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Don’t have access to a swim coach or can’t take swimming lessons? If you want to teach yourself how to swim by yourself, there are certain swimming tools that can help you with that. These swimming tools are great for those people who are new to swimming. A lot of you may notice that many experienced swimmers commonly use a variety of tool while they swim laps. What’s the advantage of that toy they’re using? What’s on their hands? Why aren’t they just swimming? 

Although just swimming without the tools can make up a greater part of your workout, those swimming tools have a purpose, and all will help you swim more efficiently, as a result, to make you swim faster. Here are five essentials for your swim gear starter kit. 


You might think that this is not necessary but swim caps are essential swim gear you didn't know you needed. The debate in swim caps is still a tough one. There are some people who opt for smooth silicone swim caps because it doesn't catch on hair as much. However, it often slides off midway through a workout. 

Meanwhile, old-school swimmers choose latex or rubber such as Speedo's simple latex swim cap. Those swimming caps with logos are used by swimmers to help them win a race. A solid latex swim cap won't slide off your head in the middle of a hard set. 


Whether you're a beginner or a professional, you can use goggles to help you get a clear vision through the water as they swim. Opt for something comfortable, the ones that won't leave any uber-deep google marks. Choose the one with wide rubber on the google pieces and straps that make them comfortable and solid. 

We recommend you look for polarized swim goggles since they stay in place even while getting kicked and smacked in swirling water during a triathlon. Plus, polarized lenses make them great for swimming in open water as well as in the pool. Although it's on the pricey side, well-fitting goggles are worth any extra investment.  


If you want to do some serious drills in the pool, hand paddles are the step after a pull buoy. They naturally turn your hands into paddles as if you've become a frog with webbed fingers. These tools will assist you to identify the most efficient hand position for speeding through the water while providing you serious upper body workout.     

Hand paddles are also a great way to break up a long workout. The swim gear prop comes in three sizes and has adjustable straps for a perfect fit. 


If it's your first time to swim, you need to focus on learning how to do a satisfactory freestyle stroke without any tools or toys. You need to immerse yourself first. But after you've gotten the hang of swimming laps, you may start adding props to break up your workout, enjoy some challenge, and expand efficiency. 

This is greatly recommended for new swimmers because they often depend on their legs to power across the pool and not using their arms as efficiently as they could be. This equipment is placed between your legs, normally in your thighs or ankles. It allows you to work on your upper body strength as well as improving your swimming technique since the legs are suspended in the correct place. 


This body balm works wonderfully if you're wearing a wetsuit for open water swimming. It will help you to avoid chafing by using a bit of Body Glide on your main edge contact points. If your swimsuit is sleeveless, you can apply it around your neck, ankles, and armholes, particularly right under your armpits since it's the common chafing area. 

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