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How to be an Influencer on Instagram and earn Money.


 The proposals made in the various social networks have led to the birth of a new way of communicating and influencing a user. (Deepak Kumar Nath) How to be an influencer on Instagram is a way of having a presence and taking spaces to seek to inform various aspects of digital news and everyone related to the network.

Know the details of How to be an influencer on Instagram?

This type of activity already has a large number of influencers worldwide, which is considered a profession focused on young people who seek spaces to project their new ideas that reach millions of people with their message.

How to be an Influencer on Instagram and earn Money.

The millennium generation is one of the most active in the entire network, and due to the freedom that exists to project ideas and thoughts, this series of professions have been created, so to speak; They are carried out by ideas, thoughts and proposals that set trends on the Internet, creating popularity and a lot of fame in the middle.

To know how to be an influencer on Instagram, it is necessary to know some tricks and situations related to the platform. (Deepak Kumar Nath) It is also important to know what the best individual skills are; Added to this, we will tell you what you can do to get the best out of this activity,

Have authenticity

When you know your own talent such as cooking, singing, or demonstrating a special activity, all content must be shown in an original and authentic way; If possible avoid pretending that something is known, users immediately detect it; This promotes the creation of your own style.

Have good followers

The action of a follower is important, he must share the content, participate with opinions in the forums, like what is necessary, post the various videos and material that exist in a post. The quality trackers must interact to achieve a hook, so that it can generate a noise.

Clear objectives

It is always good to offer what is truly important to the influencer. The objectives must be raised from the first moment when the decision is made; Consequently, you must propose a strategy, try not to improvise with respect to the objectives, this allows you to create a very own style.

For this you must know your strengths and avoid weaknesses, do not perform actions that you cannot master, if you do not know how to sing forget it, even if someone else does it very well, this does not mean that for you it will be a success, not all people have the same artistic conditions. On the other hand, it raises a theme of attention to users, who always seek a contact with you.

How to be an Influencer on Instagram and earn Money.

Post quality content

This is an important factor when you want to know how to be an influencer on Instagram. This platform has the characteristic of giving priority to certain algorithms in quality content; When you upload a video prepared with an optimal level, photographs that are well defined, stories and information that contain interesting descriptions and can create curiosity in the followers.

If you are posting with text try to make it creative and attractive using cool fonts. As we love to see creativity that everyone is not using.

Use hashtags and tags

They are great allies to get followers and attract the attention of future followers. With them, visibility is increased and the contents are ordered, in this way they are obtained on the platform more quickly.

It is certainly recommended in any publication to place the hashtags related to the topic in question, regardless of whether it is an advertisement or a message.

Types of influencers

To shape the style of Instagram influencers that you want to be, it is vital to know the different styles of Influencers or influencers: each one performs different themes; maintains a specific target and of course always similar content line, let's see:

By sector

Each influencer demonstrates their talent by offering a product, teaching or knowledge in different areas. In this case we will see the influencers by sector, where they are identified with a specific commercial or service branch:

• Fashion, they are very popular and versatile, they allow you to manage trends and styles.

• Makeup, another branch that has a large number of influencers where through video tutorials and images they show trends in that style.

• Cuisine or Foodies, are influencers dedicated to everything related to gourmet and cooking recipes; They can be found on Instagram with tutorials and interesting recipe texts.

• Gamers, is related to influencers followed by many young video game fans.

• Entertainment, they carry out various alternatives for their users. They show content related to the world of entertainment, cinema, shows, concerts, etc.

How to be an Influencer on Instagram and earn Money.

• Vloggers are those who base their daily activities and show it to their fans.

• Travel is a sector that seeks to attract users by showing videos and stories of people who have traveled to different parts of the world.

• Fitness, this section of influencers focuses on health and good living, vegan recipes, exercise plans, body care and above all physical beauty.

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According to the collaboration

This type of influencers on Instagram has the characteristic that is dedicated to collaboration. It offers various services that provide great help and solve various needs for its users

• Product shipping, they are in charge of showing products of recognized brands in their post, they promote fraud through photographs and videos.

• Sponsored post, develops an action based on a brand, like the previous one they promote a product but at the same time show the benefits they offer.

• Guests, those influencers who are dedicated to writing about a topic on the brand's own blog are considered, thereby obtaining greater visibility on their Instagram page.

• Events are pages dedicated to promoting events showing their knowledge related to an artist and how to promote an event.

By number of followers

This group contains influencers according to the number of followers you have on your page. They are grouped by levels.

• Micro: between 5,000 and 25,000 followers, engagement of 4%.

• Small influencer, followers between 25,000 and 100,000, engagement of 2.4%.

• Large number of followers between 250,000 and 1 million followers, engagement of 1.8%.

• Macro Influencer, between 1 and 7 million followers, their engagement is 1.6%.

• Celebrity has more than 7 million followers and engagement is 1.6%.

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