How To Rock the Sales For a New Product Launch

Planned and developed your product but not sure how to make it a hit in the online marketplace? Worry not!! You aren’t the only eCommerce merchant floating in this limbo of product launch problems. When it comes to product launches, making them a hit has always been a confusing process. From hiring the right Shopify custom app development agency for product page development to creating a blockbuster marketing plan, making product launches a hit demands a lot.

However, since most of the product launch fears are not discussed, the solutions to these are also sparse. Let’s look at some of the common fears and confusions regarding product launches before we jump to solve them.

Common Product Launch Fears Unveiled

Product launch is one of those times when your business is at a very vulnerable stage. You might have invested a lot to create your product, or are launching a luxury product in the market. The chances are that the thoughts of failure might haunt you as the future of your new product looks unsure!

Here are some of the common confusions and ways to access each of these situations with the help of a Shopify development company:

I don't know if the buyers would love what I sell.

It is not uncommon to worry about how your users will view your brand once you drop that specific product that is a little offbeat from what you sell. Well to be or not to be is the case here.. And the simple solution to this is creating a poll and interacting with your buyers about how they feel. A survey could easily help you predict how the new product launch would affect your conversions and brand value.

What If I Get Zero Sales?

Well getting zero sales for products that no one is sure about is quite natural. But that doesn’t have to be your product launch story. You can easily turn around your buyer’s trust by sharing your products with influencers who can share their reviews.

How Do I Spread the Word Around About My Launch?

With social media channels being a major part of a user's life, spreading the word around for new launches has become easier. For this, you can easily use social media promotions for Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Ways to Rock Your Product Launches

Since now you have ways to handle fears regarding product launches, it’s time to learn hacks for making it successful. The process of successful product launches starts way before launching the actual products. Diligently following the strategy that best suits your business needs is crucial to ensure the successful launch of your products. Below is a list of some of the successful Product Launch strategies every merchant can adapt to:

  • Creating content such as gift guides with your product can be one of the smartest ways to promote them. Users usually love consuming branded content such as videos and blog guides. Around the product launch, you can easily introduce your products here to create hype. To create a specific blog section for making this easier you can also hire a Shopify custom app development agency.

  • Email marketing can also be a great way to achieve sales on new launches. You can create personalized offers to share across the network of subscribers. This can easily motivate them for making a purchase.

  • Influencer Marketing is also a great way to market your product if it belongs to the fashion or makeup industry. As in this niche positive reviews highly affect the buyer’s decision. For this, you can approach personalities popular with your target users with PR packages and paid promotions.  

Final Thoughts on Product Launch Strategies

Product launches are crucial times and making them work is important to maintain consistent profits. However, since it does not have a set strategy, finding the right blueprint for a profitable launch can be challenging.

The key to this dilemma lies in a deeper understanding of your audience and their preferences. By finding out their purchase habits you can successfully promote products at the right places by using the above hacks.

So, adapt to the above-mentioned hacks for a product launch with Shopify's custom app development agency today for higher conversions.

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