5G solutions provided by NEC India are helping sectors unlock the true potential of 5G. The transformation from 4G to 5G will require mobile operators and many more to implement these solutions to realize the potential of 5G. In this blog, we will discuss the various ways in which NEC India can provide high-grade 5G solutions. 


5G technologies that NEC Corporation India believes in 


NEC Corporation India has developed Open Networks, including Open RAN, a comprehensive product and services suite that delivers on the real promise and benefits of 5G through a truly open approach throughout the entire network ecosystem, including RAN, xHaul Transport, Core, OSS/BSS, and System Integration. NECI believes that a commitment to openness and the benefits of Open RAN are the keys to driving global 5G connectivity. Through collaboration, partnership, and new competition, Open RAN will help connect the world in ways that help to close the digital divide and provide automation and AI-driven capabilities to industries that impact our everyday lives.


NECI’s Open RAN is perfectly suited for the telecom sector 


The advent of Open RAN has enabled telecom operators to provide robust services. The open networks of NEC Corporation India are vendor-neutral and reduce the dependency of operators on a small group of vendors, thus reducing the huge expenses currently associated with building network infrastructure. Virtualization reduces the dependence on hardware making open networks far more cost-effective. 


Why deploy the open networks of NECI?

Open Networks of NECI feature interoperable solutions offering greater freedom of choice for operators and the ability to introduce new services on the fly. They can ensure ultra-low latency in the networks making many services apart from mobile services possible. Autonomous vehicles and AR/VR are some of the high-end services that are possible. These networks provide access to the most open, vendor-agnostic ecosystem of solutions anywhere. These end-to-end 5G networks support Open RAN components and the world’s most advanced 5G core, transport, and business support systems solutions, delivering a powerful combination of technological innovation plus the agility and flexibility to scale as your network needs evolve.


A reliable 5G infrastructure for society as a whole 

New business models are being created with the help of partners. NEC India covers a wide range of elemental technologies to realize 5G. NECI’s mission is to transform corporate activities and people’s lives for the better. 5G technologies can help users in using high-end services and applications. Mentioned below are the ways in which NEC Corporation India can help companies and society as a whole. 

  • NEC Corporation India has contributed to the commercial 5G network deployment for NTT Docomo and Rakuten mobile. NECI was the first company in the world to offer O-RAN-compliant radio units, centralized units, and distributed units to operators in Japan. NECI can provide these units to new operators who are building innovative networks through virtualization. 

  • NECI’s products support open architecture by applying optical and wireless technologies with high quality and reliability that Japan is renowned for. 

  • In the future, NECI aims to expand its products to the global market. Through these efforts, NEC Corporation India hopes to create speedy mobile services around the world. In 2011, NECI became the first company to commercialize virtualization technology for telecommunication networks which is the basis of open architecture. 

  • Diversification and sophistication of services that take advantage of the features of 5G will require NECI's technologies.  

  • In addition, NECI has a wealth of expertise in IT technologies such as AI and security and in building communication infrastructure that ensures the reliability required for operators. 

  • NEC Corporation India intends to accelerate the digital transformation of society by safely and flexibly connecting various services and data. NEC believes that the integration of IT and networks will even reach beyond 5G. The entire society will be able to enjoy the 5G services. 


A world-class open ecosystem for all sectors


Best-of-breed integration and operational solutions can leverage NEC Corporation India’s specialized skills and partner networks to enjoy the promise of open solutions. NECI provides an open ecosystem that is reliable, flexible, resilient, and secure with the help of reliable vendors and an expert team.


5G solutions for businesses like mobile services should be vendor-neutral. To know more about the features of NECI’s 5G solutions, click on the link given below.

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