10 New Ways to Become a Successful Youtuber As a Gamer in 2022

 The world of gaming is highly diverse and includes several aspects. You can think of gaming as a highly competitive niche, especially when setting up a YouTube channel. But even so, different inquisitive and helpful ways can facilitate YouTube creators to grow and develop their channels successfully.  


From those ancient consoles cramped up on your shelves to the brand-new mystery room games, there is a vast and pretty endless arena that gaming encompasses. You can find almost every individual plays at least one kind of game. Building up your Gaming YouTube channel can be an intuitive way of transforming your passion for games into a viable career choice as a content creator.  


But, much like anywhere else, competition remains neck-deep on YouTube since many people play video games today. To help you out, we have brought up the ten important ways you can succeed as a gamer on YouTube this year. So, hold on to your breath, and read on to know more:  

1. Understand and evaluate the purpose of your channel   

Probably the most vital thing to get started with now is for you to decide the purpose that you wish for your gaming channel to serve on YouTube. Ensure that you have a well-defined goal kept steady in your mind. For this, you can think of several factors or questions like:  

Whether or not you wish to build a community around your channel 

Whether or not you want to tell your viewers the unique story behind your channel 

Whether or not you feel that there exists a particular arena in gaming that has been overshadowed  

Whether or not you see your gaming channel as a gateway to pour out your passion before the entire world 

Whether or not you are creating your channel as a viable career option for you 

Ensure that you ask yourself each of these questions and find a unique answer to each of them. Giving sincere thought to all these factors is a pivotal step as you kickstart your way to creating your gaming channel on YouTube.  


Remember to answer each of these questions truthfully, for it is only then that you can find out your desires and goals. It is also vital that you know that video gaming channels that focus only on making money often fall flat on making sufficient profits. It happens because the gamers' community is generally hostile toward gaming channels and sees them as far too commercial. 


Yet another factor that you need to keep in mind is that the gamers' community on YouTube is immensely diverse and expansive. Hence, you may come across a fellow gaming channel on YouTube already creating the kind of content you were about to start. However, we are not trying to discourage you from what you are trying to do but are only showcasing new opportunities that promise your growth.   

2. Single out one game for your channel 

To succeed with your YouTube gaming channel, you need to single out only one game to focus on. You may find it hard to resist the temptation of trying out new games once you have opened your channel on YouTube.  


You may shift from uploading gaming videos of Fortnite one day to uploading those of Minecraft the very next day. But remember that such rapid transitions won't help you succeed with your YouTube channel. The key to achieving success on YouTube (for creators) lies in creating content related to only one game.  


The advanced and highly sophisticated algorithms of YouTube generally prefer and elevate one content over another, based on a relatively simplistic strategy. Once YouTube can figure out the particular game you are focusing on, it can easily recommend your channel to viewers judiciously.  


For instance, it may come to know that your YouTube gaming channel focuses on creating content based on Minecraft. It will then proceed toward recommending your channel to those who already play the game! In this way, the algorithms of YouTube will work together to help your YouTube channel gain greater recognition amongst viewers than ever before.  


Did you know that a very recent survey revealed several popular gaming channels on YouTube, like 100 Percent Zelda, LockDownLife, Farzy, and others, experienced immense growth following this strategy? So, why don't you try the same for your gaming channel on YouTube?  

3. Establish your voice on YouTube 

Given the expansive emergence of micro-influencers today, it has become vital for you to find your niche and establish your voice. It is common to see other fellow gaming channels on YouTube curating the same kind of content as you are about to do. But even though you may share your niche of content with other gaming channels on YouTube, you need to ensure that your content is one of a kind. 


You need to create your content for YouTube in such a way that it has a sense of uniqueness and can quickly grab the attention of your viewers! Today, much like anywhere else, there is a lot of raging competition amongst fellow YouTubers. Thus, only those kinds of content that provide something unique and enjoyable to their viewers stand a chance to wade across the competition.  


Are you one of those YouTubers who wish to develop their gaming channels into their careers and monetize them successfully? If that is the case, curating unique and innovative content is crucial for your channel's growth on YouTube. You need to build organic traffic to your gaming channel on YouTube extensively, and for this, curating unique and enjoyable content is the key! 


