Top Compelling Reason Why You Should Land Cornwall

Located in the southwestern tip of England, Cornwall is a picture-perfect destination that is filled with spectacular beaches, ancient villages, astonishing landscapes and plenty of historical places. It has been one of the most preferred tourist spots for many adventurers around the world.

When you visit this place, not only you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, the hospitality of the people over there will make you feel like home. A road trip to this place will be like walking around a paradise that would refresh your soul and mind.

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So, if you are planning to land in the UK to see its best places, then make sure you place Cornwall at the top of the list. However, if you have any shortage of funding and don’t have a good credit score, then you can apply for bad credit loans online and get an instant decision.

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Top reasons to visit Cornwall this summer

1. Mesmerizing Coastline

If you love the sea, then Cornwall is an ideal place to visit. With miles of coastline, you will come across the breathtaking views that you will leave you stunned. While traveling along the coast path of the Cornwall, you can find the historic fishing ports and get to see the beauty of the local wildlife habituating there. If you are lucky, you might also see some seals during the summer months. From continuous lines of tiny cliffs to old lighthouses, there are plenty of beautiful places you will find in the coastline of Cornwall.

2. Peaceful Villages

The best part of Cornwall is that you get the opportunity to bye-bye your rushed city life and feel the peace at the villages. There are plenty of tiny villages in Cornwall where you will find the urban touch and the warm hospitality of the village people living there will make you feel like home and you won’t face any difficulty in finding an accommodation that suits your requirement and pocket too. You will find a good number of villages in Cornwall that are quiet, beautiful and still maintain that traditional look. 

3. Local Delicacies

No trip is complete without trying the local delicacies of that particular place and Cornwall has some of the most different and exquisite types of mouth-watering food. Be it trying the fresh seafood of the coastal area to eating some of the most sumptuous fruits of the region, you will find ample food here that is not likely to be available in the rest of the UK.

Whether you want to try the five-star expensive gourmet or want to chew down the affordable local food, this wonderful county of the UK can fulfill the requirement of all types of people. And even you happen to visit Cornwall during the winter; you will find plenty of pubs where you can to enjoy drinks and great food.

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4. A Plethora Of Historic Places

Other things that make this beauty of nature quite unique are the tons of ancient castles, fortresses, and historical buildings that you will see here.  From medieval fortresses, middle-age built sea forts to historic houses which are still dwelling places for many of the locals.

When you will set your foot on Cornwall, there will be two things that you will find in abundance – one is full of greeneries and the second is lots of historical buildings. You can even enjoy the experience of staying at some of the Cornish castles.

5. Amazing Beaches

You will be glad to know that Cornwall is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the whole of Europe. And if you are on a road trip, then you can easily go from one beach to another without any kind of trouble. If you are a fan of surfing, then Fistral bay Newquay is the perfect place for you where you will find plenty of surfers already enjoying the beach.

Just near to this, you will find another adorable bay- Lusty Gaze. There are also other beaches in the Cornwall including Lantic Bay which is located on the peaceful stretch of coast between Fowey and Polperro where you will find the perfect combination of white sand and turquoise water which you will not find anywhere in the rest of the UK.

6. All Year Festive Season 

Being the central spot of lots of ancient places and natural beauties, Cornwall is a place rich in culture and full of diversity. Music, dance, food, or social gathering: whatever your likings are, you will surely find a festival being celebrated in Cornwall serving your interests.

There are a literary festival, food and drink festival where you can enjoy all sorts of cuisine, and music events that enjoy to the fullest. Wrapping up, Cornwall is truly a natural paradise where you will find places that will make you speechless. 

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