation Glove Boxes

To maintain inert temperature for performing experiments, the operators use nitrogen boxes also known as isolation glove boxes. Isolation glove boxes are manufactured using acrylic to facilitate general use. The airlock prevents contamination inflow or nitrogen loss when changing the parts. It provides structural rigidity because the internal doors are manufactured using steel frames. It comprises a glass front window, built-in fluorescent light, and a gasket back wall.

Portable Glove Boxes

The portable glove boxes are manufactured using acrylic or PVS. Its front window comprises a stainless steel frame. The glove ports comprise stainless steel clamps. The internal door is also manufactured using stainless steel. It is sturdy and facilitates easy moving.

Tips to select the right glove box

You need to use the glove boxes to protect the samples from contaminants. You can work in a single gas environment or vacuum. You need to select the right glove box depending on your applications such as medical laboratories, manufacturing, forensics, and pharmaceutical.

You need to select a large glove box having multiple sets of gloves if more people to work at the same time. The glove boxes also comprise humidity and temperature controls, inert gas environment, vacuum equipment, and analyzer. Choose the right one depending on your need in a lab.

It is suggested to select branded glove boxes for your lab. You need to read the specification like material, weight, and color before deciding to select the right box for your experiment. 

Technical specification of the isolation glove box

It should comprise spin coater and refrigerator in box 1 and evaporator in box 2. Box 1 comprises four gloves and box 2 comprises three gloves. Each box should comprise one mini antechamber. The interconnection should be through a T-shaped antechamber. The dimensions of the box 1 are 1800 mm (length) x 900 mm (height) x 775 mm (depth). The dimensions of the box 2 are 1500 mm (height), 900 mm (length) and 775 mm (depth). 

The box pressure should be readable through a graphic display. It should have a touch panel interface and PLC for easy control. 

It should have a cylindrical ante chamber having a length of 800 mm (minimum) and a diameter of 390 mm (minimum). 

It should have a purifier to maintain the purity of less than 1 ppm O2 and H2o. The fully regenerable purifier should come with programmed or automatic control. The purification system in the glove box should have a gas circulation blower and heat exchanger. 

You can order a custom glove box to suit your lab needs. 

It is suggested to consider payment and after-sales service when selecting glove boxes for your lab. It is advised to read the credentials of the supplier before placing an order. 

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