Sunday, April 5, 2020

Online Marketing In Construction: Content Against The Competition

The construction Digital Marketing sector has undergone quite a few changes in recent years. Where growth initially seemed self-evident, there is no pressure to bring in enough projects. The assignments are no longer up for grabs and competition is also more intense. In order for your construction company to be chosen by the customer, it is, therefore, necessary to stick head above ground level. This is where online marketing offers a solution.

Online Marketing In Construction

Let your construction company build online visibility

The internet is the place where the customer is now oriented. Numerous companies will be presented via search engines that can be considered as suitable candidates. However, it has been shown that it usually doesn't look beyond the top 5 on the first page of search results. That is why it is very important that you are clearly visible online.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the tools that can be used for this. The customer can of course also be led to your company by other means: for example via social media. There are several social media channels that you can use to better profile your company. 

Think for example of Facebook and LinkedIn. It is important to take into account the possibilities and limitations of each platform (see also: social media strategy ). Not all content does equally well everywhere. And let good content be something that determines how a potential customer sees your company!

Online content as a tool for the construction industry

Attractive online content is what it's all about. Customers no longer listen to advertisements that are sent haphazardly in their direction. They actively search for information, consulting search engines, reading blogs and viewing social media profiles. Mainly via social media channels, companies can attract their attention with striking content.

This is about the distinctive character of the company in question: what makes your services and/or products valuable and what do you add to this? Or perhaps more importantly: how do you present this? In the construction sector, the lowest price is often still the deciding factor, so if you offer innovative solutions at a higher cost, there must be a good story to tell.

Of course, there are several ways to communicate this. Our advice? Enter into the dialogue. The construction industry places great value on quality and expertise, so use the expertise of your company to answer potential customer questions.

Do not wait until the customer actually asks the question, but be one step ahead by sharing your knowledge in a creative way via online channels. Talk to the (potential) customer and offer space for feedback and any further questions. Also, try to underpin your statements visually so that the information becomes more vivid.

A look behind the scenes

Heijmans does this, for example, with blog posts on the company website, where colorful visuals reinforce the reports on the various construction projects. These are then also shared on the various social media channels of the company. There are also a number of smaller-scale construction companies that answer the curiosity of the customer on social media with a look behind the scenes.

They regularly share videos and photos of how things are going during their projects, with which they create more “feeling” for their company among potential customers. One company uses a dose of humor, while the other mainly shows its business side. So there is some freedom with regard to the tone of voice, but make sure that it matches the identity of your construction digital marketing company.

Curious about more concrete ideas with which you can convince the customer? The CDM! likes to think along with you about your online construction digital marketing strategy and company-specific possibilities in this area. Contact us for a brainstorming session and let us inform and inspire you while enjoying a cup of coffee!

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