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Importance of Medical Ethics

Firstly, one needs to understand what ethics actually are. In ethics, there is no right or wrong. There is just a conflict between two rights, the rights of two opposite parties. These ethical differences between people might be due to different upbringing in different surroundings and different cultures.

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Some things which are right and ethical in a culture can be wrong in another. Thus these conflicts need to be handled with care and nothing should be done which is extremely against any of the cultures. This kind of ethical problem might crop up while treating a patient too. These ethical practices are also taught to the students of BSc Cardiology. Doctors might have to deal with more ethical problems than any other common person. Some of the ethical issues that the doctors face can be very common and may not seem like any problem to us but some professional boundaries make the doctors face problems. 

Some such issues are discussed below:

Asking doctors to make medical certificates for leave. 
It is understood that your work was very important and there was no other way you could manage leave from your workplace but this might be beyond the ethical boundaries of a doctor to make a fake medical certificate. You can’t ask the doctor to do something he is not comfortable with but again one is not wrong for taking a leave in urgency. One can also not blame the workplace for making such rules otherwise it would be impossible for the company to maintain such a large workforce.

Getting romantically involved with a patient
One needs to agree that love and emotions can’t be controlled. Yet it is unethical for a doctor to fall in love or get emotionally involved with a patient. However, one cannot say that falling in love is wring but it is wrong according to the ethical boundaries of the medical profession. 

Accepting gifts or money from medical representatives or pharmaceutical companies to promote their medicines

It is generally seen that pharmaceutical companies give presents, vouchers and other gifts to the doctors so that they can recommend their brand medicines to the patients. The medicines might be genuinely good and beneficial for the patients but the process in which the company is convincing the doctor and if the doctor accepts the proposal, the issue would be unethical. This practice is unethical though taking gifts is normal and recommending the medicines to the patients might be a completely different issue. If the doctor is found doing this, he would say to be unethical.

Estimating a higher budget for a treatment
Mostly the doctors working in private hospitals are seen facing this ethical issue. They are asked to code more money for even simple tests and treatments in their hospital to gain higher money from the patients. Even if doctors find this unethical, they might be forced to do this by the hospital to keep their job intact.

Getting into the personal life of a patient because of their health risk
It is unethical for a doctor to get involved in a patient's personal life. But many times we see that the doctor due to being so much involved with the person’s recovery and health also gets involved in his personal life. There might be no interest in the doctor in it, he might be doing this just for the welfare of the patient but this is a clinically unethical practice. 
Now let us discuss why medical ethics plays an important role.

Ethics is an important tool to maintain a workplace and keep it running. Without ethics, everything would be a great mess and their would-be conflicts all around. To bring standardization to an institution, ethics need to be maintained.

To be clear to distinguish the right from the wrong
Everyone wants to be sure that they are doing the right thing. If they don’t know what is right according to all, there would be conflicts. To bring this standardization there are some ethical rules that are needed to be followed by all so there is no confusion.

To be well informed.
It might happen that doctors end up doing something without proper knowledge or information or without thinking much about it. They might not have thought that any situation would be so serious.

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