Thursday, October 31, 2019

5 Amazing Things To Do In KASOL!

Kasol is one of the scenic destinations nestled in the Parvati Valley at an altitude of 1,580m. The lush greenery rolling on the mountains, splashing waters, scenic surroundings, and trippy vibes all over, Kasol is a paradise for nature lovers and backpackers. To escape the stress of your daily life do a short trip to Kasol and get lost in nature. There are so many things to do in Kasol. 

Here I have jotted down the 5 Amazing Things to do in Kasol:

1. Take a walk by Parvati River

Nothing can be more quiet and nice by doing a nature walk near the Parvati River. The chirping sound of birds, splashing roars of the river, and looming pine trees on the sides is something that will make you stay longer in the amazing surroundings. 

The separated white sand and lush green grass in the blue-green waters of the river is great to see the colors of water. Every bend or turn opens to a wide landscape of pine trees, waterfalls, and high cliffs. The clear blue skies with the companion of snow-laden peaks offer scenic vistas of nature.

It is advised to cross the river by crossing an old wooden bridge, the Parvati river has a greater mass of water and flows fiercely. Relax and enjoy your afternoon by pitching a tent near the river and dip your feet in the cold water for a pleasant experience. Take pictures on amazing sites and feast your eyes with the best of nature. Cherish the memories for a lifetime. 

2. Visit The Holy Town

At a distance of 6km from Kasol a religious and beautiful destination Manikaran Sahib is located. A huge Gurudwara perched at a high altitude between the hills and the river Beas. Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is a famous spot for Hindu and Sikh pilgrims. The hot springs in the Gurudwara are the highest point of the Manikaran Sahib.

A dip into the hot waters washes the sins and illness of the devotees. People believe that water has some sacred healing properties. Everyone is welcome with all faiths and respect. The Langar is open for all for the delicious prasad. It is advised to cover your head with an appropriate piece of cloth and remove your slippers while entering the Gurudwara. A must-visit place to feel peace and tranquility all around. 

3. A long walk to the Trippy villages

A walk to the nearby trippy villages of Kasol is mandatory. Malana and Tosh are the two quaint and picturesque villages near Kasol.

Malana is famous for Malana cream and its splendid beauty. The people are self-sufficient and like to live in isolation. The place will attract you by its culture and the old temple of Jamlu Devta. Malana has its own government that means they do not consider themselves in the Indian government.

Cannabis and Hashish of Malana are famous in all over the country. The quaint hamlet is also known as “little Greece”.

 Tosh is a more European place than Indian and has immense plantations of cannabis. By taking the shorter route and trek to Tosh village through a forest is a great adventure you can do. You can also reach Tosh by taking a cab. Food, accommodation is cheap and easily available.

You can spot plenty of cafes where you can try amazing Israeli and European cuisines. Tosh is located on a hillside overlooking a waterfall and a river. It will be perfect if to take long walks to explore the hidden beauty of the mountains.

4. A Trek adventure to Kheerganga

A 9km trek to another scenic spot in the Parvati valley, Kheerganga. The trek to Kheeganga is a moderate one with steep climbs and tricky trails. Reaching the top to the lush green meadows, you will catch the spectacular views of snow-clad mountains. To beat the chilly weather take a dip into the hot springs for which Kheerganga is famous.

The sacred waters of Parvati Kund will release all your stress and fatigue. Relax and feel the chill vibes all around. The breathtaking views and tranquil surroundings will give you a lifetime experience. Stay for some time and feast your eyes with the views then take a cab or trek back to the nearby villages for good food and accommodations. Kasol-Kheerganga trek is for fit beginners and experienced trekkers.

5. Try Lip-smacking cuisines

The Israeli, European, Chinese and many other delicious cuisines you can try near and in Kasol. As the place is covered with Israelis, Kasol is also called “mini Israel”. Don’t hunt for fancy restaurants when in Kasol. Streetside cafes and local restaurants serve the best food.

Enjoy your amazing food with the views of mountains, dark green forests, and amazing the Parvati valley. Evergreen cafe and Turquoise Kasol are some best cafes to eat and explore Israeli food.

It is a 12- 14 hours journey from Delhi to Kasol depends upon the modes of transportation you choose. There are so many convenient ways to reach Kasol from Delhi. The best and cheapest way is to take a bus from Delhi and get down to Bhuntar town. Then take another local bus or cab to reach the Hippie village.  Plan your next trip to the amazing destination and visit all the given places for a better experience.

Live. Travel. Explore!!

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