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Use Coloured Contact Lenses Safely All The Way

Coloured contact lenses are in the vogue, no one can deny that they are the best fashion product one could have. When it comes to enhancing your eye colour or boldly changing your appearance, coloured lenses work like a charm. More than that there are special coloured lenses that make your Halloween all the more special. There are so many like them such as the blind contact lenses or the vampire lenses. All you have to do is find the right pair for yourself.

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Why Coloured Contact Lenses Are So Special?
You must be wondering how is that even possible? I mean there are not many products out there that can completely change your appearance and still make you appear beautifully natural. Well, coloured lenses have this special coloured tint on them that is designed just to mimic our eye colour and its design. Once it settles on our eyes, it enhances our eye colour or changes it by producing a much more vibrant colour.

There are two types of tints that make this possible.
Enhancement tints- The enhancement tints are those that enhance the eye colour as their name suggests. These tints are translucent and because of that, you can have them blend in with your natural eye colour and give a more defined and bright appearance.

Opaque tints- Then we have the opaque tints that are completely solid and cover the eyes completely. They can change the eye colour to whatever you want. You can even use colours that are not home to eye colour anywhere in the world providing you with a unique and beautiful appearance.

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What Else?
You should know that there are more and other types of coloured contact lenses. Mainly the coloured tints are divided into two categories the soft and hard coloured contact lenses. Then we have the disposable lenses. You see coloured lenses are medical devices and they have expiry on them as once their quality decreases they can no longer be used any longer. There are daily disposable, weekly disposable and monthly disposable lenses. 

So, you should also know that coloured lenses have certain safety rules that you must follow.

Safety & Precaution of using coloured contact lenses.

There are certain people who believe that coloured contact lenses could damage your eyes. There is no truth in such rumours or myths. Coloured contact lenses are perfectly safe to wear and you can easily enhance your appearance with these lenses. Some people even use coloured contact lenses even for prescription purposes. But, coloured contact lenses must be used with keeping the below rules and guidelines in mind.

•You should only buy coloured contact lenses from the best online store in your region. Research about every good online store and choose the one that meets the quality demands and also your budget.

•When buying the contact lenses check that you have purchased all the right accessories along with them such as the droppers, solution and the case. 

•If you have ordered any particular type and colour, check for it once it is delivered at your home. Make sure everything from the disposable type, colour and the tint is absolutely as it was ordered by you.

•Learn how you must insert the coloured lenses either through videos or take help from experienced people

•Wash your hands with hot water and dry them with a lint free cloth before you touch them. Hygiene is very important because you are going to wear them on the eyes.

•After you return home from using them, take them off, and clean them with the solution delicately so that the lenses are cleaned and all the foreign elements are removed. 

•Never sleep while wearing your coloured contact lenses, unless they are extended coloured contact lenses. Otherwise, you are leaving yourself open to eye injuries such as corneal abrasion. 

•Never share your coloured contact lenses with anyone. Whether they are your family members or friends. Sharing may transmit eye diseases from one person to another.

•Apply makeup after inserting coloured contact lenses.

•Never buy coloured lenses from any shady dealers or street stalls or beauty salons. 

•Never wear contact lenses for too long. It is not healthy to wear them for 9-10 hours straight. 

•If you have bought the right type of coloured lenses, then you would probably won’t face such problems but you can never be too careful sometimes. If you feel pain and irritation, make sure you take off your lenses and consult your doctor.

•If you are wearing Halloween coloured lenses, do not drive a car at night. These lenses obscure the vision somewhat and it is not safe to drive while wearing them. So Stay safe and then travel. Wear them after arriving at your destination or hire a taxi.

Just make sure you are following all the above-mentioned rules of using coloured contact lenses. They are amazing but they do require an instruction manual and you should follow it.

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