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The Essential Facebook Advertising Strategy for 2021


Scrolling through the news feed, viewing stories, switching between navigation tabs, hitting 'like' your friends' posts, updating check-in & check-out status, following groups, creating pages, commenting on posts, and whatnot.  

With 2.7 million active monthly users on Facebook, it's evident that people use it for not just connecting with other people but for many other purposes. 

Another peculiar feature where users put Facebook as their first choice is when they want to advertise or promote their business and its services. But that is where the biggest challenge lies. 

How effective your Facebook advertising strategy should be, and what are the best trends to follow? Let's get along with them. 

The Essential Facebook Advertising Strategy for 2021

Useful Facebook Advertising Strategies

Earlier, the consumer used to check e-commerce websites before buying anything from an offline store. This is why marketers used online platforms to promote and advertise their products and services. 

Now when users are more inclined towards shopping the look posted by influencers on social media websites, the focus has been shifted towards social media advertising. 

Promoting the brand through in-between ads in Facebook stories, a news feed, Facebook social groups, and Facebook Messenger are some of the common ways used by the companies. 

Brands can reach approximately 2.14 billion users on Facebook with the ad system.

Nonetheless, there are some other important aspects that you need to consider to reach potential customers. To explore what these are, give this blog a read. 

Facebook Analytics to Understand Target Audience

Selecting your target audience by their demographics, age, language, needs, and behavior makes it easy to filter the content and to put up on the screen.

The Essential Facebook Advertising Strategy for 2021

Figure out which type of audience is reacting the most to your services and can get you maximum profits. Later, you can always expand your horizon by extending the audience to reach.

To target the audience, understand them carefully. Broadly there are three main categories that you can select from, these are:

● Core Audience: If you select this tool, it will get you new customers.

● Custom Audience: This will help you retarget interested users.

● Lookalike Audience: It will help you attract customers similar to your existing ones. 

Watch out for Facebook analytics while trying out these tools and then take the decision. 

Add Videos & Imagery 

Adding videos and static imagery in Facebook ads in a creative way can be useful to win more users. 

You must have noticed that users do not react much to paid or commercial ads, but they incline towards a genuine and authentic advertisement. 

Let's say, if it's an image showing some offers for a product, it need not have multiple interest points. To make the ad impactful, try to show not more than a single advantage. 

Stats also show that the audience's response to video ads is 5 times longer than the imagery or a text advertisement. 

Yet, using a video larger than 15 to 30 seconds and without a subtitle will not engage the audience with your advertisement.

Another important thing to consider here is to check if your ad is fulfilling your audience's goals and getting what they expect. Only then you'll be able to reach your goals. 

The Essential Facebook Advertising Strategy for 2021

Collect UGC & Use in Facebook Ads. 

Users are interested in sharing pictures of what they use and what they feel genuine about the brand but not with the motive of popularity.

For a brand, user-generated content helps in increasing user engagement and building trust among the audience. 

As people are evolving into a digital era, they rely upon the testimonies of other people. They see pictures posted by the users of the brand and then make a decision based on it. 

Marketers can display aggregated UGC taken from various social media platforms on Facebook as their advertising strategy. 

If you want to promote your brand organically, you can use the Taggbox widget. It helps you aggregate social media feed, UGC & reviews from various platforms and embed them on your website. 

Mobile Compatibility

It's been recorded that 98.3% of active user accounts worldwide accessed the social network via any kind of mobile phone.

It means a brand should focus on whether or not their ads are compatible with mobile phones, and the content is visible completely. 

If your ad has an image, then make sure that it fits properly and explains its purpose to the audience.

It has also shown that the video ads that have built mobile-friendly raise brand awareness to 67%. It is because users don't want to spend one whole minute to understand what you're trying to convey through your advertisement. 

Therefore, make use of creatives and motion graphics but make sure it's not too long of an ad video. 

Put Everything to the test 

No one can offer you that one magical rule to follow, bringing in the revenue you need. The best you can do is to carry out the trials on creative elements of your ad copy. 

As Facebook ad campaigns' dynamics keep changing, split testing of various aspects like audiences and places will be a helpful tactic to see what's working for your brand.

For example, test the ad video's length or ad imagery and keep experimenting with the same. 

Start with testing a short video of ad copy, and if that works well for your product and the audience, then your work here is done. 

Bonus Tip: 

Initially, with a low budget, put money in running several ads for specific audiences.  

Final Note

Promoting the brand organically might not work for every business, and that is when Facebook ads jump in.

Offering the right thing at the right time, and the right place is how a business works and grows. 

If you play with it well, Facebook advertising can increase brand awareness, bring new customers, and potential clients can result in conversions.

Leveraging User-generated content in your Facebook advertising is a foolproof way to generate higher conversions on your ad campaigns, therefore you can make it a part of Facebook advertising. 

But make sure to acquire permission from the user before using it in your Facebook advertisement. You can send them a message or comment on their post, however, the best practice is to use UGC Rights Management tools to obtain content rights with legal proof.  

With all the above-mentioned strategies, you can make your Facebook Advertising more powerful and successful with minimal cost.

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