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Buy Air Cooler on Installments – Hanif Centre

As the winter season has come and now people are looking for best air coolers and inverter ac. As we all know in Pakistan the majority of people are not able to buy inverter ac because it is expensive and in the downward areas, people always prefer to get cheap air coolers. In this season, Hanif Centre is offering you to get the best and quality air cooler on installments. We have Super Asia, Boss, Toyo, and Nagas brands air coolers with the latest technology and this will also save your electricity. Here you can see all air cooler prices in Pakistan and anyone can get cooler on 0% down payment.

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Key Features of Air Cooler:

Controller: Gives wireless control for on & off, switching high or low temperatures.
Timer: Timer-based air coolers allow the sum of time it is switched on or off.
Speed: Set the air cooler speed if more settings are provided for better control of cool air.
Size: plastic air coolers are better than steel coolers because it does not matter about the size, you can easily move it anywhere.

Why to Choose Air Cooler?

•Exceptionally portable to usage as a home appliance.
•Zero Installation costs.
•Grips water in liters. Larger the tank, longer the flow of cool air.

Benefits of Air Cooler:
There are numerous benefits of an air cooler and forced air system across the board convenient unit.

Numerous models accompany more than one speed. A few models accompany a shut-off clock that can be set to your inclinations. They even accompany remote control choice to divert your cooler on from over the room.

•Not required installation.
•Work on UPS.

Air Cooler is Good for Health?

Portable air coolers help our comfort through their characteristic cooling. It is just water and air, nothing else. They help to eliminate hypersensitivities as the air is in every case new and never stale or stuffy. These units are enthusiastically suggested for zones of high warmth and low moistness, a compact air cooler can offer that little piece of dampness required noticeable all around to make your breathing space simpler and progressively agreeable.

Now don’t waste your time, we have limited stock in this season. Just book your order online and get your favorite air cooler on installments. Now feel free to visit our website and fill the application form. We make sure you will get a quality product and also we will give a warranty.

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  1. Highly recommend this room air cooler. i am using this and i got it on easy installments through hanif centre. air cooler on installments


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