You can even benefit much from checking out the channel and videos of other fellow YouTubers. You can draw inspiration from their videos and learn a lot about how you can create content that your viewers will love and enjoy. So, start thinking of diverse ways to engage with your audience and hold on to their interest to grow and establish your voice on YouTube today!  

4. Gather the right equipment to build and grow your gaming channel on YouTube efficiently  

Now that you know what game you will focus on in your gaming channel, it is now for you to get your hands down to work. To build up your gaming channel on YouTube, there are a few essential pieces of equipment that you will need to rely on. Here are some helpful tools that will do your work of creating immersive and engaging videos for your gaming channel on YouTube: 

i. A microphone – Getting your hands on a good-quality microphone is the first thing you will need to do. Several gamers on YouTube tend to add voiceovers in making their videos, so a microphone becomes a mandatory piece of equipment.  

Especially if you are thinking of actively playing a game as you curate your videos for YouTube, you cannot do without a superior-quality microphone. Ensure that your audio quality is smooth to help you keep your viewers engrossed in your video.  


ii. A screen-recording software – Yet another essential tool without which recording videos while you actively participate in a game can never be possible. Whether you are playing your game on a PS5, Xbox One, or even a Nintendo Switch, you need to get hold of suitable screen-recording software.  


iii. Digital Camera – You can use your DSLR camera, a mirrorless camera, or even a webcam to help you to record yourself as you play the game.  


iv. Lighting for your YouTube videos – Your viewers will not enjoy watching your videos if they have to fumble in the darkness. Thus, you must make sure that you choose a well-lit place to shoot your videos so your viewers can get a glimpse of you.  


v. Green screen – Many gamers rely on a green screen while shooting their videos, especially when doing a live stream. A green screen allows you to get rid of your background quickly, such that only your figure pops up as against the game! Interesting, right?  

5. Focus on keywords while thinking of your channel name 

Keywords are the most vital trick to usher more new viewers to your channel. It is essential for YouTubers with their channels to incorporate keywords seamlessly. One of the most important things you need to do as you establish and grow your gaming channel on YouTube is to give it a proper name!  


Now, when it comes to gamers on YouTube, naming their channels is a relatively straightforward process. For gamers who wish to develop their channel on YouTube around a single game, naming their channels becomes even more accessible! You can start building your channel's name simply around the name of the game you have chosen.  


So, you need to decide your game – will it be Minecraft? Pokémon Go? Or will it be Roblox? Once you decide on your game, you can think of some unique names for your gaming channel on YouTube based on the same. For instance, the popular gaming channel on YouTube named "100 Percent Zelda" naturally enough builds its content around Zelda gaming tutorials. On the other hand, the gaming channel called "Poke Daxi" curates all its content based on the game Pokémon Go.  


You see, it is essentially the game's name itself, which acts as a vital keyword for you to incorporate in the name of your gaming channel on YouTube! It will help you to achieve a higher rank over other media and their content on YouTube. Here are some additional beneficial tips and tricks that can help you get going: 

Ensure that your channel name is easy to spell and pronounce 

Make your channel name catchy and easy to remember  

Ensure that it reflects the game you are focusing on 

Keep the name of your channel limited to 70 characters  

6. Maintain your consistency in posting content 

Remaining consistent while posting your content on YouTube is a vital factor that YouTubers often fail to look into. Like the renowned influencer Jacob Berger commented, you need to consider yourself and your channel as a TV show that viewers will tune into. They will be looking for content from your end simultaneously every day, and it is your task to satisfy their desires.  


From YouTubers focusing on gaming to those who curate fashion-based content, you need to stick to a well-defined schedule of posting your content. It is nearly impossible for any channel on YouTube to succeed if they fail to publish its content daily.  


You can bid goodbye to ever attaining success on YouTube if all you will ever do is post content once every two or three weeks. Under such circumstances, your viewers will lose all interest in your channel and drift off to other media that regularly post their content.  


You can utilize any of the post-scheduling tools that are readily available in the market today to schedule and post your content on YouTube automatically. You can decide a particular time of the day when you wish to upload your content on YouTube and ensure that you stick to it every day. Like many other YouTubers, you can even make a yearly goal of posting 400 or 500 videos yearly.  


