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Cell phone interception: Which stories are true?

The interception of a cellular phone is a subject that are many false stories about that. Several times we are approached by worried people suspect that their mobile phone is bugged. Below we try to outline the possibilities for tapping a phone there and what is currently there just are not.

Eavesdropping by mobile individuals: 
For private persons, there are only limited opportunities for a mobile phone to listen to. The most common way for a cell phone eavesdropping is certain to install spy software on all transactions on the mobile, such as SMS messages, emails on, calls and even the site's queries. Although the installation of spy software fairly quickly on the phone so this can happen, you do need and is it impossible to renounce or example if you only know the phone number.

However, there are some systems on the black market illegally, but by some instances by private individuals to obtain. This Interceptor on GSM systems that enables all phone calls within a certain radius (about 100 to 300 meters) to intercept.

The mobile interceptor system occurs when strong phone mast from different providers, making mobile phones in the vicinity of the mobile interceptor system, first connect to the 'fake' phone mast and only then be redirected to the real mobile phone mast on the provider. While it is not easy to filter the discussions. There are of course a lot usually within a radius of 200 meters it is possible to monitor everything.

Eavesdropping GSM by public authority's
The government obviously has more opportunities for listening to a cell phone. The above option of a mobile interceptor system, this is the least used and only in cases where the person that they want to listen to phone conversations and phone number always changed, but they know where it resides or stays.

The most common way of phone tapping by the government just runs through the provider. The providers must by order of a warrant issued by a magistrate to grant access to the Belgian data from a customer. This can consist of both the call traffic, SMS messages, and internet use. Although the Netherlands is this compared to other countries very much use is made of, this officially only when it is in proportion to what the authority is trying to show.

Your mobile phone protects against eavesdropping:
The idea of changing a SIM card and a mobile phone tapping by police, judicial or otherwise counteract is not correct. This fact has to do with that call in Belgian research be set up where anyone with more than x times to someone in the group call is added to the list of phone numbers that are intercepted.

There are also mobile phones for sale that when creating a new call with an imei number change. Although it saves time in the ever buying a new mobile phone has no further value. The only completely safe way to make calls without being overheard by the use of crypto coins encrypt the conversation. A major disadvantage of this product is that it only works if both the caller if the phone rings have the same cryptophone.
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