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Corona Virus Disease | Symptoms And Precautions

The Coronavirus traces its history from the People Republic of China. It appeared in Chinese province Wuhan and with the passage of time, it affected other provinces Of china as well. After a massive attack in China, it spread to the other neighboring countries of the Chinese Republic including India, Iran, Afghanistan, Italy as well as Pakistan.

It is being presumed that Pakistanis during their visits to Iran have carried the virus with them from the effected country of Iran. It not only frightened the general masses but also became the cause of the huge death toll. It has shattered the economy of global markets and confined the people to a safer zone.

How does it transmit?

Corona belongs to the family of SARS & MERS. Though it transmits at a great pace yet it is lesser fatal than SAARS and other viruses of such kind. The need of the hour is not to panic but to adopt precautionary measures in order to mitigate the casualties. Though it's very true that catastrophes can not be avoided but the proactive approach must be there to cope up with the sudden challenges.

It is transmitted through coughing, sneezing and frequent touching of the body of an infected person. Unlike other viruses of its species, it is not spread through the air. It is another bitter fact that sometimes the carrier of the virus is not affected but becomes the resource of distribution to his fellow beings. But it's also true that unlike other deadly viruses its fatality rate is only 2-4% which is quite slow.

In simple words Out of 100 infected persons, only 2-3 people are likely to die. This contagious virus is known for having a 14 days cycle. It attacks its carrier almost three times. Its fatality depends upon the immune system of its victims. If its carriers have a strong immune system then they resist it positively and vice versa.

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Initially, it affects the respiration system of its victims. The lungs of the patient swell, his throat itches and It becomes quite difficult for the patient to breathe, that’s why he starts coughing. Any vaccine to overcome the disease has yet not been invented. So precaution is the only solution. However frequent use of vitamin C, found in fruits may improve immunity.

Precautionary Measures

To keep the throat moist, drinking water activity must be repeated in chunks. Frequent touching and rubbing of the face must be avoided. Masks like N-95/N-100 should be worn.  Nose and mouth should be covered while coughing or sneezing. The use of citrus fruit must be increased to develop immune power. Other than that rushy places like airports, bus  Stands, Railway Stations, Operas, cinemas, exhibitions, cultural & trade shows, etc must be avoided until the virus is under control. Used products like tissues and apparels of an infected person must be disposed of properly.

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