Regarding YouTube, the most popular algorithm is that your growth of popularity requires you to maintain consistency. Therefore, ensure that you keep your character and proficiently hold on to the interest of your viewers!  

7. SEO Optimization as a key to the growth of your channel  

You have given your best efforts and time to curate the perfect videos for your gaming channel on YouTube, and now it is time enough for them to shine on the stage! Here, Search Engine Optimization or SEO becomes a vital factor for your gaming channel on YouTube to flourish and grow. It will help your track to gain recognition and become visible to viewers on YouTube.  


YouTube is quite a sophisticated social media platform, and people use it every day to look for content. Viewers on YouTube generally look for content on this platform without having any particular YouTuber in their minds. Thus, relying on and incorporating the right keywords in your gaming channel on YouTube can help you get discovered.  


You can even check out other content on YouTube similar to yours and pay attention to the exact keywords you used to look for. You can tweak the words a little and search again to find what the results are this time. In this way, you need to do detailed and efficient research to find the perfect keywords to use when posting your content on YouTube!  


Here are some helpful tips and tricks that can help you make your content on YouTube SEO optimized: 

Use a suitable keyword research tool like Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, or others to find the most common queries and curate your videos. 

You can glance across different discussions on Quora or Google Trends to see what your viewers may be looking for on YouTube.  

Incorporate your target keywords approximately 3 to 4 times in the description box of your videos without breaking the flow.  

8. Select your thumbnails judiciously 

Thumbnails are essentially the form of the static image that accompanies your video content on YouTube and generally position themselves in the description of your video. You can think of them much as the cover of your book or a movie poster. Yes, you got it right! They are the essential "hook" that almost immediately captures your audience's attention. It helps your viewers know whether they will enjoy what they are about to watch.  


Now there are some helpful tips and tricks that you can follow to design the perfect thumbnail for your videos. A few essential ones are as follows: 

Ensure that your thumbnail is as big as it supposedly could ever be! 

Ensure that you incorporate a photograph that contains an expressive face in it. 

You can even use a close-up snapshot of yourself here. Your viewers may even recognize it as a form of branding they will eventually come across in your videos! Famous YouTubers like ELRubiusOMG and others follow this tactic on their channel. 

Ensure that you pay enough attention to the lighting. 

Don't forget to include the title of your video and the necessary keywords in your thumbnail. 

You must stick to the different suggestions and requirements that YouTube tells you.  

9. Keep away from the "Let's play" trend! 

You will find several gaming channels on YouTube that love posting let's play videos on their gaming channels. These videos are entertaining and exciting, making them attractive to several gamers on YouTube. These videos are also easier to edit in comparison to any other kind of video that you may create on your YouTube channel. 


What makes the let's play trend a trap for several gaming channels on YouTube is that they seem more similar. The fundamental problem with these let's play videos is that you will find it exceptionally hard to gain at least a decent number of views with these videos!  


You cannot expect to gain 200,000 views on your let's play videos if you have only just joined the YouTube community. However easy it may be for all those big and popular gaming channels on YouTube to gain many views on their let's play videos, it will not be the same for you.  

More often than not, your viewers on YouTube will be looking for different aspects of a particular game, not necessarily a video on the gameplay. But if you still want to create a let's play video, ensure that you make your video searchable and easily discoverable. You can do it by developing a keyword-enriched title for your video.  

10. Engage with your gaming community efficiently 

Never should you oversee the vitality of your subscribers. You need to realize that they play a vital role in restricting the overall success of your gaming channel on YouTube. Thus, make it a point to engage with your viewers daily.  


Remember that engaging with your viewers on YouTube is far more than just answering or liking their comments on your videos. Hosting a live streaming session on your YouTube channel is the most effective and helpful way of connecting and engaging with your viewers on YouTube.  


A live-streaming session will give you the necessary space to interact efficiently with your viewers. Live streams also allow you to host a Q&A session with your viewers. You can also ask your viewers to leave behind comments about what they want to see in your upcoming videos!  


Not just on YouTube, but ensure that you effectively engage with your audience on other social media platforms too! Bringing together different social media platforms and interacting with your audience on each of them will allow you to find new viewers efficiently.  


Now, these are just a couple of ways that can help you attain success on YouTube with your gaming channel this year. However, you do not need to remain restricted to these ten strategies; you can experiment with other tactics too! 

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