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Useful Maintenance tips for your New Machine to increase ROI

When you purchase new machinery to fit in your mining, pharmaceutical or construction company you need to ensure the top quality level of maintenance so that the investment you put on the machine can be returned in shape of profit.

Heavy machinery like of mining, farming or construction asked for consistent maintenance checks to keep the equipment in excellent working condition. Any lacks in maintenance or operations can result in inefficient output and less effective results. A breakdown in a new machine can cost you a double dose of bucks which no company owner would like. So here are some of the useful tips that you can practice in order to increase the efficiency and results out of your new machinery.

Trained Operators
Huge machinery requited multiple machine operators and as soon as you purchase such machines you are highly advised to assign trained operators that understand the operation level and requirements to move the machine according to the inventory output per day.

A beautifully explained machine operation manual can play a handy role for the employees that are responsible for operating machines. Training must be done properly under expert supervision and operation manuals should be overlooked and revised as per machine models, upgradations and requirements.

Internal Auditor Inspection
Smart companies always assign internal auditors or inspectors that are expert in inspecting machinery, their result outcomes, drawbacks, failures and all those areas where the machine needs improvement and can be better on a day. These scheduled inspections help in foreseeing any unconditional mishaps and breakdowns in your new machine. Flags can be raised by auditors so that the issues can be fixed on time and avoid bigger losses.

Lubricants & Machines Connection
Lubricants to the machine are as important as the blood is to heart. It reduces the friction within the machine and keep all functional parts of the machine lube and smooth and kills the rigidness of the engine.

Operators must always keep an eye on all sorts of oil leakages around the machine engine and oil seals. Oils used specifically for the machine is also very important. You cannot use engine oil for a car into construction machines. So always use specific and relevant lubes for your machines that suit the capacity and performance integers.

Keep your Machine Clean and Dust/Rust Free
The cleanliness of any machinery is very important. Keep a regular check of oil filters, seals and other parts of the machine and make sure to clean them free from dust. Place your new machine under a covered building or shed and avoid its exposure to wind and sun. If the new machine is in excess and not used for current inventory production then make sure to execute test runs on the machinery every week to keep it in running condition.

Create a Repair and Maintenance Schedule.
Your new machine is equipped with several parts and areas that are required to be checked and repaired. Apart from Lubricants, there are other parts and functional areas like:

•Gear Box and Transmission
•All friction materials, seals, gaskets
•Drivetrain and Sprockets

These are some important parts that require scheduled maintenance and inspection to avoid any break downs. If your company is following the above basic maintenance rule, then your new machine is under the best control and sure to give a 100% production outcome.

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