Why Concept of PCD Pharma & Pharma Franchise is Most Preferable in Pharmaceutical Industry?

What is PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution)

PCD Pharma: The term “PCD” stands for “Propaganda Cum Distribution” in the pharmaceutical industry.  It is a method of marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, which is rising rapidly day by day. Under this method, marketing could be generic based or brand based.

Almost every company is taking this marketing strategy as the best available option in the current ongoing market to maximize their business in an effective way. The term Propaganda is a Latin word that means “spread or to propagate”. Propaganda term leads to make a good impact on small or big Pharma companies in the market.

PCD Pharma Franchise Companies

These companies are known as those companies who avails their franchise to Pharma professional or distributor or group of professionals or distributors to use their brand name, company name and other commercial activity on behalf of company under given authorization of company or by government at either monopoly basis or other mutual agreed term & condition for certain area to do the business.

Benefits of Becoming a PCD Pharma Franchise Company

● Reduce the expanses of marketing- there are almost negligible expenses for the marketing of companies and their products. They don't need to hire salespersons for marketing. It can be done directly by the distributors or franchisees.

● There is no need for a big space to run the company and to store the stock. Companies can run their business by supplying and Manufacturer the required amount of quantity.

● There are many steps while making distribution channels for generic medicines to sell. But in this marketing strategy, any company can run its business easily by supplying the goods directly to distributors or Franchise. In this way, companies can hold a good margin as well.

Benefits of Taking Franchise or Distribution of a Company

● There is no big requirement to start with PCD Distribution. Distributors can start with a very low budget as well.

● Distributors get their monopoly right to selected areas as per their contract.

● It is a good way to get good margins. Distributors/Franchise can earn as much as they can put their efforts into it. They can earn well with their efforts.

● With the help of this method company and distributors are linked to each other with independent roles. Both are connected commercially but not professionally.

● Companies also do free promotional activities, which leads to branded marketing.

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